After the line, "Can any mortal clog come to her," followed in the MS. an incident which has been kept back. Part of the suppressed verses shall here be given as a gratification of private feeling, which the well-disposed reader will find no difficulty in excusing. They are now printed for the first time.
            "Can any mortal clog come to her?
             It can:    *    *    *    *
                 *    *    *    *    *    *
             But Benjamin, in his vexation,
             Possesses inward consolation;
             He knows his ground, and hopes to find
             A spot with all things to his mind,
             An upright mural block of stone,
             Moist with pure water trickling down.
             A slender spring; but kind to man
             It is, a true Samaritan;
             Close to the highway, pouring out
             Its offering from a chink or spout;
             Whence all, howe'er athirst, or drooping
             With toil, may drink, and without stooping.
               Cries Benjamin, 'Where is it, where?
            Voice it hath none, but must be near.'
             --A star, declining towards the west,
             Upon the watery surface threw
             Its image tremulously imprest,
             That just marked out the object and withdrew:
             Right welcome service!    *    *    *
                  *     *     *     *     *     *
                                            ROCK OF NAMES!
             Light is the strain, but not unjust
             To Thee, and thy memorial-trust
             That once seemed only to express
             Love that was love in idleness;
             Tokens, as year hath followed year
             How changed, alas, in character!
             For they were graven on thy smooth breast
             By hands of those my soul loved best;
             Meek women, men as true and brave
             As ever went to a hopeful grave:
             Their hands and mine, when side by side
             With kindred zeal and mutual pride,
             We worked until the Initials took
             Shapes that defied a scornful look.--
             Long as for us a genial feeling
             Survives, or one in need of healing,
             The power, dear Rock, around thee cast,
             Thy monumental power, shall last
             For me and mine! O thought of pain,
             That would impair it or profane!
             Take all in kindness then, as said
             With a staid heart but playful head;
             And fail not Thou, loved Rock! to keep
             Thy charge when we are laid asleep."