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John Bartlett, comp. (1820–1905).  Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.  1919.
Concordance Index
Page 196
Lorn, creetur, I am a lone, 701.
Lose good dayes, 29.
his own soul, 1032.
it that do buy it with much care, 59.
its own, love can never, 651.
no man can, what he never had, 208.
of no account what you can, 895.
the good we oft might win, 47.
the power to love, 717.
the power to will, work or, 717.
thy simple faith, nor, 647.
to watch and then to, 749.
who never wins can rarely, 650.
Loses faith in God and woman, 775.
his misery, who finds himself, 757.
Losers must have leave to speak, 297.
Losing earth, at cost of, 794.
office, hath but a, 88.
rendered sager by, 554.
Loss, choice of, 158.
is no loss if unknown, 894.
most patient man in, 159.
my, may shine goodlier than your gain, 807.
no note of time but from its, 306.
nor gain nor change, 824.
of the sun, 353.
of time, compliments are, 387.
of wealth is loss of dirt, 8.
though he promise to his, 1043.
voice of woe for a lover’s, 725.
Losses, fellow that hath had, 53.
there are gains for all our, 763.
Lost a day, I’ve, 307.
a hundred years a day, 840.
a world made to be, 790.
all good to me is, 231.
all is not, 223.
all is, save honour, 999.
all loves and honours, 794.
and dead, evil become, 743.
and won, when the battle’s, 115.
and worn sooner, 75.
battle won and battle, 463.
beauty seen is never, 650.
being lacked and, 53.
but gone before, not, 654.
count that day, 874.
delight, give back the, 794.
him half the kind, 272.
in lexicography, 368.
in mists, churches and creeds, 765.
in the sweets, 348.
in wandering mazes, 228.
loved long since and, awhile, 607.
my reputation, 152.
no love, 178, 976.
not, but gone before, 283, 900.
praising what is, 74.
silent above the flowers her children, 763.
smallest effort is not, 718.
than ever were, 793.
the immortal part of myself, 152.
the mourned the loved the, 545.
thing not, if you have it, 951.
things are in the angels’ keeping, 779.
Lost, think that day, 874.
to sight, tho’ thy smile be, 597.
to sight to memory dear, 597.
war and deeds of carnage be, 744.
waste arguments where they will be, 634.
what though the field be, 223.
whatsoever thing is, 424.
when faith is, when honor dies, 649.
when sweetest, 522.
woman that deliberates is, 298.
Lot assigned to every man, 936.
behold our, 475.
blameless vestal’s, 333.
compare the age in which their, 603.
God wot as by, 404.
how hard their, 860.
is cast into the lap, 1019.
of man but once to die, 204.
of man to labour, 339.
of man to suffer and to die, 342.
scot and, 178.
suit thyself to thy, 940.
though bleak our, 864.
to find no enemies, unhappy, 896.
to mark, has been my, 390.
Lot’s wife, remember, 1034.
Loth and slow, aged men, 492.
to depart, and often took leave, 288.
to die, wandering on as, 484.
Lothario, gay, 301.
Lotus, divine nectareous juice, 344.
of the Nile, to eat the, 651.
Loud, curses not, but deep, 124.
hissing urn, 420.
laugh of the vacant mind, 396.
roared the dreadful thunder, 453.
strong tempests blow, 629.
yet was never, 151.
Louder but as empty quite, 318.
Loudly, a cat languishes, 829.
Love a bright particular star, 73.
a puppy cur, mastiff may, 684.
a well of, 586.
absence conquers, 652.
absence still increases, 589.
after the verb to, 868.
agree, twain in faith in, 651.
alas for, if thou wert all, 570.
all hearts in, 51.
all lost things are in the angels’ keeping, 779.
all that life is, 497.
all the world in, with night, 107.
alone, give me to live with, 611.
among the churches, Christian, 682.
and be loved by me, than to, 655.
and dignity in every gesture, 237.
and light and calm thoughts, 502.
and power untold, with, 715.
and then to part, 502.
and thought and joy, 469.
and to cherish, 1042.
and truth, the dreams of, 819.
and wisdom dwell, where, 715.
any but you, I’ll never, 681.
are blest, where they that, 717.
are of, the food, 238.

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