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John Bartlett, comp. (1820–1905).  Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.  1919.
Concordance Index
Page 186
Life distasteful, have you found your, 713.
doctrine of the strenuous, 840.
does smack sweet, my, 713.
dost thou love, 360.
dreary intercourse of daily, 468.
dull pomp the, of kings, 754.
echo from our discordant, 761.
elysian, suburb of the, 642.
end of, not knowledge but action, 762.
every lovely organ of her, 53.
everything advantageous to, 43.
exempt from public haunt, 67.
faction gasping its, out, 788.
fatigued with, 513.
fed by the bounty of earth, 612.
fleeing to ocean after its, 716.
flows gently on, 935.
for the living, 786.
friend to my, 326.
from death to, 40.
from high, 320.
from the dregs of, 276.
fury slits the thin-spun, 247.
give for his, all he hath, 1008.
God who gave us, 434.
good man’s, best portion of, 467.
growth is the only evidence of, 607.
hand in hand through, 362.
happiness consists in, 996.
harp of, love took up the, 669.
has passed but roughly, 423.
hath quicksands and snares, 640.
he passes from, 561.
highest summit of, 995.
his, I’m sure was in the right, 260.
his, is a watch, 805.
hour of glorious, 493.
how good is man’s, 708.
how pleasant is thy morning, 447.
I do not ask that, a pleasant road, 760.
I love a ballad in print o’, 78.
idea of her, shall sweetly creep, 53.
in every limb, feels its, 466.
in short measures, 180.
in so long tendance spend, 30.
in that state of, 1042.
in the midst of, 1043.
inflicts ts worst, 783.
intense, concentrated in a, 544.
into each, some rain, 640.
invisible angel of, 803.
is a battle, 936.
is a blunder and a shame, 829.
is a bubble, whose, 201.
is a fleeting breath, 795.
is a jest and all things show it, 350.
is a mystery, 810.
is a narrow vale, 784.
is a short summer, 366.
is a voyage, 835.
is all a cheat, 276.
is an empty dream, 768.
is at the greatest when all is done, 266.
is but a means unto an end, 721.
Life is but a span, our, 873.
is but a walking shadow, 125.
is but an empty dream, 638.
is ever lord of death, 651.
is in decrease, 309.
is in labour, 996.
is in the right, whose, 318.
is like a stroll upon the beach, 722.
is like a winter’s day, 263.
is like the summer rose, 865.
is love, all that, 497.
is made of the stuff, 360.
is made up of mere bubbles, 843.
is mostly froth and bubble, 783.
is never the same again, 759.
is of a mingled yarn, 74.
is one demd horrid grind, 701.
is real life is earnest, 638.
is rounded with a sleep, 43.
is short and the art long, 886.
is sweet, 738.
is the apprenticeship to renunciation, 995.
is this, really death, 952.
is thorny and youth is vain, 500.
is what our thoughts make it, 937.
is, worth living, 797.
it lights my, 767.
itself a lie, much makes, 554.
lay down his, for his friends, 1035.
let us cherish, 991.
lies before us in daily, 237.
like a dome, 565.
like a thing of, 550.
like following, 320.
little needed to make a happy, 940.
loathed worldly, 49.
long, a fool his whole, 697.
love of, increased with years, 432.
luxuries of, 692.
make his whole, a heroic, 580.
man’s, is but a jest, 768.
man’s, lies within this present, 936.
many-coloured, 366.
map of busy, 420.
marble softened into, 329.
may give, that, 790.
may you live all the days of your, 293.
measure of a man’s, 922.
measured by deeds not years, 443.
moves out of a red flare, 848.
moving-delicate and full of, 53.
my joy my, 970.
my sole rule of, 583.
my way of, 124.
nearer the bound of, 758.
nobody loves, like an old man, 883.
no dream his, was but a fight, 741.
nor love thy, nor hate, 240.
nor without dying, 786.
not a thing of consequence, 939.
not bought with gold, 339.
not life at all without delight, 757.
not numbered by years, 970.
not the whole of, to live, 496.
nothing half so sweet in, 521.
nothing in his, became him, 117.

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