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 Gendarmes.General Funk. 
E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.
Billy, nanny; boar, sow; buck, doe; bull, cow; cock, hen; dog, bitch; ewe, tup; groom = man; he, she; Jack, Jenny; male, female; man, maid; man, woman; master, mistress; Tom; tup, dam; and several “Christian names; as in the following examples:—   1
Ape: Dog ape, bitch ape.
Ass: Jack ass and Jenny; he ass, she ass.
Bear: He bear, she bear.
Bird: Male bird, female bird; cock bird, hen bird.
Blackcock (grouse); moorcock and hen (red grouse).
Bridegroom, bride.
Calf: Bull calf, cow calf.
Cat: Tom cat, lady cat, he and she cat. Gib cat (q.v.).
Child: Male child, female child; man child, woman child (child is either male or female, except when sex is referred to).
Devil: He and she devil (if sex is referred to).
Donkey: Male and female donkey. (See Ass.)
Elephant: Bull and cow elephant; male and female elephant.
Fox: Dog and bitch fox; the bitch is also called a vixen.
Game cock.
Gentleman, gentlewoman or lady.
Goat: Billy and Nanny goat; he and she goat; buck goat.
Hare: Buck and doe hare.
Heir: Heir male, heir female.
Kinsman, kinswoman.
Lamb: ewe lamb, tup lamb.
Mankind, Womankind.
Merman, mermaid.
Milkman, milkmaid or milk-woman.
Moorcock, moorhen.
Otter: Dog and bitch otter.
Partridge: Cock and hen partridge.
Peacock, peahen.
Pheasant: Cock and hen pheasant.
Pig: Boar and sow pig.
Rabbit: Buck and doe rabbit.
Rat: A Jack rat.
Schoolmaster, schoolmistress.
Seal: Bull and cow. The bull of fur seals under six years of age is called a “Bachelor.”
Servant: Male and female servant; man and maid servant.
Singer, songstress; man and woman singer.
Sir [John], Lady [Mary].
Sparrow: Cock and hen sparrow.
Swan: A cob or cock swan, pen-swan.
Turkey cock and hen.
Wash or washer-woman.
Whale: Bull or Unicorn, and cow.
Wren: Jenny; cock Robin; Tom tit; etc.
Wolf: Dog wolf, bitch or she-wolf.
   Generally the name of the animal stands last; in the following instances, however, it stands before the gender-word:—   2
        Blackcock; bridegroom; charwoman; game-cock; gentleman and gentlewoman; heir male and female; kinsman and woman; mankind, womankind; milkman, milkmaid or -woman; moorcock and hen; peacock and hen; servant man and maid; turkey cock and hen; wash or washer-woman.
        In a few instances the gender-word does not express gender, as jackdaw, jack pike, roebuck, etc.
   (2) The following require no gender-word:—   3
Bachelor, spinster or maid.
Beau, belle.
Boar, sow (pig).
Boy, girl (both child).
Brother, sister.
Buck, doe (stag or deer).
Bull, cow (black cattle).
Cock, hen (barndoor fowls).
Cockerel, pullet.
Colt, filly (both foal).
Dad, father.
Dog, bitch (both dog, if sex is not referred to).
Drake, duck (both duck, if sex is not referred to).
Drone, bee.
Earl, countess.
Father, mother (both parents).
Friar, nun.
Gaffer, gammer.
Gander, goose (both geese, if sex is not referred to).
Gentleman, lady (both gentlefolk).
Hart, roe (both deer).
Husband, wife.
Kipper, shedder or baggit (spent salmon).
King, queen (both monarch or sovereign).
Lad, lass.
Mallard, wild-duck (both wild fowl).
Man, maid.
Man, woman.
Master, mistress.
Milter, spawner (fish).
Monk, nun.
Nephew, niece.
Papa, mamma.
Ram, ewe (sheep).
Ruff, reeve.
Sir, ma’am.
Sir [John], Lady [Mary].
Sire, dam.
Sloven, slut.
Son, daughter.
Stag, hind (both stag, if sex is not referred to).
Stallion, mare (both horse).
Steer, heifer.
Tup, dam (sheep).
Uncle, aunt.
Widow, widower.
Wizard, witch.
        The females of other animals are made by adding a suffix to the male (-ess, -ina, -ine, -ix, -a, -ee, etc.); as, lion, lioness; czar, czarina; hero, heroine; testator, testatrix, etc.

 Gendarmes.General Funk. 


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