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Robert Christy, comp.  Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages.  1887.
A bad dog never sees the wolf.  Geo. Herbert.  1
A barking dog was never a good hunter.  Portuguese.  2
A bashful dog never fattens.  German.  3
A cursed cur should be short tied.  4
A cur’s tail grows fast.  Italian.  5
A dog has nothing to do and no time to rest.  Tamil.  6
A dog in the manger, that neither eats nor lets others eat.  Portuguese.  7
A dog is a dog whatever his color.  Danish.  8
A dog is never offended at being pelted with bones.  9
A dog is stout on his own dung-hill.  French.  10
A dog knows his own master.  Turkish.  11
A dog may look at a bishop.  French.  12
A dog never bit me but I had some of his hair.  Italian.  13
A dog of an old dog, a colt of a young horse. (Same say, a calf of a young cow and a colt of an old horse.)  14
A dog’s life, hunger and ease.  15
A dog that bites silently. (An insidious traducer.)  Latin.  16
A dog will not cry if you beat him with a bone.  17
A dog with a bone knows no friend.  Dutch.  18
A good bone never falls to a good dog.  19
A good dog deserves a good bone.  20
A good dog hunts by instinct.  French.  21
A good dog never barks at fault.  French.  22
A good hound hunts by kind.  French.  23
A hair of the dog cures the bite.  Italian.  24
A hunting dog will at last die a violent death.  Chinese.  25
A kitchen dog was never good for the chase.  Italian.  26
A lean dog gets nothing but fleas.  Spanish.  27
A man may provoke his own dog to bite him.  28
A man’s best friend is his dog, better even than his wife.  Esquimaux.  29
A man who wants to drown his dog says he is mad.  French.  30
A mastiff groweth the fiercer for being tied up.  31
A mischievous cur must be tied short.  French.  32
A schock dog is starved and nobody believes it.  Spanish.  33
A sorry dog is not worth the whistling after.  34
A staff is quickly found to beat a dog.  Shakespeare.  35
A stranger’s care makes old the dog.  Modern Greek.  36
All bite the bitten dog.  Portuguese.  37
Although dogs together fight they are very soon all right.  Chinese.  38
An ill hound comes halting hame.  39
An ill-tempered dog has a scarred nose.  Danish.  40
An old dog biteth sore.  41
An old dog cannot alter its way of barking.  42
An old dog does not bark for nothing.  French, Italian.  43
An old dog does not grow used to the collar.  Italian.  44
An old dog will learn no tricks.  45
A waking dog barks from afar at a sleeping lion.  46
Barking dogs don’t bite.  French, German, Dutch.  47
Better have a dog fawn upon you than bite you.  48
Better have a dog for your friend than your enemy.  Dutch.  49
Beware of a silent dog and still water.  Latin.  50
Beware the dog himself; his shadow does not bite.  Danish.  51
Beware of the dog that does not bark.  Portuguese.  52
Brabbling curs never want sore ears.  53
By gnawing skin a dog learns to eat leather.  Danish.  54
Cats and dogs do not go together without wounds.  German.  55
Cut off the dog’s tail he remains a dog.  Italian.  56
Dogs are hard drove when they eat dogs.  57
Dogs bark and the wind carries it away.  Russian.  58
Dogs bark as they are bred.  59
Dogs bark at those they don’t know.  Italian.  60
Dogs begin in jest and end in earnest.  61
Dogs gnaw bones because they cannot swallow them.  62
Dogs have more good in them than men think they have.  Chinese.  63
Dogs have teeth in all countries.  Spanish.  64
Dogs love no companion in the kitchen.  Latin.  65
Dogs never go into mourning when a horse dies.  66
Dogs ought to bark before they bite.  67
Dogs that hunt foulest scent the most faults.  68
Dogs that put up many hares kill none.  69
Dogs wag their tails not so much to you as your bread.  70
Do not give a dog bread every time he wags his tail.  Italian.  71
Dumb dogs and still water are dangerous.  German.  72
Every dog hath its day, and every man his hour.  73
Every dog is a lion at home.  74
Every dog is not a lion at home.  Italian.  75
Flesh never stands so high but a dog will venture his legs for it.  76
Give a dog an ill name and you may as well hang him.  77
Have a care of a silent dog and still water.  78
He fells twa dogs wi’ ae stane.  79
He is as good a Catholic as Duke Alva’s dog who ate flesh in Lent.  80
He that is bitten by a dog must apply some of its hair.  Dutch.  81
He that keeps another man’s dog shall have nothing left him but the line.  82
He that pelts every barking dog, must pick up a great many stones.  83
He that wants to beat a dog is sure to find a stick.  Italian.  84
He that wants to hang a dog is sure to find a rope.  Danish.  85
He that wants to hang a dog says it bites the sheep.  Danish.  86
He that would hang his dog gives out at first that he is mad.  87
He who has loaves has dogs.  Italian.  88
He who has not bread to spare should not keep a dog.  Spanish.  89
He who would buy a sausage of a dog must give him bacon in exchange.  Danish.  90
Hold your dog in readiness before you start your hare.  Dutch.  91
Hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings.  92
I had rather be a dog and bay the moon,
Than such a Roman.  Shakespeare.
