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Index Guide
The numbers refer to the headings under which the words or phrases occur. When the same word or phrase can be used in various senses, the several headings under which it, or its synonyms, will be found are indicated by Italics. These words in Italics are not intended to explain the meaning of the word or phrase to which they are annexed, but only to assist in the required reference.   1
  Italicized references within parentheses are merely suggestive, the parentheses indicating that the term itself is not included in the list referred to.   2
  When the word given in the Index Guide is itself the title or heading of a category, the reference number is printed in bold-face type, thus: abode 189.   3
  To keep the Index Guide—necessarily very large—from becoming unwieldy, a considerable number of obsolete, rare, foreign, dialectic, and slang terms has been omitted; for such words, while useful in the text, are not the ones for which synonyms would ordinarily be sought.   4
  Derivatives likewise have been sparingly admitted, since the allied or basic term will serve as a key to the various derived forms; thus, cold is given, but not coldness and coldly. By such means, unnecessary duplication is avoided.   5
A 1 toabout
above toaccommodate
accommodating toacrid
acridity toadore
adorn toaffidation
affidavit toagree
agreeable toaliquot
alive toaltogether
alto - rilievo toanalysis
analyst toanswer
answerable toapozem
apozemial toarc
arcade toarrière
arriero toass
assafetida toattainder
attainment toauxiliary
avail toazygous
Baal tobackbone
backcap toballast
ballet tobarrack
barracker tobeads
beadsman tobedstead
bedtime tobelow
belt tobetrayer
betrim tobind
bindery toblanket
blare toblow
blowhole tobold
bold face tobotch
both tobrand
brandish tobreve
brevet tobrokery
bromide tobullet
bulletin tobustle
bustling tobyword
cab tocajolery
cake tocandle power
candlestick tocarbonate
carbonic acid tocascade
case tocatch
catching tocentury
cephalalgia tocharcoal
charge tochew
chiaroscuro tochrysoprase
chthonian toclad
claim toclinal
clinch tocoaction
coactive tocold
coldbloodedness tocome
comedown tocommunity
commutation tocompunction
compurgation toconfession
confessional toconsecutively
consension tocontemptuous
contend toconvert
convertible tocornetist
cornice tocountable
countenance tocovering
coverlet tocreep
creeper tocross-shaped
crosswise tocullibility
cullion tocustos
cut toczarevitch
dab todais
daisy today
day-bed todecennium
decent todefensible
defensive alliance todepression
deprivation todetail
detailed todiaskenast
diastase todiocese
Diogenes todisconnect
disconnected todismiss
dismount todissonance
dissonant todizzy
do todoomsday
door todrag
draggle todrinkable
drinker toduel
duelist todyspnœa
each toeclipse
ecliptic toelbow
elbowchair toembolic
embolism toencumber
encumbrance toenravishment
enrich toepistyle
epitaph toestablish
established toevery
everybody toexcursive
excursus toexplore
explorer toexult
exultant toeyrie
Fabian policy tofain
fainéant tofalsify
falsity tofasting
fastness tofeint
felicitate tofield marshal
field piece tofinestill
fine-toned tofive
fives toflesh
flesh color tofluid
fluidity tofoolish
foolscap toforfeit
forfeiture tofountainhead
four tofriar
friary tofull
full-blown tofylfot
gab togarron
garrote togentlefolk
gentleman togirdle
girl toglow
glower togoing
goiter togovernment
governor togratuitous
gratuity togroove
grope togulp
gum togyve
habeas corpus tohale
half tohandle
handmaid toharicot
hariff tohe
head tohearten
heartfelt tohellhag
hellhound tohideous
hiding place tohitch
hither tohomaloid
home tohors d’œuvre
horse tohuckster
huddle tohydrophthalmus
hydroplane tohysteron proteron
I toiguana
ileum toimmigration
imminent toimpostor
impostume toinca
incage toincorrigible
incorruptible toindomitable
indoor toinflexible
inflexion toinoffensive
inofficious toinsulting
insuperable tointerpellation
interpenetration toinvented
invention toirritable
irritate toIxion
jab tojenny
jeopardy toJudas
judge tokeep
keeper tokithless
kitten tolack
lackadaisical tolap
lapdog tolaw
law-abiding tolearning
lease tolerret
Lesbianism toLiederkranz
Liedertafel tolinden
line tolively
liver tolongish
longitude tolot
lota tolurch
lurcher tomagpie
magsman tomalformed
malgre toMarch, Ides of
marches tomaster, Master
masterdom tomeans
mean-spirited tomendicant
mendicity tomeum et tuum
mew tomind
minded tomisjudgment
mislay tomodule
modulus tomoon
moonbeam tomotor
motor bus tomultiplex
multiplicand tomythology
nab tonebula
nebular tonew
newborn toNoah’s ark
nob tonostril
nostrum tonullifidian
nullify tonystagmus
O! toobnoxious
obnubilated toŒdipus
œnomancy toomophagic
omphalos toopéra bouffe
opera-hat toorganist
organization tooutleap
outlet tooverboard throw
overborne toown
owner tooyster
pabulum topallium
pall-mall toparaphrase
paraphrast toparvenu
parvenuism topatience
patient topeephole
Peeping Tom toperennial
perennity toperverse
perversion tophysiology
physique topincers
pinch toplaice
plaid topleasance
pleasant topoetize
poeticize topompous
poncho topost
postal topractice
practiced topremature
premeditate topretension
pretentious toprize
prizer toprolation
prolegomena toprospector
prospective topsychometry
psychopath topurdah
pure toput up
puzzle topyx
Q. C. toquestion
questionable toquotum
Ra toraciness
rack torandom
randy torayless
raze toreception
reception room toredeem
Redeemer toregard
regardful torelish
relucent toreport
reporter toresolvent
resonance toretributive
retrieve torick
rickety toripple
riprap torookie
roofless toroutine
rove torun
runabout toryot
Sabæanism tosad
sadden tosanctum
sanctus tosawder
sawdust toscientific
scientist toscruple
scrupulous tosecure
securities tosemicircle
semicircular toserve
service tosettled
settlement toshape
shapeless toshipshape
shipwreck toshow
show-down tosift
sifter tosink
sinking heart toslabber
slabsided tosloven
slovenly tosnakelike
snakestone tosoften
softening tosorghum
sorites tosparing
spark tospill
spin tosportive
sportsman tosqueamish
squeeze tostand
standard tosteadfast
steadfastly tostiff
stiffen tostop
stopcock tostream
streamer tostrophe
strow tosublime
Sublime Porte tosuffocation
suffragan tosupernumerary
superphysical tosutler
suttee tosword
sword-shaped tosyzygy
T to a totadpole
tænia totalent
talesman totaxation
taxi totenant
tenantless toThalia
thallogens tothirty-one
this tothumb
thumb print totime
timeful totomfool
tomfoolery tototally
tote totrample
tramway totreatment
treaty totripping
trippingly totruth
Truth, Spirit of toturn
turnable totype
typescript totyro
uberty tounavenged
unavoidable touncongealed
uncongenial toundertaking
undertone tounfelt
unfeminine touninfluential
uninformed tounmoved
unmusical tounrelieved
unremarked tounsuccess
unsuccessful tounyoke
up touxorious
vacancy tovault
vaulted tovernacular
vernal tovinaceous
vinaigrette tovoiceless
void tovulture
wabble towalk
walker towassail
waste toweak
weaken towell-fed
well-founded towhippersnapper
whipping post towill
willful towit
witan towoon
Wop toworthless
worthy towyvern
xanthein tox, y, z,
yach toyuletide
Zadkiel tozymotic


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