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Emily Dickinson (1830–86).  Complete Poems.  1924.

Part Five: The Single Hound

One sister have I in our house
  1. Adventure most unto itself
  2. The Soul that has a Guest
  3. Except the smaller size, no Lives are round
  4. Fame is a fickle food
  5. The right to perish might be thought
  6. Peril as a possession
  7. When Etna basks and purrs
  8. Reverse cannot befall that fine Prosperity
  9. To be alive is power
  10. Witchcraft has not a pedigree
  11. Exhilaration is the Breeze
  12. No romance sold unto
  13. If what we could were what we would
  14. Perception of an
  15. No other can reduce
  16. The blunder is to estimate
  17. My Wheel is in the dark
  18. There is another Loneliness
  19. So gay a flower bereaved the mind
  20. Glory is that bright tragic thing
  21. The missing All prevented me
  22. His mind, of man a secret makes
  23. The suburbs of a secret
  24. The difference between despair
  25. There is a solitude of space
  26. The props assist the house
  27. The gleam of an heroic act
  28. Of Death the sharpest function
  29. Down Time’s quaint stream
  30. I bet with every Wind that blew
  31. The Future never spoke
  32. Two lengths has every day
  33. The Soul’s superior instants
  34. Nature is what we see
  35. Ah, Teneriffe!
  36. She died at play
  37. Morning’ means ‘Milking’ to the Farmer
  38. A little madness in the Spring
  39. I can’t tell you, but you feel it
  40. Some Days retired from the rest
  41. Like Men and Women shadows walk
  42. The butterfly obtains
  43. Beauty crowds me till I die
  44. We spy the Forests and the Hills
  45. I never told the buried gold
  46. The largest fire ever known
  47. Bloom upon the Mountain, stated
  48. March is the month of expectation
  49. The Duties of the Wind are few
  50. The Winds drew off
  51. I think that the root of the Wind is Water
  52. So, from the mould
  53. The long sigh of the Frog
  54. A cap of lead across the sky
  55. I send two Sunsets
  56. Of this is Day composed
  57. The Hills erect their purple heads
  58. Lightly stepped a yellow star
  59. The Moon upon her fluent route
  60. Like some old-fashioned miracle
  61. Glowing is her Bonnet
  62. Forever cherished be the tree
  63. The Ones that disappeared are back
  64. Those final Creatures,—who they are
  65. Summer begins to have the look
  66. A prompt, executive Bird is the Jay
  67. Like brooms of steel
  68. These are the days that Reindeer love
  69. Follow wise Orion
  70. In winter, in my room
  71. Not any sunny tone
  72. For Death,—or rather
  73. Dropped into the
  74. This quiet Dust was Gentlemen and Ladies
  75. T was comfort in her dying room
  76. Too cold is this
  77. I watched her face to see which way
  78. To-day or this noon
  79. I see thee better in the dark
  80. Low at my problem bending
  81. If pain for peace prepares
  82. I fit for them
  83. Not one by Heaven defrauded stay
  84. The feet of people walking home
  85. We should not mind so small a flower
  86. To the staunch Dust we safe commit thee
  87. Her ‘Last Poems
  88. Immured in Heaven! What a Cell!
  89. I ’m thinking of that other morn
  90. The overtakelessness of those
  91. The Look of Thee, what is it like?
  92. The Devil, had he fidelity
  93. Papa above!
  94. Not when we know
  95. Elijah’s wagon knew no thill
  96. Remember me,’ implored the Thief
  97. To this apartment deep
  98. Sown in dishonor?
  99. Through lane it lay, through bramble
  100. Who is it seeks my pillow nights?
  101. His Cheek is his Biographer
  102. Heavenly Father,’ take to thee
  103. The sweets of Pillage can be known
  104. The Bible is an antique volume
  105. A little over Jordan
  106. Dust is the only secret
  107. Ambition cannot find him
  108. Eden is that old-fashioned House
  109. Candor, my tepid Friend
  110. Speech is a symptom of affection
  111. Who were ‘the Father and the Son
  112. That Love is all there is
  113. The luxury to apprehend
  114. The Sea said ‘Come’ to the Brook
  115. All I may, if small
  116. Love reckons by itself alone
  117. The inundation of the Spring
  118. No Autumn’s intercepting chill
  119. Volcanoes be in Sicily
  120. Distance is not the realm of Fox
  121. The treason of an accent
  122. How destitute is he
  123. Crisis is sweet and, set of Heart
  124. To tell the beauty would decrease
  125. To love thee, year by year
  126. I showed her heights she never saw
  127. On my volcano grows the grass
  128. If I could tell how glad I was
  129. Her Grace is all she has
  130. No matter where the Saints abide
  131. To see her is a picture
  132. So set its sun in thee
  133. Had this one day not been
  134. That she forgot me was the least
  135. The incidents of Love
  136. A little overflowing word
  137. Just so, Jesus raps—He does not weary
  138. Safe Despair it is that raves
  139. The Face we choose to miss
  140. Of so divine a loss
  141. The healed Heart shows its shallow scar
  142. Give little anguish
  143. To pile like Thunder to its close
  144. The Stars are old, that stood for me
  145. All circumstances are the frame
  146. I did not reach thee


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