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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section III. Sympathetic Affections
2. Diffusive Sympathetic Affections
913. [Maleficent Being.] Evildoer
NOUN:EVILDOER, evil worker, malfeasor; wrongdoer [See Bad Man]; mischief-maker, marplot; oppressor, tyrant; firebrand, incendiary, fire bug [U. S.], pyromaniac, arsonist [See Calefaction]; anarchist, nihilist, destroyer, Vandal, iconoclast, terrorist; Attila, scourge of the human race.
  bane [See Legality]; torpedo, bomb, U-boat.
  SAVAGE, brute, ruffian, barbarian, semibarbarian, caitiff, desperado; Apache, gunman, hoodlum [colloq.], plug-ugly [slang, U. S.], Redskin, tough [colloq., U. S.], Mohock, Mohawk [rare], bludgeon man, bully, rough, hooligan [slang], larrikin [Austral. & Eng.], ugly customer, dangerous classes; thief [See Thief]; butcher, hangman; cutthroat (killer) [See Killing].
  WILD BEAST, tiger, leopard, panther, hyena, catamount [U. S.], catamountain, lynx, cougar, jaguar, puma; bloodhound, hellhound, sleuth-hound; gorilla; vulture.
  cockatrice, adder; snake, - in the grass; serpent, cobra, asp, rattlesnake, anaconda; boa; viper (snake) [See Animal]; alacran [Sp. Amer.], alligator, cayman, crocodile, mugger or magar [Hind.]; Gila monster; octopus.
  [INJURIOUS INSECTS] buffalo carpet beetle, cucumber flea beetle, elm-tree beetle, striped cucumber beetle, gypsy (or gipsy) moth, brown-tail moth, flat-headed apple-tree borer, peach-tree borer, round-headed apple-tree borer, squash vine borer, bedbug, harlequin cabbage bug, potato bug, buffalo bug, rose bug, squash bug, tent casterpillar; curculio, weevil, snout beetle, billbeetle, billbug, plum curculio; horn fly, white grub, San José scale, onion maggot, clover-seed midge, grain weevil, bollworm, cankerworm, cutworm, fall webworm, tobacco worm, tomato worm, wireworm; white ant, scorpion, hornet, mosquito, locust, Colorado beetle.
  HAG, hellhag, beldam, Jezebel.
  MONSTER; fiend (demon) [See Evil Spirits]; devil incarnate, demon in human shape; Frankenstein’s monster; cannibal, anthropophagus, anthropophagist; blood-sucker, vampire, ogre, ghoul.
  harpy, siren, vampire [colloq.], vamp [slang]; Furies, Eumenides.
  1. Fænum habet in cornu.
  2. Tremble thou wretch, That hast within thee undivulged crimes, Unwhipp’d of justice.—King Lear
  3. From the fury of the Northmen, Good Lord, deliver us.


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