Pastor's apology and apprehensions that he might have detained his Auditors too long, with the Pastor's invitation to his house-- Solitary disinclined to comply--Rallies the Wanderer--And playfully draws a comparison between his itinerant profession and that of the Knight-errant--Which leads to Wanderer's giving an account of changes in the Country from the manufacturing spirit-- Favourable effects--The other side of the picture, and chiefly as it has affected the humbler classes--Wanderer asserts the hollowness of all national grandeur if unsupported by moral worth--Physical science unable to support itself--Lamentations over an excess of manufacturing industry among the humbler Classes of Society--Picture of a Child employed in a Cotton-mill-- Ignorance and degradation of Children among the agricultural Population reviewed--Conversation broken off by a renewed Invitation from the Pastor--Path leading to his House--Its appearance described--His Daughter--His Wife--His Son (a Boy) enters with his Companion--Their happy appearance--The Wanderer how affected by the sight of them.