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Frank J. Wilstach, comp.  A Dictionary of Similes.  1916.
Algernon Charles Swinburne
  Loathe worse than a leper’s mouth.  1
  Adorable as is nothing save a child.  2
  Adrift as a pinnace in peril.  3
Adrift as a spirit in doubt that dissembles
Still with itself, being sick of division and dimmed by dismay.
  Ageless as the sun.  5
            Thy lips are aglow
As a lover’s that kindle with kissing.
  Alive as a vision of life to be.  7
  Arise as the spring out of tempest and snow.  8
  Aspire, as all the sea’s life toward the sun.  9
  Aspires as a flame.  10
  Babble like one mad with wine.  11
  Bare as a beggar.  12
  Bare as naked daylight.  13
  Bare as shame.  14
  Barren as crime.  15
  Beard like foam swept off the broad blown sea.  16
Bereft as a man whom bitter time bereaves
Of blossom at once and hope of garnered sheaves,
Of April at once and August.
  Bites like fire.  18
  Bitter as a tear.  19
  Bitter as harsh-lipped spring.  20
  Bitter as the breaking down of love.  21
  Thy speech is bitterer than the sea.  22
  Bitter like blood.  23
                Her heart within
Burnt bitter like an aftertaste of sin
To one whose memory drinks and loathes the lee
Of shame or sorrow deeper than the sea.
  Black as the womb of darkness.  25
  Black as crushed worms that sicken in the sense.  26
  Black as thunderous night.  27
  As midnight black.  28
  Black as flameless brand.  29
  Blind and stark as though the snows made numb all sense within it.  30
  Blind as a pilot beaten blind with foam.  31
  Blind as glass.  32
  Blind as grief.  33
  Blind as the night.  34
                Blind and vain
As rain-stars blurred and marred by rain
To wanderers on a moonless main
Where night and day seem dead.
  Blither than Spring’s when her flowerful tresses
Shake forth sunlight and shine with rain.
  Bloomed, as new life might in a bloodless face.  37
  Blue as plague.  38
Blurred like a lamp’s that when the night drops dead
Blushed as with bloodless passion, and its hue
Was as the life and love of hearts on flame.
            Fast bound and free,
As all the world is girdled with the sea.
  Fast bound as a frost-bound water.  42
  Bound as the sun to the world’s wheel.  43
Like as thralls with links of iron fast in bonds of doom.
  Bowed like a flowering weed when May’s wind heaves the reed-bed the stream kisses.  45
        Bowed down as briars or palms
Even at the breathless blast as of a breeze
Fulfilled with clamour and clangour and storms of psalms.
  Brave as winds that brave the sea.  47
Like jarring steel on ruining walls.
  Break forth as laughter on lips that said nought till the pulse in them beat love’s march.  49
  Breasts like spring.  50
As March breathes back the spirit of winter.
Breathless as the deer
Driven hard to bay.
  Brief as a broken song.  53
  Bright as a dew-drop engilt of the sun on the sedge.  54
  Bright as all above.  55
  Bright as a warrior’s belt.  56
  Bright as burns at sunrise, heaven’s own.  57
  Song bright as heaven above the mounting bird.  58
  Bright as heaven’s bare brow with hope of gifts withholden.  59
  Bright as hell-fire.  60
  Bright as hope.  61
  Bright as Maytime.  62
  Bright as mercy.  63
  Bright as the kindling dews when the dawn begins.  64
  Bright as the night is dark on the world.  65
  Bright as though death’s dim sunrise thrilled it there and life re-risen took comfort.  66
  Bright like spring with flower-soft wealth of branching tracery.  67
  Brighter than joy’s own tears.  68
As a forest with birds.
  Brittle as glass that breaks with a touch.  70
  As twilight brown.  71
                Burn and bleed
Like that pale princess-priest of Priam’s seed.
Burn as if all the fires of the earth and air
Had laid strong hold upon his flesh and stung
The soul behind it as with a serpent’s tongue.
Burn as that beamless fire which fills the skies
With troubled stars and travailing things of flame.
Burning her like flame
That feeds on flowers in bloom.
  Burns like joy.  76
  Burns low as fire wherein no firebrands glow.  77
  Changed as a cloud in the night.  78
  Chatter like sick flies.  79
  Clamorous like as wave to wave at sea.  80
                Clean of cloud
As though day’s heart were proud
And heaven’s were glad.
