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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers
Section III. Sympathetic Affections
1. Social Affections
900. Resentment.
NOUN:RESENTMENT, displeasure, animosity, anger, wrath, ire, indignation; exasperation, vexation, bitter resentment, wrathful indignation.
  pique, umbrage, huff, miff [colloq.], soreness, dudgeon, acerbity, virulence, bitterness, acrimony, asperity, spleen, gall; heartburning, heart-swelling; rankling.
  ill -, bad- -humor, - temper; irascibility [See Irascibility]; scowl [See Discourtesy]; sulks [See Irascibility]; ill blood (hate) [See Hate]; revenge [See Revenge].
  IRRITATION; warmth, bile, choler, fume, pucker [colloq.], dander [colloq.], ferment, excitement, ebullition; angry mood, taking [colloq.], pet, tiff, passion, fit, tantrum [colloq.].
  RAGE, fury; towering -rage, - passion; acharnement [F.], desperation, burst, explosion, paroxysm, storm; violence [See Violence]; fire and fury; vials of wrath; gnashing of teeth, hot blood, high words.
  FURIES, Erinyes (sing. Erinys), Eumenides; Alecto, Megæra, Tisiphone.
  [CAUSE OF UMBRAGE] affront, provocation, offense; indignity (insult) [See Disrespect]; grudge; crow to -pluck, - pick, - pull; red rag, last straw, sore subject, casus belli [L.]; ill turn, outrage.
  buffet, blow, slap in the face, box on the ear, rap on the knuckles.
VERB:RESENT; take -amiss, - ill, - to heart, - offense, - umbrage, - huff, - exception; not take it as a joke; ne pas entendre raillerie [F.]; take in bad part, take in ill part.
  pout, knit the brow, frown, scowl, lower, snarl, growl, gnarl, gnash, snap; redden, color; look black, look black as thunder, look daggers; bite one’s thumb; show -, grind- one’s teeth; champ the bit.
  BE ANGRY; fly -, fall -, get- into a -rage, - passion; fly off the handle [slang], fly off at a tangent; let one’s angry passions rise; bridle up, bristle up, froth up, fire up, flare up; foam at the mouth; open -, pour out- the vials of one’s wrath.
  chafe, mantle, fume, kindle, fly out, take fire; boil, - over; boil with- indignation, - rage; rage, storm, foam; hector, bully, bluster; vent one’s -rage, spleen; lose one’s temper; have a fling at; kick up a -row, - dust, - shindy [all slang]; cut up rough [slang], stand on one’s hind legs, stamp the foot; stamp -, quiver -, swell -, foam- with rage; burst with anger; raise -Cain, - the devil, - Ned, - the mischief, - the roof [all slang]; breathe fire and fury; breathe revenge.
  bear malice (revenge) [See Revenge].
  CAUSE ANGER, raise anger; affront, offend; give -offense, - umbrage; anger; hurt the feelings; insult, discompose, fret, ruffle, roil, heckle [Brit.], nettle, huff, pique; excite [See Excitation]; irritate, stir the blood, stir up bile; sting, - to the quick; rile [dial. or colloq.], provoke, chafe, wound, incense, inflame, wrath [obs.], make one hot under the collar [slang], enrage, aggravate, add fuel to the flame, fan into a flame, widen the breach, envenom, embitter, exasperate, infuriate, kindle wrath; stick in one’s crop or gizzard [colloq.]; rankle [See Revenge]; hit -, rub -, sting -, strike- on the raw.
  put out of -countenance, - humor; put (or get) one’s monkey up [slang or colloq., Eng.], put (or get) one’s back up; raise one’s -gorge, - dander [colloq.], - choler; work up into a passion, make one’s blood boil, make the ears tingle, throw into a ferment, madden, drive one mad; lash into -fury, - madness; fool to the top of one’s bent; set by the ears; bring a hornet’s nest about one’s ears.
ADJECTIVE:ANGRY, wroth, irate, ireful, wrathful; cross (irascible) [See Irascibility]; Achillean, sulky [See Irascibility]a; bitter, virulent; acrimonious &c. (discourteous) [See Discourtesy]; offended &c. v.; waxy [slang, Eng.], wrought, worked up; indignant, hurt, sore; set against.
  warm, burning; boiling, - over; fuming, raging, hot under the collar [slang]; acharné [F.]; foaming, - at the mouth; convulsed with rage; fierce, wild, rageful, furious, mad with rage, fiery, infuriate, rabid, savage; relentless [See Revenge]; violent [See Violence].
  flushed with -anger, - rage; in a- huff, - stew [colloq.], - fume, - pucker [dial. or colloq.], - wax [slang], - passion, - rage, - fury, - taking [colloq.]; on one’s high ropes [colloq.], up in arms; in high dudgeon.
ADVERB:ANGRILY &c. adj.; in the height of passion; in the heat of -passion, - the moment; in an ecstasy of rage.
INTERJECTION:tantæne animis cælestibus iræ! [Vergil]; marry come up! zounds! ’sdeath!
  1. One’s blood being up, one’s back being up, one’s monkey being up.—slang or colloq., Eng.
  2. Ervens difficili bile jecur.
  3. Ehe gorge rising, eyes flashing fire; the blood -rising, - boiling.
  4. Hœret lateri lethalis arundo.—Vergil
  5. Beware the fury of a patient man.—Dryden
  6. Furor arma ministrat.—Vergil
  7. Ira furor brevis est.—Horace
  8. Quem Jupiter vult perdere dementat prius.
  9. What, drunk with choler? stay and pause awhile.—I Henry IV



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