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John Bartlett, comp. (1820–1905).  Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.  1919.
Concordance Index
Page 293
See with his half-shut eyes, 326.
you see yet can not, over, 584.
Sees God in clouds, 315.
or dreams he sees, 225.
takes off his shoes, he who, 659.
what he foresaw, 476.
with equal eye, who, 315.
Seed begging bread, nor his, 1011.
fruit from such a, 544.
however broadcast will catch, 694.
I cast to earth a, 771.
in the morning sow thy, 1023.
of hate, sowed therein, 684.
of retribution and undying pain, 647.
of the church, 942.
perfection, nestles the, 742.
the drifting, 797.
the principal thing to the tree, 997.
which the soul hath sown, 814.
Seeds of godlike power are in us, 754.
of poesy by heaven sown, 347.
of time, look into the, 116.
saw, which sages cast, 788.
Seeing eye, the hearing ear, 1019.
eyes were made for, if, 615.
not satisfied with, 1022.
only what is fair, 617.
precious, to the eye, 56.
the root of the matter, 1009.
Seek and ye shall find, 1031.
it ere it come to light, 424.
peace is what I, and calm, 754.
that ye will, hereafter, 579.
the happy land, would not, 717.
thee in vain by the meadow, 596.
to make, paths to the house I, 745.
Seeks one thing, the man who, 780.
painted trifles, 391.
through evil good, folly that, 649.
Seeking light doth light of light beguile, 54.
the bubble reputation, 69.
whom he may devour, 1041.
Seem a saint when I play the devil, 96.
here no painful inch to gain, 727.
how meek soe’er he, 679.
is but a dream, all we see or, 654.
pavilions of the sun, clouds which, 631.
they grow to what they, 395.
things are not what they, 638.
things are seldom what they, 801.
Seems asleep, tide as moving, 685.
madam I know not seems, 127.
right by force of beauty, 659.
shrunken, earth, 790.
that the dead are there, it, 756.
wisest virtuousest best, 238.
Seemed, life then, one pure delight, 597.
musical and low, in his, 732.
shoutings of all the sons, 680.
the harmonious echo, it, 761.
the incarnate I told you so, 646.
to see our flag unfurled, 650.
Seeming estranged, providence, 595.
evil still educing good, 357.
of her gentle sex the, paragon, 608.
Seeming otherwise, 151.
Seemly, do it not if it is not, 942.
way, in a, 827.
Seen and known, much have I, 668.
as the world the world hath, 759.
better days, we have, 68.
by candle-light, colors, 658.
evidence of things not, 1040.
from far, when, 664.
his body, Charlotte having, 697.
is never lost, beauty, 650.
mine eyes have, the glory, 747.
my fond affection thou hast, 589.
needs only to be, 269.
never was nor never shall be, 182.
sweetest that ever was, 586.
’t the loveliest ever was, 605.
that day, or ever I had, 128.
too early, unknown, 105.
what I have seen, 136.
Seine, meridians and parallels for a, 796.
Seldom he smiles, 111.
occurs, what we anticipate, 628.
shall she hear a tale, 380.
what they seem, things are, 801.
Selection, natural, 663.
Self, a, and not the mask of woe, 799.
easiest to deceive one’s own, 632.
smote the chord of, 669.
something dearer than, 541.
to one’s sphere, fitting of, 716.
true to thine own, 130.
Self-appointed inspector of snowstorms, 722.
Self-approving hour, one, 319.
Self-consuming die, 827.
Self-contained and solitary as an oyster, 701.
Self-disparagement, inward, 480.
Self-dispraise, luxury in, 480.
Self-esteem, nothing profits more than, 238.
Self-evident truths, 434.
Self-existence, concatenation of, 401.
Selfish barbarians, 826.
Selfishness is the greatest curse, 693.
Self-knowledge self-control, 666.
Self-love not so vile a sin, 91.
Self-made men, 692.
Self-mettle tires him, 98.
Self-neglecting and self-love, 91.
Self-preservation in animals, 950.
Self-reliance, discontent is want of, 618.
Self-reproach, feel no, 468.
Self-respect, never lose thy, 936.
Self-reverence self-knowledge, 666.
Self-sacrifice, spirit of, 475.
Selfsame flight the selfsame way, 60.
heaven that frowns on me, 98.
Self-slaughter, canon ’gainst, 128.
Self-taught, I sing, 347.
Self-trust is the first secret of success, 621.
Sell, man a tool to buy and, 728.
with you buy with you, 61.
Selling of pig in a poke, 20.


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