  Clear and fair as sunlight and the flowerful air.  82
  Clear as a child’s own laughter.  83
  Clear as heaven of the toils of time.  84
  As clear as love.  85
  Clear as mirth.  86
  Clear as night beholds her crowning seven.  87
  Clear as righteousness.  88
  Soul as clear as sunlit dew.  89
Clear as the closest seen and kindly star
That marries morn and even and winter and spring with one love’s golden ring.
  Clear as the cloudless hour.  91
  Clear as the flame from the pyres of the dead.  92
  Clear as the plume of a bright black bird.  93
  Clear as the tocsin from the steeple.  94
  Clear as thy song’s words or the live sun’s light.  95
  Clove as a ploughshare cleaves the field.  96
  Cold as blight of dew.  97
  Cold as … dawn.  98
  Cold as the cast-off garb that is cold as clay.  99
Grew cold as a winter wave
In the wind from a wide-mouthed grave,
As a gulf wide open to swallow
The light that the world held dear.
  Cold as fears.  101
  Cold as rains in autumn.  102
  Coloured as the moon.  103
  Confused as a soul heavy-laden with trouble that will not depart.  104
  Crowned, as day crowned the dawn-enkindled wave.  105
  Cruel as love or life.  106
            Crumble as a crown,
Till Cæsar driven to lair and hounded Pope
Reel breathless and drop heartless out of hope.
  Dark as a cloud that the moon turns bright.  108
  Dark as fate.  109
  Dark as fear.  110
                Dark in her sight
As her measureless measure of shadowless pleasure was bright.
  Dark as the heart of time.  112
  Galleons dark as the helmsman’s bark of old that ferried to hell the dead.  113
  Dark as the sire that begat her, Despair.  114
  More dark than the dead world’s tomb.  115
  Darkened as one that wastes by sorcerous art and knows not whence it withers.  116
  Dark as a land’s decline.  117
  Silent dark as shame.  118
  Dead as night when stars wax dim.  119
Dead as dreams of days that were
Before the new-born world lay bare
In heaven’s wide eye.
  Dead as the carver’s figured throng.  121
  Dead as the dawn’s grey dew
At high midnoon of the mounting day that mocks the might of the dawn it slew.
  Dead as yesterday.  123
  Deaf as fire.  124
  Deathless as love.  125
  Deep as deep in water sinks a stone.  126
  Deep as music’s heart.  127
  Deep as the clear unsounded sea.  128
  Deep as the deep dim soul of a star.  129
        Deep as the depths unsought
Whence faith’s own hope may redeem us naught.
  Deep as the pit of hell.  131
  Deeper than men’s dreams of hell are deep.  132
  Deeper than the green sea’s grass.  133
  Deep as hate.  134
  Deep as the grave.  135
  Deeper than time or space.  136
  Hold delight as grape-flowers hold their wine.  137
  Delight as the wind’s in the billow.  138
  Delight as a wave in the wind.  139
  Delight as in freedom won.  140
  Dense as the fumes of ascending hell.  141
  Dense as the walls that fence the secret darkness of unknown time.  142
  Dense as darkness.  143
  Dies as dreams that die with the sleep they feed.  144
As a star feels the sun and falters,
  Touched to death by diviner eyes—
As on the old gods’ untended altars
  The old fire of withered worship dies.
  Die as a leaf that dies in a day.  146
  Different as dark eyes from golden hair.  147
  Dire as the face disfeatured of a dream.  148
And flesh from bone divides without a pang
As dew from flower-bell drips.
  Divine as dreams lit by fire of appeased desire which sounds the secret of all that seems.  150
  Draped round her pallid brow like seaweed on a clam.  151
  Dreamy like dim skies.  152
  Like foam or sand  Past swamp and sallow.
Like mists before the blasts of dawn.
As foam before the wind that wakes
With the all-awakening sun, and breaks
Strong ships that rue the mirth it makes
When grace to slay is given.
  Drop as a leaf drops dead.  156
        Dropping like flies, devoured
By winter as if by fire, starved, frozen, blind,
Maimed, mad with torment, dying in hell.
  Dull as the dead fume of a fallen fire.  158
  Dumb as a dream.  159
  Flapping ears like water-flags.  160
                At ease
As a flower of the springtime of corn.
  Eat up like fire the ashen autumn days.  162
  Ebb like hopes that wither.  163
  Ecstatic and inviolate as the red glad mouth of morn.  164
  Elate as Heaven.  165
As the strong star smiles that lets no mourner mourn.
