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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section IV. Order
5. Order as Regards Categories
83. Unconformity.
NOUN:NONCONFORMITY [See Conformity]; unconformity, disconformity; unconventionality, informality, abnormity, anomaly; anomalousness &c. adj.; exception, peculiarity; infraction-, breach-, violation-, infringement- of -law, -custom, -usage; teratism, eccentricity, bizarrerie [F.], oddity, je ne sais quoi [F.], monstrosity, rarity; freak of nature; rouser [colloq.], snorter [slang, U. S.].
  INDIVIDUALITY, idiosyncrasy, singularity, selfness [rare], originality, mannerism.
  ABERRATION; irregularity; variety; singularity; exemption; salvo [rare] (qualification) [See Qualification].
  NONCONFORMIST, bohemian, sulphite [slang], nondescript, character [colloq.], original, nonesuch or nonsuch [rare], freak, crank [colloq.], prodigy, wonder, miracle, curiosity, missing link, flying fish, black swan, monster, white blackbird, basilisk, salamander, lusus naturæ [L.], rara avis [L.], queer fish [slang].
  MONGREL; half-caste, half-blood, half-breed [See Mixture]; metis, crossbreed, hybrid, mule, mulatto; tertium quid [L.], hermaphrodite.
  MONSTER, phœnix, chimera, hydra, sphinx, minotaur; griffin or griffon; centaur; xiphopagus; hippogriff, hippocentaur; sagittary; kraken, cockatrice, wivern or wyvern [obs.], roc, dragon, sea serpent; mermaid; unicorn; Cyclops, “men whose heads do grow beneath their shoulders” [Othello]; teratology.
  fish out of water; neither one thing nor another; neither fish, flesh, fowl, nor good red herring; one in a way, one in a thousand.
  OUTCAST, outlaw, Ishmael, pariah.
VERB:BE UNCOMFORMABLE &c. adj.; abnormalize; leave the beaten track, leave the beaten path; infringe-, break-, violate - a -law,- habit,- usage,- custom; drive a coach and six through; stretch a point; have no business there; baffle all description, beggar all description.
ADJECTIVE:UNCOMFORMABLE, exceptional; abnormal, abnormous; anomalous, anomalistic; out of order, out of place out of keeping, out of tune, out of one’s element; irregular, arbitrary; teratogenic, teratogenetic; lawless, informal, aberrant, stray, wandering, wanton; peculiar, exclusive, unnatural, eccentric, egregious; out of the beaten track, out of the common, out of the common run, out of the pale of; misplaced; funny [colloq.].
  UNUSUAL, unaccustomed, uncustomary, unordinary, unwonted, uncommon; rare, singular, unique, curious, odd, extraordinary, strange, monstrous; wonderful [See Wonder]; unexpected, unaccountable; outré [F.], out of the way, remarkable, noteworthy, recherché [F.], queer, quaint, nondescript, sui generis [L.]; original, unconventional, supernormal [rare], bohemian, sulphitic [slang], unfashionable; undescribed, unprecedented, unparalleled, unexampled, unheard of, unfamiliar; fantastic, newfangled, grotesque, bizarre; outlandish, exotic, tombé des nues [F.], preternatural; denaturalized.
  HETEROGENEOUS, heteroclite, amorphous, mongrel, amphibious, epicene, half blood, hybrid; androgynous, androgynal; unsymmetric [See Distortion]; adelomorphic or adelomorphous, gynandrous, bisexual, hermaphrodite, androgynic, androgynous, monoclinous.
ADVERB:UNCONFORMABLY &c. adj.; except, unless, save, barring, beside, without, save and except, let alone.
  HOWEVER, yet, but.
INTERJECTION:what on earth! what in the world!
  1. Never was seen the like, never was heard the like, never was known the like.
  2. Not conventionally unconventional.—Shaw


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