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 Philosopher’s Tree (The),Philosophy. 
E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.
The Seven Sages or Wise Men of Greece. Thals, Solon, Chilon, Pit’tacos, Bias, Cleobu’los, Periander; to which add Sosi’ads, Anacharsis the Scythian, Myson the Spartan, Epimen’ids the Cretan, and Pherecy’ds of Syros.   1
   Philosophers of the Acade’mic sect. Plato, Speusippos, Xenoc’rats, Pol’emon, Crats, Crantor, Arcesila’os, Care’ads, Clitom’achos, Philo, and Anti’ochos.   2
   Philosophers of the Cynic sect. Antis’thens, Diog’ens of Sino’p, Mon’imos, Onesic’ritos, Crats, Metroc’ls, Hippar’chia, Menippos, and Menede’mos of Lamps’acos.   3
   Philosophers of the Cyrena’ic sect. Aristippos, Hege’sias, Annic’eris. Theodo’ros, and Bion.   4
   Philosophers of the Eleac or Eret’riac sect. Phædo, Plis’thens, and Menede’mos of Eret’ria.   5
   Philosophers of the Eleat’ic sect. Xenoph’anes, Parmen’ids, Melissos, Zeno of Tarsos, Leucippos, Democ’ritos, Protag’oras, and Anaxarchos.   6
   Philosophers of the Epicure’an sect. Epicu’ros, and a host of disciples.   7
   Philosophers of the Heracli’tan sect. Heracli’tos; the names of his disciples are unknown.   8
   Philosophers of the Ionic sect. Anaximander, Anaxim’ens, Anaxag’oras, and Archela’os.   9
   Philosophers of the Italic sect. Pythag’oras, Emped’ocls, Epicharmos, Archy’tas, Alcmæon, Hip’pasos, Philola’os, and Eudoxos.   10
   Philosophers of the Megar’ic sect. Euclid, Eubu’lids, Alex’inos, Euphantos, Apollo’nios, Chron’os, Diodo’ros, Ich’thyas, Clinom’achos, and Stilpo.   11
   Philosophers of the Peripatct’ic sect. Aristotle, Theophrastos, Straton, Lyco, Aristo, Critola’os, and Diodo’ros.   12
   Philosophers of the Sceptic sect. Pyrrho and Timon.   13
   Philosophers of the Socratic sect. Soc’rats, Xen’ophon, Æs’chins, Crito, Simon, Glauco, Simmias, and Ce’bs.   14
   Philosophers of the Stoic sect. Zeno, Cleanths, Chrysippos, Zeno the Less, Diog’enes of Babylon, Antip’ater, Panætios, and Posido’nios.   15

 Philosopher’s Tree (The),Philosophy. 


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