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Louis Untermeyer, ed. (1885–1977). Modern American Poetry.  1919.
Alphabetic Index of Authors
Adams, Franklin P. 1881– Rich Man
Those Two Boys
Aiken, Conrad. 1889– Morning Song From "Senlin"
Bangs, John Kendrick. 1862– Little Elf
Benét, William Rose. 1886– His Ally
How to Catch Unicorns
Benét, Stephen Vincent. 1898– Portrait of a Boy
Bodenheim, Maxwell. 1892– Poet to His Love
Branch, Anna Hempstead.  Monk in the Kitchen
While Loveliness Goes By
Brody, Alter. 1895– Searchlights
Bunner, Henry Cuyler. 1855–1896 Behold the Deeds!
A Pitcher of Mignonette
Burgess, Gelett. 1866– Purple Cow
On Digital Extremities
Burr, Amelia Josephine. 1878– Lie-Awake Song
Burton, Richard. 1861– Black Sheep
Bynner, Witter. 1881– Train-Mates
A Farmer Remembers Lincoln
Carman, Bliss. 1861– A Vagabond Song
Hem and Haw
Carryl, Charles E. 1841– Robinson Crusoe's Story
Carryl, Guy Wetmore. 1873–1904 How Jack Found that Beans May Go Back On a Chap
How a Cat Was Annoyed and a Poet Was Booted
Cawein, Madison. 1865–1914 Deserted
Man Hunt
Conkling, Grace Hazard. 1878– April in the Huasteca
Corbin, Alice.  Echoes of Childhood
Crapsey, Adelaide. 1878–1914 Triad
On Seeing Weather-beaten Trees
"D., H." 1886– Oread
Pear Tree
Daly, T. A. 1871– Mia Carlotta
Between Two Loves
Dickinson, Emily. 1830–1886 Chartless
A Book
Dunbar, Paul Laurence. 1872–1906 Discovered
A Coquette Conquered
Eastman, Max. 1883– At the Aquarium
Ficke, Arthur Davison. 1883– Sonnet
Portrait of an Old Woman
Field, Eugene. 1850–1895 Little Boy Blue
Seein' Things
Fletcher, John Gould. 1886– Lincoln
Frost, Robert. 1875– Mending Wall
Tuft of Flowers
Road Not Taken
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins S. 1860– A Conservative
Guiney, Louise Imogen. 1861– Wild Ride
Guiterman, Arthur. 1871– Strictly Germ-proof
Helton, Roy. 1886– In Passing
Herford, Oliver. 1863– Elf and the Dormouse
Hovey, Richard. 1864–1900 At the Crossroads
A Stein Song
Unmanifest Destiny
Johns, Orrick. 1887– Little Things
Jones, Jr., Thomas S. 1882– Sometimes
Kilmer, Joyce. 1886–1918 Trees
Knibbs, Henry Herbert. 1874– Trail-Makers
Kreymborg, Alfred.  Old Manuscript
Le Gallienne, Richard. 1866– August Moonlight
Leonard, William Ellery. 1876– To the Victor
Lindsay, Vachel. 1879– Congo
Eagle That Is Forgotten
Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight
Long, Haniel. 1888– Dead Men Tell No Tales
Lowell, Amy. 1874– Free Fantasia on Japanese Themes
Madonna of the Evening Flowers
Two Lacquer Prints
MacKaye, Percy. 1875– Child-Dancers
Markham, Edwin. 1852– A Prayer
Lincoln, the Man of the People
Marquis, Don. 1878– Unrest
Masters, Edgar Lee. 1869– Lucinda Matlock
Anne Rutledge
Millay, Edna St. Vincent. 1892– God's World
Moody, William Vaughn. 1869–1910 On a Soldier Fallen in the Philippines
Morley, Christopher. 1890– To a Post-Office Inkwell
Neihardt, John G. 1881– Let Me Live Out My Years
Oppenheim, James. 1882– Slave
Tasting the Earth
Peabody, Josephine Preston. 1874– Spinning in April
Pound, Ezra. 1884– Ballad for Gloom
In a Station of the Metro
Reese, Lizette Woodworth. 1856– Tears
Riley, James Whitcomb. 1853–1916 When the Frost is on the Punkin
A Parting Guest
Rittenhouse, Jessie B.  Paradox
Robinson, Edwin Arlington. 1869– Master
Richard Corey
An Old Story
Robinson, Edwin Meade. 1879– Halcyon Days
Russell, Irwin. 1853–1879 De Fust Banjo
Sandburg, Carl. 1878– Cool Tombs
Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard
Scollard, Clinton. 1860– A Day for Wandering
Seeger, Alan. 1888–1916 I Have a Rendezvous with Death
Sherman, Frank Dempster. 1860–1916 Bacchus
Sterling, George. 1869– Black Vulture
Taylor, Bert Leston. 1866– Canopus
Teasdale, Sara. 1884– Spring Night
I Shall Not Care
Night Song at Amalfi
Thomas, Edith M. 1854– Frost To-night
Tietjens, Eunice. 1884– Drug Clerk
Torrence, Ridgely. 1875– Bird and the Tree
Untermeyer, Louis. 1885– Prayer
On the Birth of a Child
Untermeyer, Jean Starr. 1886– Autumn
Wattles, Willard. 1888– Builder
Wells, Carolyn. 1869– A Penitential Week
Spelling Lesson
Wheelock, John Hall. 1886– Sunday Evening in the Common
Widdemer, Margaret.  Factories
Wood, Charles Erskine Scott. 1852– Sunrise
Woodberry, George Edward. 1855– Immortal Love

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