Impression of these Narratives upon the Author's mind--Pastor invited to give account of certain Graves that lie apart-- Clergyman and his Family--Fortunate influence of change of situation--Activity in extreme old age--Another Clergyman, a character of resolute Virtue--Lamentations over misdirected applause--Instance of less exalted excellence in a deaf man-- Elevated character of a blind man--Reflection upon Blindness-- Interrupted by a Peasant who passes--His animal cheerfulness and careless vivacity--He occasions a digression on the fall of beautiful and interesting Trees--A female Infant's Grave--Joy at her Birth--Sorrow at her Departure--A youthful Peasant--His patriotic enthusiasm and distinguished qualities--His untimely death--Exultation of the Wanderer, as a patriot, in this Picture-- Solitary how affected--Monument of a Knight--Traditions concerning him--Peroration of the Wanderer on the transitoriness of things and the revolutions of society--Hints at his own past Calling-- Thanks the Pastor.