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• HADDOCK, XI¶7; Baked, with Oyster Stuffing, XI¶73; Baked, with Stuffing, XI¶65; Boiled, XI¶55; Fillets of, White Wine Sauce, XI¶89; Hamoglobin, XII¶9; Planked, XI¶81.

• Halibut a la Martin, XI¶93; a la Poulette, XI¶90; Halibut a la Rarebit, XI¶96; au Lit, XI¶100; Baked, with Lobster Sauce, XI¶75; Baked, with Tomato Sauce, XI¶74; Chicken, Broiled, XI¶60; Chicken, Sandwiches of, XI¶97; Fillets, Baked, XI¶87; Fillets, Fried, XI¶108; Fillets with Brown Sauce, XI; Hollenden, XI¶76; Little (Turbot), XI; Marguerites, XXII¶90; Soup, IX¶8; Steamed, with Silesian Sauce, XI; Timbales I, XXII¶68; Timbales II, XXII¶69.

• Ham and Eggs, Fried, XVI¶13; Barbecued, XVI¶14; Boiled, XVI¶15; Broiled, XVI¶12; Roast, with Champagne Sauce, XVI¶16; Sandwiches (Chopped), XXXIV; Sandwiches (Sliced), XXXIV; Shredded, with Currant Jelly Sauce, XXXV¶32; Timbales, XXII¶77; Westphalian, XVI¶17.

• Hamburg Steak, XII¶51.

• Hard Sauce, XXIV¶18; Wood Floors to Polish, XL.

• Hare, Belgian, a la Maryland, XVII¶87; Belgian, Sour Cream Sauce, XVII¶88.

• Harlequin Ice Cream, XXVI¶80; Slices, X¶12.

• Harvard Pudding, XXIII¶38; Beets, XIX¶33; Salad, XXI¶125.

• Hash, Corned Beef, XII¶104; Corned Beef, with Beets, XII¶105; Salted Codfish, XI¶131.

• Hearts, Stuffed with Vegetables, XII.

• Helpful Hints for the Young Housekeeper, XL.

• Hermits, XXX¶22.

• Herring, XI¶8.

• Hindoo Salad, XXI¶54.

• Hollandaise Punch, XXVI; Sauce I, XVIII¶44; Sauce II, XVIII¶45.

• Hollenden Halibut, XI¶76.

• Hominy, Fried, VI¶11; Gems, V¶25; Muffins (Raised), IV.

• Honey, Quince, XXXVII¶28.

• Horehound Candy, XXXIII¶26.

• Horse-radish, I¶83; Hollandaise Sauce, XVIII¶44; Horse-radish Sauce I, XVIII; Sauce II, XVIII¶6.

• Horseshoes, XXXIII¶6.

• Hot Cross Buns, IV¶77; Mayonnaise Sauce, XVIII; Puddings, XXV¶85; Tartare Sauce, XVIII.

• to Determine Number of Calories Required, XLII; to Estimate Food Value of a Day's Ration, XLII; of a Meal, XLII¶12; of a Recipe, XLII¶11.

• Huckleberries, Canned, XXXVIII¶10.

• Hungarian Salad, XXI¶89.

• Hunter's Pudding, XXIII.

• Hygienic Soup, VIII¶44.

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