  Exulted as the sunrise in its might.  167
  Eyes as glad as summer.  168
Gold-eyed as the shore-flower shelterless
Whereon the sharp-breathed sea blows bitterness,
A storm-star that the seafarers of love
Strain their wind-wearied eyes for glimpses of.
Your grave majestic eyes
Like a bird’s warbled words
Speak, and sorrow dies.
                Thy face
Was as a water’s wearied with wind.
  Faded, as fields that withering winds leave dry.  172
  Fade like flame.  173
  Fade as leaves when the woods wax hoary.  174
  Fain of the wild glad weather
As famine is fain of feast.
  Faint as the moon if the sundawn gleam.  176
Faint as the shadows of ages
That sunder their season and ours.
  Fair as a fairy.  178
  Fair as a field in flower.  179
  Fair as all that the world may call most fair, save only the sea’s own face.  180
            Fair as any poison-flower
Whose blossom blights the withering bower
Whereon its blasting breath has power.
  Fair as a star-shaped flower.  182
  Fair as dawn.  183
  Fair as dreams that die and know not what they were.  184
  Fair as even the wakening skies.  185
  Fair as flame.  186
  Fair as fled foam.  187
  Fair as heaven in spring.  188
  Fair as hope divines.  189
  Fair as life.  190
  Fair as peace.  191
            Clean and fair
As sunlight and the flowerful air.
  Fair as the ambient gold of wall-flowers.  193
  Fair as the eyes are fair.  194
  Fair as the face of the star-clothed night.  195
  Fair as the frondage each fleet year sees fade.  196
  Fair as the morning.  197
  Fair as the sunbright air.  198
            Fair as the sundawn’s flame
Seen when May on her first-born day bids earth exult in her radiant name.
  Fair as the world’s old faith of flowers.  200
Fair as thine eye’s beam
Hidden and shown in heaven.
  Fair as thought could dream.  202
  Fair as youth.  203
  Fall as a slaughtered beast headless.  204
  Fallen as leaves by the storms in their season thinned.  205
  False and foul as fear.  206
  Fragrant his fame as flowers that close not.  207
  Far as heaven’s red labouring eye could glance.  208
  Far as hope from joy or sleep from truth.  209
  Far from earth as heaven.  210
  Fast as autumn days toward winter.  211
  Fast as fire on earth devours.  212
  Fast as the gin’s grip of a wayfarer.  213
  Fast as warriors grip their brands when battle’s bolt is hurled.  214
  Made fast as with anchors to land.  215
  Fast in bondage as herded beasts.  216
  Fast as storm could speed.  217
  Faultless as a flower.  218
  Bred him fearless, like a sea-mew reared
In rocks of man’s foot feared,
Where nought of wingless life may sing or shine.
A baby’s feet, like sea-shells pink,
  Might tempt, should heaven see meet,
An angel’s lips to kiss, we think,
  A baby’s feet.
Like rose-hued sea-flowers toward the heat
  They stretch and spread and wink
Their ten soft buds that part and meet.
  Fell as falls an ember from forth a flameless pile.  221
  Fervent as fiery moon.  222
  Fierce as a blast of hate from hell.  223
  Fierce as the fervid eyes of lions.  224
  Filled as cloud with fire.  225
  More fine than moonbeams.  226
  Firm as dust and fixed as shadows.  227
  Fitful as the sea.  228
  Fixed like a sea-rock.  229
  Flames like morn.  230
  Flares like an angered and storm-redding morn.  231
                Flash and toss
Like plumes in battle’s blithest charge.
As dead sands be at utmost ebb that drink
The drainèd salt o’ the sea.
As clouds and winds and rays across the sea.
  Fleet as light.  235
  Fleet as the lightning’s laugh.  236
As words of men or snowflakes on the wind.
  Flickers like a blown-out flame.  238
  Flickering like a wind-bewildered leaf.  239
  Flicker like fire.  240
        Fluctuated as flowers in rain
That bends them and they tremble and rise again
And heave and straighten and quiver all through with bliss
And turn afresh their mouths up for a kiss,
Amorous, athirst of that sweet influent love.
  Flushed as one afire with wine.  242
Like snow-coloured petals
Of blossoms that flee
From storm that unsettles
The flower as the tree
They flutter.
