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Economic aid—recipient
CountryEconomic aid—recipient
Afghanistan$2.775 billion international pledges made by more than 60 countries and international financial institutions at the Berlin Donors Conference for Afghan reconstruction in March 2004 reached $8.9 billion for 2004-09 (2005)
AlbaniaODA: $318.7 million
note: top donors were Italy, EU, Germany (2005 est.)
Algeria$370.6 million (2005 est.)
American Samoaimportant financial support from the US, more than $40 million in 1994
Angola$441.8 million (2005)
Anguilla$9 million (2004 est.)
Antigua and Barbuda$7.23 million (2005)
Argentina$99.66 million (2005)
ArmeniaODA, $180 million (2007)
Aruba$11.3 million (2004)
AzerbaijanODA, $223.4 million (2005 est.)
Bahamas, The$4.78 million (2004)
Bahrain$103.9 million; note - $50 million annually since 1992 from the UAE and Kuwait (2004)
Bangladesh$1.321 billion (2005)
Barbados$2.07 million (2005)
Belarus$53.76 million (2005)
Belize$12.91 million (2005)
Benin$374.7 million (2006)
Bermuda$90,000 (2004)
Bhutan$90.02 million; note - substantial aid from India (2005)
Bolivia$582.9 million (2005 est.)
Bosnia and Herzegovina$546.1 million (2005 est.)
Botswana$70.89 million (2005)
Brazil$191.9 million (2005)
British Virgin Islands$NA
Brunei$770,000 (2004)
Bulgaria$742 million (2005-06 est.)
Burkina Faso$659.6 million (2005)
Burma$144.7 million (2005 est.)
Burundi$365 million (2005)
Cambodia$698.2 million pledged in grants and concession loans for 2007 by international donors (2007)
Cameroon$413.8 million in January 2001, the Paris Club agreed to reduce Cameroon's debt of $1.3 billion by $900 million; debt relief now totals $1.26 billion (2005)
Cape Verde$160.6 million (2005)
Cayman Islands$390,000 (2004)
Central African RepublicODA, $95.29 million; note - traditional budget subsidies from France (2005 est.)
ChadODA, $379.8 million (2005)
Chile$0 (2006)
China$1.641 billion (FY07)
Christmas Island$NA
Cocos (Keeling) Islands$NA
Colombia$511.1 million (2005)
Comoros$25.23 million (2005 est.)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the$1.828 billion (2005)
Congo, Republic of the$1.449 billion (2005)
Cook Islands$13.1 million; note - New Zealand continues to furnish the greater part (1995)
Costa Rica$29.51 million (2005)
Cote d'IvoireODA, $119.1 million (2005 est.)
CroatiaODA, $125.4 million (2005)
Cuba$87.8 million (2005 est.)
Cyprusarea under government control: $59.86 million
area administered by Turkish Cypriots: $700 million under a July 2006 agreement, Turkey plans to provide the area administered by Turkish Cypriots 1.875 billion YTL ($1.3 billion) over three years (600 million YTL in 2006, 625 million YTL in 2007 and 650 million YTL in 2008); Turkey has forgiven most past aid (2004)
Czech Republic$278.7 million in available EU structural adjustment and cohesion funds (2004)
Djibouti$78.6 million (2005)
Dominica$15.17 million (2005 est.)
Dominican Republic$76.99 million (2005)
Ecuador$209.5 million (2005)
EgyptODA, $925.9 million (2005)
El Salvador$267.6 million of which $55 million from US (2005)
Equatorial Guinea$39 million (2005)
Eritrea$355.2 million (2005)
Estonia$135.5 million (2004)
Ethiopia$1.6 billion (FY05/06)
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)$0 (1997 est.)
Faroe Islands$105 million; note - annual subsidy from Denmark (2005)
Fiji$63.96 million (2005)
French Polynesia$579.8 million (2004)
Gabon$53.87 million (2005)
Gambia, The$58.15 million (2005)
Gaza Strip$1.4 billion; (includes West Bank) (2006 est.)
GeorgiaODA, $309.8 million (2005 est.)
Ghana$1.316 billion in loans and grants (2007)
Greece$8 billion annually from EU (2000-06); Greece will receive about $3.8 billion per year between 2007-13 under the EU's Community Support Funds IV
Greenland$512 million; note - subsidy from Denmark (2005)
Grenada$44.87 million (2005)
GuamGuam receives large transfer payments from the US Federal Treasury ($143 million in 1997) into which Guamanians pay no income or excise taxes; under the provisions of a special law of Congress, the Guam Treasury, rather than the US Treasury, receives federal income taxes paid by military and civilian Federal employees stationed in Guam (2001 est.)
