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Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547–1616).  Don Quixote, Part 1.
The Harvard Classics.  1909–14.
        Abased, lowered.
Aboard, v. approach, accost.
Address, direct.
Addressing, straightening.
Admire, astonish.
Admired, in a state of admiration.
Advertised, warned.
Affect, feel affection for.
Affront, encounter.
All and some, total, sum.
Allowed, approved.
Altisonant, high sounding.
Ambages, equivocal courses.
Anatomy, dissection.
Ancient, ensign, standard-bearer.
Animous, spirited.
Answerable, corresponding.
Antic, strange figure.
Antonomasia, the use of an epithet or title instead of a true name.
Apaid, pleased.
Apart, v. remove.
Argument, indication.
Arguments, proofs.
Artificial, constructed by rules of art.
Attending, awaiting.
Auctress, authoress.
Authorise (autorizar), do credit to, maintain the dignity of.
Aveer (encaminase), approach.
Avoided, discharged, emptied.
Bait, v. attract.
Beadstones, the larger beads in a rosary.
Beaver, luncheon.
Beaver, lower part of a helmet.
Benefit, profit.
Be-thouing, talking as a superior to an inferior.
Bias, “set out of all bias,” disconcert.
Billing, caressing.
Bittor, bittern.
Bombase (algodones), a cotton texture.
Brabbles (pendencias), quarrels.
Brag, boast.
Break, open, communicate.
Bruit, noise,
Bucking, washing.
Bugles, wild oxen.
Bulks, great bodies.
Burden, chorus, undersong.
Burnished (flamante), brilliant, conspicuous.
Buyal, purchase.
Camarades, comrades.
Canvassing, tossing in a blanket.
Capable, able to understand.
Capouch, hood or cape.
Careful, anxious.
Cavillous, apt to raise objections.
Cerecloth, waxed cloth.
Charily, carefully, jealously.
Cheapen, bargain for.
Clew, skein.
Close castle, a kind of helmet.
Cockering, feasting.
Coil, “keep a,” make a fuss.
Commark, district.
Commodity, convenience, opportunity, occasion.
Compassive (compasivo), sympathetic.
Conclude, finish off, destroy.
Confer, compare.
Confratriety, confraternity.
Cony catching, knavery.
Crackling, talkativeness.
Crowd, fiddle.
Curiosity (puntualidad), carefulness.
Curious, painstaking.
Curres, encounters.
Damage, harm, trouble.
Debates, contests.
Debile, feeble.
Delicate, faint, feeble.
Depending, hung up, suspended.
Deputed (diputo), set down as, considered.
Detect, reveal.
Dight, array.
Dilate, defer, expound.
Disastrous (desdichada), suffering disaster.
Disgrace (desgracia), inconvenience, misfortune.
Disgustful, distasteful.
Disgusts, dislikes.
Disventures (disventuras), misadventures.
Dodkin (dos maravedis), a Dutch farthing.
Doit, a Dutch coin worth about a farthing.
Dolour, grief.
Drafts, designs.
Draughts, devices, tricks.
Drive, hurry on.
Earnest, payment in advance.
Eftsoons, soon after.
Embosk (emboscasen), shelter, conceal.
Embushing, concealing.
Empannel, put pannels on an ass.
Emulated, regarded as a rival.
Encask, envelope.
Every foot (por momentos), continually.
Exigent, pitch, point demanding action.
Expect, await.
Exprobates, reviles, casts in the teeth.
Facility, looseness.
Facinorous (facineroso), evil doing.
Farsed, stuffed.
Fauna, faun, wild creature.
File, thread.
Files (filos), edges.
Fluent, stream.
Fond, foolish.
Force, “of force,” of necessity.
Forced, stuffed.
Forcible, inevitable.
Foreslows itself, tarries.
Fortitude, luck.
Frequentation, resort, habitation.
Friskles, capers.
Frumps, flouts, insults, slaps.
Fulling mace, hammer for beating clothes clean.
Gallimaufry, hodge-podge, hash.
Gamashoes, leggings.
Gard, trimming.
Gaudeamus, O be joyful.
Gittern, small guitar.
Gratify (agradecia), thank for.
Grossly, heavily.
Gusts (gusto), pleasures.