  Fluttering like spent fire.  244
  Eyelids folded like a white-rose leaf.  245
  Forged like steel and tempered thought.  246
  Forgotten as changes of dreams.  247
  Forgotten like spilt wine.  248
  Forked like the loveliest lightnings.  249
  Foul as plague-polluted gloom.  250
  Fragrant as the dewfall.  251
As birds that breast and brave the sea.
  Free as the circling sea.  253
  Free as heaven.  254
  Free-born as winds and stars and waves are free.  255
  Freer than birds or dreams are free.  256
  Fresh as the spirit of sunrise.  257
  Fresh as a sea-flower.  258
  Fruitful as a sheltering palm.  259
Full as a feaster’s hand
Fills full with bloom of bland
Bright wine his cup.
Gathering … As broken breakers rally and roar
The loud wind down that drives off shore.
  Gather … like flies in the sun.  262
  Gay as April ere he dreams of May.  263
  Glad as a bird whose flight is impelled and sustained by love.  264
Glad as the golden spring to greet
  Its first live leaflet’s play.
  Glance and gleam like the green heights of sunset heaven.  266
  Gleams as a ghost’s glory in dreams.  267
  Gleam broad as the brows of the billows that brighten the storm with their crests.  268
Gleam like a cloud the westering sun stains red
Till all the blood of day’s blithe heart be bled
And all night’s heart requickened.
  Gleams like spring’s green bloom on boughs all gaunt and gnarry.  270
Like the green heights of sunset heaven.
  Glittering as the wine-bright jacinth-stone.  272
  Glittering as wine.  273
  Sweet and glorious as compassion.  274
  Glorious as the sea.  275
  Rose glorious as with gleam of gold unpriced.  276
As a heart burns with some divine thing done.
  Gnaw like fire.  278
  Gold as golden as the gold of hives.  279
  Golden as water kindled with presage of dawn or night.  280
Gracious as the golden maiden morn
When darkness craves her blessing.
  Grey as a flower ruined.  282
  Green as summer.  283
Was as a last year’s leaf
Blown dead far down the wind’s way.
  Grim as dreams that quicken from dead men’s graves.  285
  Grim as hell.  286
  Grows great as the moon through the month.  287
  Haggard as crime.  288
  Haggard as fear.  289
  Haggard as hell.  290
  Haggard as the face of night.  291
  A baby’s hands, like rosebuds furled.  292
  Hard as the push of death.  293
  Harmless as my life’s first day.  294
  Harmless as the lightning life of song.  295
  Harsh as the bitterness of death.  296
  Like a jagged shell’s lips, harsh.  297
  Hateful as the grave.  298
Heart heaved as a man’s death-smitten with a dart
That smites him sleeping, warm and full of life.
                Held you …
As flesh holds flesh, and the soul the soul.
  Hewn as if with stroke of swords in tempest steeled.  301
  High as the sunniest heights of kindliest thought.  302
  Hisses as with mouths of snakes and wolves at bay.  303
  Hoary as ashes that show not a gleam.  304
  Hoar as the hawthorn blossom in spring.  305
  Hoary as weeds cast up from the hoary sea.  306
  Hot as hell.  307
  Hot like Mars.  308
  Hot and close as fire.  309
                Strives and hovers
As a bird above the brood her bosom covers.
  Hovers as birds that impend on the sea.  311
  Hungering hard as frost that feeds on flowers.  312
Hushed soft as the leaves and the grasses
Are hushed if the storm’s foot draws near.
  Immense as the sea.  314
  Immortal as air or as fire is.  315
  Immortal as art and as love.  316
  Imperceptible as the spots on the sun or the shadows on a sunlit seat.  317
  Incarnate, as all summer in flower.  318
  Increased as the chant of the dawn that the choir of the noon outsings.  319
  Joyful as the sea.  320
  Jubilant as earth.  321
  Keen as a sword’s edge.  322
  Keen as burns the passion of the rose.  323
  Keen as death to smite.  324
  Keen as flame.  325
  Keen as hate.  326
  Keen as iron in the flesh.  327
  Keen as lightning’s life.  328
  Eyes as keen as pain.  329
  Keen as sleep and strife.  330
  Keen as the fire’s own fang.  331
  Keen as the heart of Mars.  332
  Keen as hunger.  333
  Keen as the heart’s desire.  334
  Keen as the manslayer’s knife.  335
  Keen as the sea’s thrill towards a kindling star.  336
  Like the sunlight kind.  337
  Kind as harvest in autumn.  338
  Kind as the fostering air.  339
  Kind as the sun in heaven.  340
  Kindled like as heaven in June.  341
  Heart kindling as the heart of heaven.  342
  Kindling, as dawn a frost-bound precipice.  343
  Kindling as a rose at breath of sunrise.  344
Soft laughter as of light that stirs the sea
With darkling sense of dawn ere dawn may be.
