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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class III. Words Relating to Matter
Section III. Organic Matter
1. Vitality
2. Special Vitality
368. [Science of Animals.] Zoölogy
NOUN:ZOÖLOGY, zoönomy, zoögraphy, zoötomy; morphology, anatomy, histology, embryology; comparative anatomy, animal physiology, comparative physiology; mammalogy.
  anthropology, anthropotomy, ornithology, ornithotomy, ichthyology, ichthyotomy, herpetology, herpetotomy, ophiology, malacology, helminthology, entomology, entomotomy; oryctology [obs.], paleontology or palæontology; mastology, vermeology; taxidermy.
  ZOÖLOGIST, zoögrapher, zoögraphist, zoötomist, anatomist, anthropotomist, morphologist, promorphologist, anthropologist, ornithologist, ornithotomist, ichthyologist, ichthyotomist, herpetologist, herpetotomist, ophiliologist, malacologist, helminthologist, entomologist, entomotomist; oryctologist [obs.], paleontologist or palæontologist; vermeologist, taxidermist.
  [PRINCIPAL GROUPS] PROTOZOA (the simplest animals): Rhizopoda, rhizopod; Foraminifera, foraminifer; Radiolaria, radiolarian; Flagellata; Infusoria, infusorian; Gregarinæ, gregarine.
  CÆLENTERA or CÆLENTERATA (sponges, corals, jellyfishes): Porifera, poriferan; Cnidaria, cnida; Spongiæ or Spongiaria or Spongiozoa, sponge, calcareous sponges, siliceous sponges; Anthozoa, anthozoan, coral polyps; Hydrozoa, hydrozoön, hydroid, medusa.
  ECHINODERMATA (crinoids, starfishes, and sea urchins): Pelmatozoa, Asterozoa, Echinozoa; Cystidea or Cystoidea, cystid, cystidean; Crinoidea, stone lilies, crinoidean; Blastoidea, blastoid; Ophiuroidea or Ophiurioidea, brittle stars, ophiuroid or ophiurid; Asterioidea or Asteridea, starfishes, asteridian; Echinoidea, sea urchins, echinoid; Holothurioidea, sea cucumbers, holothurian, holothure.
  VERMES (worms): Platyhelminthes or Plathelminthes, flatworms, platyhelminth; Rotifera, rotifer; Nemathelminthes or Nematelminthes, roundworms; Gephyrea, marine annelids, gephyrean, gephyreoid; Annelida, annelid, annelidan, anneloid.
  MOLLUSCOIDEA (mollusk-like animals): Bryozoa or Polyzoa, sea mosses, bryozoan; Brachiopoda, lamp shells, brachiopod.
  MOLLUSCA (mollusks): Pelecypoda or Lamellibranchia, bivalves, lamellibranch; Scaphopoda, tooth-shells or tusk-shells, scaphopod; Amphineura, chitons; Gastropoda, univalves, snails, gastropod; Cephalopoda, nautilus, cuttlefish, squid, octopus, cephalopod or cephalopode.
  ARTHROPODA (articulates): Branchiata, Tracheata; Crustacea, crustacean; Trilobita, trilobite; Limuloidea or Xiphosura, horseshoe crab, limulus; Entomostraca, ostracoids, barnacles, entomostracan; Malacostraca, lobsters, crabs, malacostracan; Myriapoda, centipeds or centipedes, galleyworms, millipeds, myriapod; Arachnida or Arachnoidea, spiders, scorpions, mites, ticks, arachnid, arachnidan; Insecta, insects.
  VERTEBRATA (vertebrate animals): Cyclostomata or Cyclostoma, lampreys; Pisces, fishes; Selachii, sharks, rays, selachian; Holocephali or Holocephala, chimæras, spooks; Dipnoi, lung-fishes; Teleostomi, ordinary fishes, ganoids, teleost, teleostean; Amphibia, amphibians, batrachians; Reptilia, reptiles; Aves, birds; Mammalia, mammals; Monotremata or Prototheria, monotremes; Marsupialia, marsupials, marsupialian or marsupian; Placentalia, placentals.
ADJECTIVE:ZOÖLOGICAL, zoölogic; zoönomic; zoögraphical &c. n.
  PROTOZOAN, rhizopodous; foraminiferous, foraminous, foraminated; radiolarian; flagellate; infusorial, infusory; gregarine.
  CŒLENTERATE, poriferan, spongiose or spongious, spongoid, spongiform; anthozoan, anthozoic, corallaceous, coralliferous, coralliform, coralligenous, coralligerous, coralloid, coralloidal; polyparous, polypean; hydrozoal, hydroid; medusiform, medusoid.
  ECHINODERMATOUS, echinodermal; pelmatozoan; crinoidal, crinoid; ophiuran, ophiuroid; asteridian; echinoid, holothurian.
  VERMICIOUS, vermicular, vermiculate, vermiculose or vermiculous, vermiform; gephyrean, gephyreoid; annelid or annelidan, annelidous.
  MOLLUSCOID, molluscoidal; bryozoan; brachiopod.
  MOLLUSCAN, molluscoid, molluscous; lamellibranch, lamellibranchiate, bivalvular, bivalvous, bivalved; gastropodous, univalve or univalved, univalvular; cephalopodic, cephalopodous, nautiloid.
  ARTHROPODAL, articulate; branchial, branchiate, branchiferous; tracheate; crustacean, crustaceous; arachnoid, arachnoidal, arachnidan, arachnidial; insectile, insected.
  VERTEBRATE, vertebrated, vertebral; cyclostome, cyclostomous; piscatorial or piscatory, pisciform, piscine; amphibian, amphibial [rare], amphibious; batrachian, batrachoid; reptilian; avicular; mammalian, mammiferous.



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