Guatemala$253.6 million (2005 est.)
Guinea$182.1 million (2005)
Guinea-Bissau$79.12 million (2005)
Guyana$136.8 million (1995), Heavily Indebted Poor Country Initiative (HIPC) $253 million (1997) (2005)
Haiti$515 million (2005 est.)
Honduras$680.8 million (2005)
Hong Kong$6.95 million (2004)
Hungary$302.6 million in available EU structural adjustment and cohesion funds (2004)
India$1.724 billion (2005)
IndonesiaODA, $2.524 billion (2006 est.)
note: Indonesia ended 2006 with $67 billion in official foreign debt (about 25% of GDP), with Japan ($25 billion), the World Bank ($8.5 billion) and the Asian Development Bank ($8.4 billion) as the largest creditors; about $6 billion in grant assistance was pledged to rebuild Aceh after the December 2004 tsunami; President YUDHOYONO disbanded the Consultative Group on Indonesia (CGI) donor forum in January 2007 (2005)
Iran$104 million (2005 est.)
Iraq$21.65 billion $13.5 billion pledged in foreign aid for 2004-07 from outside of the US, over $33 billion pledged total (2005)
Isle of Man$NA
Israel$240 million from US (FY06)
Jamaica$35.74 million (2005)
JordanODA, $752 million (2005 est.)
Kazakhstan$229.2 million (2005)
Kenya$768.3 million (2005)
Kiribati$27.84 million largely from UK and Japan (2005)
Korea, North$372 million
note: approximately 65,000 metric tons in food aid through the World Food Program appeals in 2007, plus additional aid from bilateral donors and non-governmental organizations (2007 est.)
Korea, South$68.07 million (2004)
Kosovo$252 million (2006)
Kosovo$252 million (2006)
Kuwait$2.6 million (2004)
Kyrgyzstan$268.5 million from the US (2005)
Laos$379 million (2006 est.)
Latvia$162 million (2004)
LebanonOf the $7.6 billion in grants and loans pledged to Lebanon at the Paris III conference in January 2007, Beirut as of mid-December 2007 had signed agreements for $3 billion, including $1 billion in project financing, $750 million in direct budget support, $750 million in private sector credit, and $285 million in in-kind aid. About $500 million of the $1.7 billion pledged for direct budget support has been disbursed to Lebanon. Donors in August 2006 also pledged nearly $1.8 billion in aid to help Lebanon recover from the 2006 Israel-Hizballah war. During the conflict, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait provided $1.5 billion in concessional loans to the Lebanese central bank to maintain confidence in the Lebanese currency. (2005)
Lesotho$68.82 million (2005)
Liberia$236.2 million (2005)
LibyaODA, $24.44 million (2005 est.)
Lithuania$249.7 million (2004)
Macau$13.7 million (2004)
Macedonia$230.3 million (2005)
Madagascar$929.2 million (2005)
Malawi$575.3 million (2005)
Malaysia$31.6 million (2005)
Maldives$66.83 million (2005)
Mali$691.5 million (2005)
Malta$6.19 million (2004)
Marshall Islands$56.56 million more than $1 billion from the US, 1986-2002 (2005)
Mauritania$190.4 million (2005)
Mauritius$31.93 million (2005)
Mayotte$201.3 million; note - extensive French financial assistance (2005)
Mexico$189.4 million (2005)
Micronesia, Federated States of$106.4 million
note: under terms of the Compact of Free Association, the US pledged $1.3 billion in grant aid during the period 1986-2001; the level of aid has been subsequently reduced (2005)
Moldova$191.8 million (2005)
Mongolia$211.9 million (2005)
MontserratCountry Policy Plan (2001) is a three-year program for spending $122.8 million in British budgetary assistance (2002 est.)
MoroccoODA, $651.8 million (2005)
Mozambique$1.286 billion (2005)
NamibiaODA, $123.4 million (2005 est.)
Nauru$20 million mostly from Australia (2005)
Nepal$427.9 million (2005)
Netherlands Antilles$21.32 million
note: IMF provided $61 million in 2000, and the Netherlands continued its support with $40 million (2004)
New Caledonia$524.3 million annual subsidy from France (2004)
Nicaragua$471 million (2006 est.)