  Laughter soft as tears.  346
  Lead as a mother.  347
Led lovingly like hound in huntsman’s leash
Or child by finger.
  Leaps clear as a flame from the pyres of the dead.  349
  Leaps like fire.  350
                Leap up
As red wine mantling in a royal cup.
  Leaps up as the foe’s heart leaps.  352
  Light as a laugh of glee.  353
  Heart is as light as a leaf on a tree.  354
  Light as a spring south-wind.  355
  Light as foam.  356
  Light as laugh of flame.  357
  Light as riotous insolence.  358
  A hand at the door taps light as the hand of my heart’s delight.  359
  Light as the spray that disperses.  360
  Listless as the summer-stricken air.  361
                Lithe as lips
That curl in touching you.
  Locked as in a wrestle together.  363
            Her sorrow as long
As the passage of numberless ages in slumberless song.
  Loose as the petals of roses discrowned.  365
Loud as the winds when stormy spring
Makes all the woodland rage and ring.
  Loud as when the storm at ebb-tide rends the beach.  367
  Love him as Frenchmen love Napoleon.  368
  Low as broken crown.  369
  Lowering as a storm-flushed moon.  370
  Lurid as anguish.  371
  Lustrous as laughter.  372
  Masterful as fate.  373
Mild as the murmuring of Hymettian bees
And honied as their harvest.
  Mild as very sleep.  375
    Mocks as whom the fen-fire leads
By the creed-wrought faith of faithless souls that mock their doubts with creeds.
  Moist as a desert with dew.  377
  Molten as lead.  378
  Mourn like a boy beaten.  379
  Mouth tremulous light as a sea-bird’s motion oversea.  380
                Her mouth
Was as a rose athirst that pants for drouth.
  Red mouth like a venomous flower.  382
  Mouth sweeter than cherries.  383
  Murmurs as who talks in dreams with death.  384
  Mutable as sand.  385
  Mute as a maiden.  386
  Mute as the mouth which felt death’s wave o’erflow it.  387
  Muttering like smoked bees.  388
                In one,
As all the stars found utterance through the sun.
  Pale and pure as a maiden secluded in secret and cherished in fear.  390
  Pale and sweet as a dream’s delight.  391
  Pale as grass or later flowers.  392
  Pale as the duskiest lily’s leaf.  393
  Pale as the front of oblivion.  394
  Pale as the glimmer of stars on moorland meres.  395
  Pale as the moon in star-forsaken skies.  396
  Pale … as twilight.  397
  Paler than young snow.  398
  Pallid and pink as the palm of the flag-flower that flickers with fear of the flies as they float.  399
Palpitant as men’s pulses palpitate
Between the flowing and ebbing tides of fate
That wash their lifelong waifs of weal and woe
Through night and light and twilight to and fro.
  Panting, and swept as by the sense of death.  401
  Panted like a sick man’s fitful breath.  402
And pass as love and sorrow pass,
As shadows flashing down a glass,
As dew-flowers blowing in flowerless grass.
  Passes as the grey dew from the morning mountain grasses.  404
  Pass as the flight of a year.  405
  Patient as the hours.  406
            Perfect as a flame
That springs and spreads, till each glad limb became
A note of rapture in the tune of life.
  Perish, as haze in sunrise on the red sea-line.  408
  Perish as the snow built up of sleep.  409
  Pinches like a trap that shuts.  410
Pitiful as he that’s hired for death
And loves the slaying yet better than the hire.
  Pleasant as a scented mouth to kiss.  412
  Pure and painless as a virgin’s dreams.  413
  Pure as at the daydawn of the world.  414
  Pure as faith.  415
  Pure as Eden’s dew.  416
  Desire pure as babe’s that nestles toward the breast.  417
  Pure as fire or flowers or snows.  418
  Pure as heaven.  419
  Pure as love’s heart is.  420
  Pure as one purged of pain that passion bore.  421
  Pure as the dawn and the dew.  422
  Pure as the depth of pain.  423
  Pure as the wind and the sun.  424
  Pure as truth.  425
  Purges as with fire of purgatory.  426
  Quenched as a flame.  427
  Quiet as the sun.  428
  Quivering as when life is hard on death.  429
  Races as dust and surf of the sea.  430
Rapture like the rage of hate allayed
With ruin and ravin that its might hath made.
