The Author describes his travels with the Wanderer, whose character is further illustrated--Morning scene, and View of a Village Wake--Wanderer's account of a Friend whom he purposes to visit--View, from an eminence, of the Valley which his Friend had chosen for his retreat--Sound of singing from below--A funeral procession--Descent into the Valley--Observations drawn from the Wanderer at sight of a book accidentally discovered in a recess in the Valley--Meeting with the Wanderer's friend, the Solitary-- Wanderer's description of the mode of burial in this mountainous district--Solitary contrasts with this, that of the individual carried a few minutes before from the cottage--The cottage entered--Description of the Solitary's apartment--Repast there-- View, from the window, of two mountain summits; and the Solitary's description of the companionship they afford him--Account of the departed inmate of the cottage--Description of a grand spectacle upon the mountains, with its effect upon the Solitary's mind-- Leave the house.