Niger$515.4 million (2005)
Nigeria$6.437 billion (2005)
Niue$2.6 million from New Zealand (2002)
Norfolk Island$NA
Northern Mariana Islandsextensive funding from US
Oman$30.68 million (2005)
Pakistan$1.666 billion (2005)
Palau$23.46 million; note - the Compact of Free Association with the US, entered into after the end of the UN trusteeship on 1 October 1994, provides Palau with up to $700 million in US aid over 15 years in return for furnishing military facilities (2005)
Panama$19.54 million (2005)
Papua New Guinea$266.1 million (2005)
Paraguay$51.09 million (2005)
Peru$397.8 million (2005)
PhilippinesODA, $451.4 million in commitments (2006)
Pitcairn Islands$3.465 million (2004)
Poland$1.524 billion in available EU structural adjustment and cohesion funds (2004)
Puerto Rico$NA
Qatar$2.18 million (2004)
Romania$914.3 million (2004)
Russia$982.7 million in FY06 from US, including $847 million in non-proliferation subsidies
Rwanda$576 million (2005)
Saint Helena$29.56 million obtained in a grant from the United Kingdom (FY06/07)
Saint Kitts and Nevis$3.52 million (2005)
Saint Lucia$11.06 million (2005)
Saint Pierre and Miquelonapproximately $60 million in annual grants from France
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines$4.89 million (1995); note - EU $34.5 million (2005)
Samoa$43.95 million (2005)
San Marino$NA
Sao Tome and Principe$31.9 million in December 2000 under the HIPC program (2005)
Saudi Arabia$26.29 million (2005)
Senegal$689.3 million (2005 est.)
Serbia$2 billion pledged in 2001 to Serbia and Montenegro (disbursements to follow over several years; aid pledged by EU and US has been placed on hold because of lack of cooperation by Serbia in handing over General Ratko MLADIC to the criminal court in The Hague)
Seychelles$18.81 million (2005)
Sierra Leone$343.4 million (2005 est.)
Singapore$0 (2007)
Slovakia$235 million in available EU structural adjustment and cohesion funds (2004)
SloveniaODA, $484 million (2004-06)
note: in March 2004, Slovenia became the first transition country to graduate from borrower status to donor partner at the World Bank (2004-06)
Solomon Islands$198.2 million annually, mainly from Australia (2005 est.)
Somalia$236.4 million (2005 est.)
South Africa$700 million (2005)
Sri Lanka$1.189 billion (2005)
Sudan$1.829 billion (2005)
Suriname$43.97 million
note: Netherlands provided $37 million for project and program assistance, European Development Fund $4 million, Belgium $2 million (2005)
Svalbard$8.2 million from Norway (1998)
Swaziland$46.03 million (2005)
Syria$77.85 million (2005 est.)
Tajikistan$241.4 million from US (2005)
Tanzania$1.505 billion (2005)
Thailand$171.1 million (2005)
Timor-Leste$184.7 million (2005 est.)
TogoODA, $86.71 million (2005 est.)
Tonga$31.75 million (2005)
Trinidad and Tobago$200,000 (2007 est.)
Tunisia$376.5 million (2005)
TurkeyODA, $464 million (2005)
Turkmenistan$28.25 million from the US (2005)
Turks and Caicos Islands$4.1 million (1997)
Tuvalu$13 million; note - major donors are Australia, Japan, and the US (1999 est.)
Uganda$1.198 billion (2005)
Ukraine$409.6 million (1995); IMF Extended Funds Facility $2.2 billion (2005)
United Arab Emirates$5.36 million (2004)
Uruguay$14.62 million (2005)
Uzbekistan$172.3 million from the US (2005)
Vanuatu$39.48 million (2005)
Venezuela$48.66 million (2005)
Vietnam$5.4 billion in credits and grants pledged by the 2007 Consultative Group meeting in Hanoi (2007)
Virgin Islands$NA
Wallis and Futunaassistance from France, $NA
West Bank$1.4 billion; (includes Gaza Strip) (2006 est.)
Western Sahara$NA
WorldODA, $106.4 billion (2005)
Yemen$2.3 billion (2003-07 disbursements)
Zambia$504 million (2007)
Zimbabwe$367.7 million; note - the EU and the US provide food aid on humanitarian grounds (2005 est.)


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