  Ravenous as the fitful sea.  432
  Readily as condemned men take reprieve.  433
  Recedes as a dream recedes.  434
Recoils, and climbs and closes,
As a wave of the sea turned back.
  Red as dawn.  436
  Red as hate.  437
  Red as hot brows of shame.  438
  Red as love or shame.  439
  Lips red as morning’s rise.  440
  Red as the rains of hell.  441
  Reeked as a wet red grave.  442
  Reeked as fumes from hell.  443
  Reels as any reed under the wind.  444
As waves wind-thwarted on the sea.
Is rent as carrion by the vulturous beaks
That feed on fame and soil it.
  Righteous as redemption.  447
  Ring as trumpets blown for battle.  448
  Rings as the blast of martial mirth when trumpets fire men’s hearts for fray.  449
  Rings clean as the clear wind’s cry through the roar of the surge on the rocks.  450
The peril ripens like a wound o’ the flesh
That gathers poison.
  Rising as a shoreward sea.  452
  Roam as wolves in a wolfish horde.  453
As waves that race and find no goal.
  Rot as corn ungarnered.  455
  Round as a pearl or tear.  456
  Rous’d like a huntsman to the chase.  457
  Routed … like a lost army.  458
  His lips waxed ruddy as light.  459
  Run ravening as the Gadarean swine.  460
  Sad as a soul estranged.  461
  Sad as a wintry withering moon.  462
  Bare and sad as banishment.  463
  Sad as doom.  464
  Sapped as weak sand by water.  465
  Scattered them as crows.  466
  Scatter as wild swans parting adrift on the wan green waste.  467
  Sealed as the voice of a frost-bound stream.  468
  Shakes like flame.  469
  Shaken like spray from the sea.  470
  Shamed as a Mayflower shames an autumn leaf.  471
  Shapeless as a shadow.  472
  Sharp as the north sets when the snows are out.  473
  More sharp than is the naked side of war.  474
Shattered, like a stranded bark
On the wrathful woful marge of earth and sea.
Shed loose as the petals of roses discrowned
On the floors of the forest.
  The rays run sheer as fire from the sun through the dusk of the pine-wood.  477
  Shone and shivered like wings of angels blown by the sun’s breath.  478
  Shines as a cloud-constraining star.  479
  Shone like a burning brand.  480
  Shone like a drop of dew.  481
  Shining like all April in one day.  482
  Shining like a sunbeam-smitten tear.  483
  Shone like the star that shines down storm.  484
  Shine sweet like stars when darkness feels them strong.  485
  Shone like suns aglow.  486
  Shoots, as a fire to smite some towering town.  487
  Shriek like a storm-wind.  488
  Shrinks, as might love from scorn.  489
  Shrouded as a corpse with storm’s grey shroud.  490
  Shuddering like a shot bird.  491
                My heart is shut
As a sealed spring of fire.
  Sick as Lent.  493
  Spread sideways like a drawing net.  494
Went sideways as a big fish flaps
And shoves with head and body.
  Silent as a mountain lawn.  496
  Silent as time.  497
  Silent as a stooping cloud.  498
  Single as the sun.  499
  Sink down as a sunset in sea-mist.  500
  Sinless as the spring.  501
  Skulk … like a dog shivering.  502
  Slays as plague’s blind breath.  503
  Sleep as a slain man sleeps.  504
  Sleepless of soul as wind or wave or fire.  505
  Slight as indeed a dew-drop.  506
Slight as the sea’s sight of the sea-mew,
Slight as the sun’s sight of the star.
  Slowlier than life into breath … it moves.  508
  Smiles more sweet than flowers.  509
  Smiled as dawn on the spirit of man.  510
  Smiled as one living even on craft and hate.  511
                Smiling dim
As the smile on a lip still fearful.
As though the spirit and sense unreconciled
Sank laughing back, and would not ere its hour
Let life put forth the irrevocable flower.
