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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section V. Number
2. Determinate Number
98. Five, &c.
NOUN:FIVE, cinque, quint, quincunx, quintet or quintette, quintuple [rare], quintuplet, quinary [rare], pentad; pentagon, pentagram, pentameter, pentapody, pentarchy, pentastich, Pentateuch.
  SIX, sise or size [rare], hexad, sextuplet, hexagon, hexahedron, hexagram, hexameter, hexapod, hexapody, hexastich, Hexateuch, sextet, half-a-dozen.
  SEVEN, heptad, septenary [rare], heptagon, heptahedron, heptameter, heptarchy, Heptateuch.
  EIGHT, octave, octonary, octad, ogdoad, octagon, octahedron, octameter, octastyle, octavo, octet.
  NINE, novenary [rare], ennead, nonary [rare]; nonagon, three times three; novena [R. C. Ch.]
  TEN, decad [rare], decade, dicker; decagon, decagram or decagramme, decahedron, decapod, decare, decastere, decastyle, decasyllable, decemvir, decemvirate, decennium.
  eleven; twelve, dozen; thirteen; long dozen, baker’s dozen; twenty, score; twenty-four, four and twenty, two dozen; twenty-five, five and twenty, quarter of a hundred; forty, twoscore; fifty, half a hundred; sixty, sexagenary, threescore; seventy, threescore and ten; eighty, fourscore; ninety, fourscore and ten.
  HUNDRED, centenary, hecatomb, century, bicentenary, tercentenary; hundred-weight, cwt.; one hundred and forty-four, gross.
  THOUSAND, chiliad, milliad [rare], millenary [rare], millennium; myriad, ten thousand; one hundred thousand, lac or lakh [India], plum [obs.], million; ten million, crore [India]; thousand million, billion, milliard.
  billion, trillion &c.
VERB:quintuplicate, sextuple, centuplicate, centuriate [obs.].
ADJECTIVE:FIVE, fifth, quinary, quintuple; quintuplicate, pentangular, pentagonal, pentastyle.
  SIXTH, senary [rare], sextuple, hexagonal, hexangular, hexastyle, hexahedral, sextan.
  SEVENTH, septuple, septenary, septimal [rare]; heptagonal, heptahedral, heptamerous, heptangular.
  EIGHTH, octuple, octonary; octagonal, octahedral, octan, octangular, octastyle.
  NINTH, ninefold, novenary [rare], nonary [rare], enneahedral, enneastyle.
  TENTH, tenfold, decimal, denary, decuple, decagonal, decahedral, decasyllabic.
  ELEVENTH, undecennial, undecennary.
  TWELFTH, duodenary, duodenal.
  in one’s teens, thirteenth, &c.
  TWENTIETH, vicenary, vicennial, vigesimal, vicesimal.
  SIXTIETH, sexagesimal, sexagenary.
  SEVENTIETH, septuagesimal, septuagenary.
  CENTUPLE, centuplicate, centennial, centenary, centurial; secular, hundredth; thousandth, millenary, millennial &c.



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