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• Raised Doughnuts, V¶55; Hominy Muffins, IV¶80; Oatmeal Muffins, IV¶82; Rice Muffins, IV¶81; Waffles, V¶52.

• Ramequins Souffles, XXII¶122; Sweetbreads of, XXII.

• Range, Care of, after Frying, XL; Set and Portable, II.

• Rarebit, Oyster, XXXV¶27; Tomato, XXXV¶28; Welsh, I, XXXV¶25; Welsh, II, XXXV¶26.

• Raspberry and Currant Ice, XXVI¶25; and Currant Preserve, XXXVIII¶17; Ice I, XXVI¶20; Ice II, XXVI¶21; Jam, XXXVII¶20; Jelly, XXXVII¶13; Puffs, XXIX¶13; Whip, XXV¶15.

• Rattan Furniture, to Remove Dust from, XL.

• Ravioli, VI¶34.

• Rebecca Pudding, XXV¶3.

• Red Peppers, Canned, XXXVIII¶20.

• Reptiles, XI¶38; Frogs, XI¶116; Terrapin, XI¶117.

• Rhode Island Chowder, IX¶28.

• Rhubarb, Canned, XXXVIII¶11; Pie, XIX¶30; Sauce, XXXVI¶29.

• Ribbon Cake, XXXI¶61.

• Rice, a la Riston, VI¶16; and Meat, Casserole of, XIII¶51; and Tomato Croquettes, XXII¶36; Boiled, VI¶12; Compote of, with Peaches, XXII¶124; Compote of, with Pears, XXII; Croquettes, Sweet, XXII¶35; Croquettes with Jelly, XXII¶34; Croustades of, XXII¶126; Griddle Cakes I, V; Griddle Cakes II, V; Muffins, V¶17; Muffins, Raised, IV¶81; Pudding, XXIII¶1; Sauce, XVIII¶58; Steamed, VI¶13; Timbales, XXII¶63; to Wash, VI¶14; Waffles, V¶50; with Cheese, VI¶15.

• Riced Potatoes, XX¶10.

• Rissoles, XXII¶133; Filling for, XXII¶134; Lamb of, a l'Indienne, XXII.

• Rissoto Creole, VI¶21.

• Roasted Oysters, XI¶143.

• Roasting, II¶31.

• Rolls, Coffee, IV¶69; Fruit, V¶10; Kidney, XIII¶44; Luncheon, IV¶63; Parker House, IV¶56; Salad or Dinner, IV¶58; Swedish, IV¶61; Sweet French, IV¶62.

• Roman Punch, XXVI¶50.

• Roulettes, Chestnut, XXII¶32.

• Royal Custard, X¶13; Royal Diplomatic Pudding, XXV¶82; Royal Fans, XXX¶25; Royal Soup, VIII¶49.

• Rules for Testing Fat for Frying, II¶46.

• Rum Cakes, with Rum Sauce, XXII.

• Rusks, French, IV¶64; Zwieback, IV.

• Russian Cutlets, XXII¶106; Jelly, XXV¶44; Patties, XXII¶138; Pilaf, VI¶20; Salad, XXI¶48; Salad, Moulded, XXI¶66; Sandwiches, XXXIV¶24; Sauce, XVIII¶70; Tea, III¶14.

• Rye Biscuit, IV¶49; Bread, IV¶50; Drop Cakes, V¶54; Flakes, VI¶5; Gems, V¶23; Muffins, I, V¶21; Muffins, II, V¶22.

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