  Smiled … like song’s triumphant breath.  514
  Smiling, like a star in the blackest night.  515
  Soft and listless as the slumber-stricken air.  516
  Soft as a low long sigh.  517
  Soft as lip is soft to lip.  518
  Soft as at noon the slow sea’s rise and fall.  519
  Soft … as desire that prevails and fades.  520
  Soft as fire in dew.  521
  Soft as hate speaks within itself apart.  522
  Soft as heaven the stream that girdles hell.  523
  Soft as lips that laugh.  524
  Soft as o’er her babe the smile of Mary.  525
  Soft as a weak wind blows.  526
  Soft as sleep sings in a tired man’s ear.  527
  Soft as snow lights on her snow-soft flesh.  528
  Soft as swan’s plumes are.  529
  Borne soft as the babe from the bearing-bed.  530
                Soft …
As the clouds and beams of night.
  Soft as the least wave’s lapse in a still small reach.  532
  Soft as the loosening of wound arms in sleep.  533
Sorrow, like cloud that flies,
Like a cloud in clearing skies,
Passed away.
As who bids dead men wake.
Swift with speech like fire in fiery lands
To melt the steel’s edge in the headsman’s hands.
Splendid as the limbs of that supreme incarnate beauty through men’s visions gleam,
Whereof all fairest things are even but shadow or dream.
  Cold and splendid as death if dawn be bright.  538
  Splendid and strange as the sea that upbears as an ark.  539
  The soul squats down in the flesh, like a tinker drunk in a ditch.  540
  Steadfast as a sea-mew’s wing.  541
  Steadfast as clouds or hours in flight.  542
                Stern and still
As hours and years that change and anguish fill.
  Stern as Medea in her dragon car.  544
Still as fair shapes fixed on some wondrous wall
Of minster-aisle or cloister-close or hall
To take even time’s eye prisoner with delight.
  Stung like fire.  546
  Stirred like springtide waters.  547
And with such song the hollow ways were stirred
As of a god’s heart hidden in a bird,
Or as the whole soul of the sun in spring
Should find full utterance in one flower-soft word.
  Straight as thought could span.  549
  One great strain of joy as the sea breaking.  550
  Strange as are night and morning, stars and sun.  551
  Strange as chance or doom.  552
  Strange as hope’s green blossom touched with time’s harsh rust.  553
  Strange as life.  554
                Strange as light
That cleaves in twain the shadow of night
Before the wide-winged world takes flight
That thunder speaks to depth and height
And quells the quiet hour with sound.
  Strange as sleep.  556
  Strange as heaven.  557
  Strange as fate.  558
  Strange as the sea.  559
                Dark with strife,
Like heaven’s own sun that storming clouds bedim.
As toward the sundawn strives the lark.
  Strove as in toils.  562
  Strove … like song’s triumphant breath.  563
  Strong as a wild swan’s pinions.  564
  Strong as grows the yearning of the blossom toward the fruit.  565
  Strong as love.  566
  Strong as the seas.  567
  Strong as the worldwide sun.  568
  Strong as sheer truth.  569
  Strong as time.  570
  Strong like fate.  571
  As faith sublime.  572
  Sublime and triumphant as fire or as lightning.  573
As God were man, to spare or to forget.
  Sublime as storm or sorrow.  575
  Sublime as truth.  576
  Subtle as thin water.  577
  Sudden as a flame.  578
  Sure as night is known from day.  579
  Sure as present pain is.  580
  Sure as truth.  581
  Sure as sense of beast or bird.  582
  Surely as the day-star loves the sun.  583
As storm across his soul that kept
Wild watch, and watched not well.
Sweet-hearted as a bird that takes the sun
With clear strong eyes and feels the glad god run
Bright through his blood and wide rejoicing wings,
And opens all himself to heaven and sings.
  Sweet as April-clouded skies.  586
  Sweet as a child’s heart-lightening laugh to hear.  587
  Sweet-souled as a dove.  588
  Sweet as all the wide sweet south.  589
  Sweet as death-annihilating song.  590
  Sweet as dream’s delight.  591
  Sweet and comely as a dove’s throat strained out to sing.  592
Sweet as early kisses of a mouth
Scented like honey.
  Sweet as hope’s first note of jubilation.  594
  Sweet as life or death can be.  595
  Sweet as rest.  596
As running streams to men’s way-wearied feet.
