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John Bartlett, comp. (1820–1905).  Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.  1919.
Concordance Index
Page 207
Man, such affinity with the soul of, 694.
such master such, 21.
sure he’s a talented, 609.
suspect your tale untrue, lest, 349.
suspects himself a fool at thirty, 307.
take him for all in all, 128.
teach you more of, 466.
telle a tale after a, 2.
tested, metal of a, 740.
than cells and gibbets for the, 724.
than comes of music, by, 714.
thankless inconsistent, 307.
that blushes, 309.
that died for men, 811.
that endureth temptation, 1040.
that feareth Lord to doubt, 760.
that first eat an oyster, 292.
that hails you Tom or Jack, 423.
that hangs on princes’ favours, 99.
that hath a tongue, 44.
that hath friends, 1019.
that hath his quiver full, 1016.
that hath no music in himself, 66.
that I had loved a smaller, 679.
that is born of woman, 1009.
that is not passion’s slave, 138.
that lays his hand upon a woman, 463.
that makes a character, 311.
that meddles with cold iron, 211.
that mourns, vile, 316.
that old, eloquent, 252.
that wants money, 919.
the catholic, 818.
the first, found that to his cost, 827.
the first just and friendly, 826.
the greater courtesy, greater, 680.
the hermit sighed, 513.
the humblest, stand level with the highest, 798.
the interpreter of God, 780.
the kindest, the best conditioned, 64.
the making of, 804.
the noblest work of, 784.
the truly civilized, 826.
the whole soul of a, 583.
the wise, is at home, 614.
there lived a, in ages past, 496.
there was a little, 519.
think himself an act of God, 721.
this is the state of, 99.
this was a, say to all the world, 115.
thou art e’en as just a, 137.
thou art the, 1007.
thou pendulum, 546.
thoughtless inconsistent, 307.
to all the country dear, 396.
to double business bound, 139.
to enter into, for rich, 684.
to fall, caused, 165.
to keep down the base in, 681.
to know, enough for, 319.
to labour in his vocation, 83.
to man, 771.
to man, speech made to open, 310.
Man to mend God’s work, 270.
to produce great things, 740.
to the last, 90.
to whom all Naples is known, 984.
to whom old men hearkened, 921.
too fond to rule alone, 327.
turn over half a library, 372.
twins from birth, misery and, 343.
unclubable, 371.
under his fig-tree, 1028.
upon this earth, to every, 604.
upright, God hath made, 1023.
use doth breed a habit in a, 44.
use it lawfully, if a, 1039.
used to vicissitudes, 368.
vain is the help of, 1013.
vindicate the ways of God to, 315.
virtue and riches seldom settle on, 190.
virtuous and vicious, 318.
want as an armed, 1017.
wants but little, 308, 402.
warning for thoughtless, 481.
weak and despised old, 147.
weigh the, not his title, 282.
well-bred, will not affront me, 415.
well-favoured, to be a, 51.
were wise to see it, if, 184.
what a piece of work is a, 134.
what a strange thing is, 559.
what can an old, do but die, 592.
what, dare I dare, 122.
what has been done by 309.
what is good in, 836.
when I became a, 1037.
where he dies for, 716.
where lives the, 492.
which lighteth every, 1034.
while, is growing, 309.
who can be out of danger, 762.
who can keep the whiteness of his soul, 776.
who could make so vile a pun, 282.
who first invented sleep, 720.
who hath never known fame, 632.
who is not wise is oft the wisest, 472.
who knew more and spoke less, 924.
who makes a count ne’er made a, 282.
who much receives, 860.
who seeks one thing, 780.
who smokes, 632.
who tells his wife all he knows, 222.
who turnips cries, 375.
who wants a shirt, 398.
whole duty of, 1024.
whose blood is very snow-broth, 47.
whose blood is warm within, 60.
whose breath is in his nostrils, 1025.
whose wish and care, 334.
whoso would be a, 618.
wicked all at once, no, 907.
will go down into the pit, 828.
will wait, everything comes if, 628.
wind which blows good to no, 20, 90.
wise in his own conceit, 1020.
wise, know himself to be a fool, 71.


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