I will never keep a dog to bite me.  94
“I will not bite any dog” says the shepherd’s dog, “for I must save my teeth for the wolf.”  German.  95
I will not keep a dog and bark myself.  96
If the bitch were not in such haste she would not litter blind puppies.  German.  97
If the dog bark go in, if the bitch bark go out.  98
If the old dog bark he gives counsel.  99
If you eat a pudding at home your dog shall have the skin.  100
If you would have the dog follow you, you must give him bread.  Spanish, Dutch.  101
In the mouth of a bad dog falls many a good bone.  102
It grieveth one dog that another goeth into the kitchen.  Dutch.  103
It is a good dog that can catch anything.  104
It is a hard winter when dog eats dog.  105
It is all one whether you are bit by a dog or a bitch.  French.  106
It is an ill dog that deserves not a crust.  107
It is bad coursing with unwilling hounds.  Dutch.  108
It is bad for puppies to play with cub bears.  Danish.  109
It is easy robbing when the dog is quieted.  Italian.  110
It is easy to find a stick to beat a dog.  Italian, Dutch.  111
It is ill to waken sleeping dogs.  112
It is the nature of the greyhound to carry a long tail.  Italian.  113
Let a dog get a dish of honey and he will jump in with both legs.  114
Let the dog bark so he does not bite me.  Spanish.  115
Like dogs that snarl about a bone
And play together when they’ve none.  Butler.
Little dogs start the hare but great ones catch.  117
Mad dogs get their coats torn.  Danish.  118
Make the dog your companion but hold fast your staff.  Modern Greek.  119
Many dogs are the death of the hare.  Danish.  120
Many dogs soon eat up a horse.  121
Many ways to kill a dog besides hanging him.  122
Mastiff never liked greyhound.  French.  123
Never yet the dog our country fed,
Betrayed the kindness or forgot the bread.  Bulwer.