  Sweet as sleep on sorrow shed.  598
  Sweet as sound the moving wings of night.  599
  Sweet and good as summer air.  600
  Sweet as forgiveness.  601
  Sweet as night’s dim dawn to weariness.  602
  Sweet as the balm of sleep.  603
  Sweet as the change that leaves the world in flower when spring laughs winter down to deathward.  604
  Sweet as the dewfall.  605
  Sweet as the flower that itself is May.  606
  Sweet as the kiss wherewith sleep kisses pain.  607
  Sweet as the spasm of erotic emotional error.  608
Sweet as the winds that beat
Round banks where Tyne is born.
  Sweet as when earth was new.  610
            Sweet as when
Laughs a child of seven.
  A sound more sweet than April’s flower-sweet rain.  612
  Sweeter than joy-bells ringing.  613
  Swift and steadfast as a sea-mew’s wing.  614
  Swift as a shadow.  615
Made my blood burn and swoon
Like a flame rained upon.
                Taps light
As the hand of my heart’s delight.
  Grasp tenacious as a viper’s.  618
  Tender as a hurt bird’s note.  619
  Tender as tears.  620
  Tender as sun-smitten dew.  621
  Tender as the inside of the eyelid.  622
  Tense as a war-steed girth.  623
  Tense as wire.  624
  Terrible as fire.  625
  Thick as buds in April.  626
  Thick as the darkness of leaf-shadowed spring is encumbered with flowers.  627
Lie thick as the blades of the grasses
The dead in their graves.
  Thick as grave-worms.  629
  Thinned, as the shades in a vision of spirits that sinned.  630
  Thrill as a theatre thronged at appeal of an actor’s appalled agitation.  631
    Thrilled as by the clangorous call
Of storm’s blown trumpets from the core of night.
Like the whole world’s heart, with warm new life and gladdening flame.
  Thronged, as to storm sweet heaven’s triumphal gate.  634
  Time is as wind, and as waves are we.  635
  With tongue is like a sword’s point.  636
  Tongueless as she whom a man-snake stung.  637
  Transformed as night or as day by the kindling year.  638
  Transforming sleep, like that of the chrysalis.  639
  Transient as faith or as terror that bows men’s knees.  640
  Tremble as with love that casts out fear.  641
  Trembled like a stricken thrall.  642
  Tremble like lute-strings.  643
  Tremulous like fire.  644
  Triumph like the bitterness of death.  645
  Triumphant as the sun.  646
  Trodden as grapes in the wine-press of lust.  647
  True as truth’s own heart.  648
Turning as a turning wave
Against the land-wind.
                All undone,
As earth from her bright body casts off night.
  Uplift as the hearts and the mouths of the singers, on the leaside and lawn.  651
  Upright as a sheer cliff’s wall.  652
  Vain as a dead man’s vision.  653
  Valor higher than that which casts out fear.  654
  Vast as the mid bulk of a roof-tree’s beam.  655
As the storm shifts of the tempestuous year.
  Voice like quiring waves.  657
                Voice …
That rings athwart the sea whence no man steers
Like joy-bells crossed with death-bells in our ears.
Wailed as in some flooded cave
Sobs the strong broken spirit of a wave.
  Wail … as one making moan for her child.  660
  As a dead face wan and dun.  661
  Wan as foam blown up by the sunburnt sands.  662
As a dream dies down and is dead.
  Warm and soft as the dome aloft.  664
  Glow warm as the thyme.  665
Like an ember among the fallen embers.
  Waste like death.  667
        Wave as with swing of the sea
When the mid tide sways at its height.
  His face waxed like as sunburnt grass.  669
  Weak as foam on the sands.  670
  Weak as hearts made sick with hope deferred.  671
  Weak as snow.  672
  Repentance … weak as night devoured by day.  673
  Weaker than the worm.  674
  White as dead stark-stricken dove.  675
  White as faith’s and age’s hue.  676
  White as moonlight snows.  677
  White as the live heart of light.  678
  White as the sparkle of snow-flowers in the sun.  679
  White as the unfruitful thorn-flower.  680
  Wide as life.  681
Willing as the springtide sea gives up
Her will to the eastern sea-wind’s.
  Withered all our strength like flame.  683
  Withheld as things forbidden.  684
  Wizen, like a small dry tree.  685
  My words are like spoken roses.  686
With all the rhymes like stars above you,
And all the words like flowers.
  Words like swords and thunderclouded creeds.  688
  Worthless all as sands.  689
  Woven as raiment.  690
  Yearning as with child of death.  691
  Yelled as beasts of ravin.  692
  Yellow as pestilence.  693
  Young as dawn.  694
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