Gymnosophists, naked philosophers.
Gypson, gypsy.
Herd, herdsman.
Hight, was called.
Hippogriff, griffin.
His, its.
Ignoring, being ignorant of.
Illiterate, wipe out.
Illude, deceive.
Illuded, frustrated.
Illustrate, render illustrious.
Imbosk, conceal.
Impertinent, unsuitable, inconvenient.
Impregned, burdened.
Imprese (impresa), device.
Impudency, unchastity.
Inceasable, incessant.
Incharge, burden.
Ingrateful, ungrateful.
Inhabitable, not habitable.
Intercur, intervene.
Intertexed, interwoven.
Jennet-wise, the stirrups short, the legs trussed up.
Journey, day’s fight.
Kenned, knew.
Kennel, dogs.
Key-cold, cold as a key.
Laughsome, ready to laugh.
Leasings, lies.
Lecture, reading.
Let, hindrance.
Links, torches.
Malet, mail, wallet.
Malign (maligno), evil spirit.
Marvedi, maravedi, the smallest Spanish coin, half a farthing.
Meddled, intermixed.
Minuity, small matter, detail.
Mochachoes, mustachios.
Mumpsimus, any one who has got hold of a wrong word (“Mumpsimus” instead of
“Sumpsimus” in the Mass), an ignorant person.
Murrey, mulberry coloured.
Mushrubs, mushrooms.
Neeze, sneeze.
North, lode-star.
Nousled, nourished, nursed.
Occurred, ran up.
Offend, ward off.
Opinion, reputation.
Oppugning, opposing.
Ordinary, “walked the ordinary” (habiendo paseado las acostumbradas), made the
rounds, i. e., been exhibited through the streets.
Paragon with, rival.
Particular, in a private station.
Pash, blow.
Pawns, pledges.
Pensative (pensativo), pensive.
Period, limit, end.
Pie, magpie.
Pilled, robbed.
Pillow-bere, pillow-case, lady’s travelling bag.
Plain, lament.
Plumes, feathers of a bed.
Poor John, a coarse fish.
Portraited, depicted.
Posted off, put off.
Powdering, seasoning.
Presently, immediately.
Prevent, anticipate.
Prevention, prelude.
Price, esteem.
Pricked, rode hastily.
Propension, inclination, affection for.
Prosecuted (prosiguio), continued.
Provant, provender, food.
Proverb (pensamiento), design.
Publish, show abroad.
Quader, square with, fit in.
Quick, alive.
Quitasoll, parasol.
Raunching, tearing, clawing.
Reasons, arguments.
Rebec, small harp.
Reccheless, thoughtless.
Recchelessness, thoughtlessness.
Receivers, acknowledgments.
Reduce, bring back.
Resolution “in resolution” (en resolution), finally.
Respectlessness, absence of respect.
Restiness, obstinacy.
Rounded, whispered.
Rumour, noise, tumult.
Runagates, renegades.
Seconding (segundar), repeating.
Securely, without anxiety.
Shot, bill, reckoning.
Sideling, sideways.
Skill, plan, reason.
Skinkers, hard drinkers.
Snaphances, springlocks.
Sort, issue in.
Squamy, scaly.
Staccado, stockade.
Stomach, pride.
Strait, narrow.
Succeeded, befallen, occurred.
Success, event.
Successes, experiences, issues, accidents.
Succory water, chicory-water.
Tables, backgammon.
Tallage, tax.
Terms (termo), goal.
Thill, shaft.
Torment, judicial torture.
Tracts, drawing ropes.
Trance, swoon.
Trance (paso), plight.
Trances, passages, episodes.
Transversals, side strokes.
Travails, labours.
Treachour, traitor.
Trucks, a kind of billiards.
Umbrills (quitasoles), parasols.
Unhappiness, ill-luck, awkwardness.
Unhappy, awkward.
Underprop, support.
Untaxing, without taxing.
Untowardly, crossly.
Vent (rastrear), v. discover.
Vent (venta), tavern.
Viewed, examined.
Virtue, curative quality.
Want, be lacking.
Warder-house, pantry.
Warner, beadle.
Welted, quilted.
Winches, sharp turns.
Wistly, wistfully.
Wood, mad.
Wreathings, windings.


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