No mad dog runs seven years.  Bulwer.  125
Not every dog that barks bites.  French.  126
Old dogs bark not for nothing.  127
One dog growls to see another go into the kitchen.  German.  128
One must talk soothingly to the dog until he has passed him.  French.  129
On finding a stone we see no dog, on seeing a dog we find no stone.  Tamil.  130
Quarrelling dogs come halting home.  131
Rear dogs and wolf cubs to rend you.  Latin.  132
Snarling curs never want sore ears.  French.  133
Spaniels that fawn when beaten will never forsake their master.  134
Stones or bread—one must have something in hand for the dogs.  Italian.  135
That dog barks more out of custom than care of the house.  136
The best dog leaps the stile first.  137
The dog barks and the ox feeds.  Italian.  138
The dog barks and the caravan passes.  Turkish.  139
The dog does not get bread every time he wags his tail.  German.  140
The dog gets into the mill under cover of the ass.  Italian.  141
The dog guards the night, the cock rules the morn.  Chinese.  142
The dog has no aversion to a poor family.  Chinese.  143
The dog in his kennel barks at his fleas, the dog that hunts does not feel them.  Chinese.  144
The dog rages at the stone, not at him who throws it.  German.  145
The dog that starts the hare is as good as the one that catches it.  German.  146
The dog that barks much is never good for hunting.  Portuguese.  147
The dog that bites does not bark in vain.  Italian.  148
The dog that has been beaten with a stick is afraid of its shadow.  Italian.  149
The dog that has his bitch in town never barks well.  Spanish.  150
The dog that is forced into the wood will not hunt many deer.  Danish.  151
That dog that is idle never tires of running.  Turkish.  152
The dog that is quarrelsome and not strong, woe to his hide.  Italian.  153
The dog that kills wolves is killed by wolves.  Spanish, Portuguese.  154
The dog that licks ashes is not to be trusted with flour.  Italian.  155
The dog wags his tail not for you but for your bread.  Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.  156
The dog understands his master’s mood.  Chinese.  157
The dog who hunts foulest hits at most faults.  158
The dog will not get free by biting his chain.  Danish.  159
The dogs bite the hindermost.  German.  160
The dog’s kennel is not a place to keep a sausage.  Danish.  161
The flitch hangs never so high but a dog will look out for a bone.  Danish.  162
The gardener’s dog is neither full nor hungry.  Spanish.  163
The greyhound that starts many hares kills none.  Spanish, Portuguese.  164
The hair of the dog is good for his bite.  (Similia similibus curantur.)  165
The hindmost dog may catch the hare.  166
The honest watch-dog never barks when his own friends come round.  Sam. Randall.  167
The hound that lies in the kitchen is not hungry.  German.  168
The lean dog is all fleas.  Spanish.  169
The leaner the dog the fatter the flea.  German.  170
The mad dog bites its master.  Portuguese.  171
The watch-dog does not get sweet milk unless there be drowned mice in it.  Danish.  172
The well-bred hound if he does not hunt to-day will to-morrow.  Spanish.  173
There are more ways to kill a dog than hanging.  174
There are good dogs of all sizes.  French.  175
There are more ways to kill a dog than to choke him to death on bread and butter.  176
There is danger when a dog has once tasted flesh.  Latin.  177
There is never wanting a dog to bark at you.  Portuguese.  178
There is no dog, be he ever so wicked, but wags his tail.  Italian.  179
There is no showing the wolf to a bad dog.  French.  180
Though the mastiff be gentle, yet bite him not on the lip.  Spanish, Portuguese.  181
Throw no stones at a sleeping dog.  Danish.  182
Throw that bone to another dog.  Spanish, Portuguese.  183
Timid dogs bark worse than they bite.  Latin.  184
Timid dogs bark most.  German.  185
’Tis a good dog can catch anything.  186
’Tis an ill dog deserves not a crust.  187
’Tis sweet to hear the watch-dog’s honest bark.  188
To beat the dog in presence of the lion.  French.  189
Wash a dog, comb a dog, still a dog remains a dog.  French, Danish.  190
We’ll bark ourselves ere we buy dogs so dear.  191
What, keep a dog and bark myself!  German.  192
What matters the barking of the dog that does not bite.  193
When a dog is drowning every one offers him water.  French.  194
When a dog runs away, hit him! hit him!  195
When a man will throw at a dog, he soon finds a stone.  German.  196
When an old dog barks, look out.  German, Dutch.  197
When mastiffs fight, little curs will bark.  198
When the dog is awake the shepherd may sleep.  German.  199
When the dog is down every one is ready to bite him.  Dutch.  200
When the old dog barks he giveth counsel.  Spanish, Portuguese.  201
When two dogs fight for a bone the third runs away with it.  Dutch.  202
While the dogs growled at each other, the wolves devoured the sheep.  French.  203
While the dogs yelp the hares fly to the wood.  Danish.  204
While you trust to the dog the wolf slips into the sheepfold.  205
Who has no bread to share should not keep a dog.  Spanish.  206
Whoso is desirous of beating a dog will readily find a stick.  Latin.  207
With the hide of the dog its bite is cured.  208
Yelping curs may anger mastiffs at last.  209

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