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As eunuchs are very scarce at present, I thought of making use of a black slave whom you have in the country; but I have not yet succeeded in persuading him to undergo the sacrifice necessary for his consecration to that office.
Letter XLI
Persian Letters
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I. Usbek to his friend Rustan, at Ispahan
II. Usbek to the chief black Eunuch, at his Seraglio in Ispahan
III. Zachi to Usbek, at Tauris
IV. Zephis to Usbek, at Erzeroum
V. Rustan to Usbek, at Erzeroum
VI. Usbek to his friend Nessir, at Ispahan
VII. Fatme to Usbek, at Erzeroum
VIII. Usbek to his friend Rustan, at Ispahan
IX. The Chief Eunuch to Ibbi, at Erzeroum
X. Mirza to his friend Usbek, at Erzeroum
XI. Usbek to Mirza, at Ispahan
XII. Usbek to the Same, at Ispahan
XIII. Usbek to the Same
XIV. Usbek to the Same
XV. The first Eunuch to Jaron, the black Eunuch, at Erzeroum
XVI. Usbek to the Mollah Mehemet Ali, Guardian of The Three Tombs at Koum
XVII. Usbek to the Same
XVIII. Mollah Mehemet Ali, Servant of the Prophets, to Usbek, at Erzeroum
XIX. Usbek to his friend Rustan, at Ispahan
XX. Usbek to his wife Zachi, at the Seraglio at Ispahan
XXI. Usbek to the chief white Eunuch
XXII. Jaron to the first Eunuch
XXIII. Usbek to his friend Ibben, at Smyrna
XXIV. Rica to Ibben, at Smyrna
XXV. Usbek to Ibben, at Smyrna
XXVI. Usbek to Roxana, at the Seraglio at Ispahan
XXVII. Usbek to Nessir, at Ispahan
XXVIII. Rica to ——
XXIX. Rica to Ibben, at Smyrna
XXX. Rica to the Same, at Smyrna
XXXI. Rhedi to Usbek, at Paris
XXXII. Rica to ——
XXXIII. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
XXXIV. Usbek to Ibben, at Smyrna
XXXV. Usbek to Gemchid, his Cousin, Dervish of the glorious Monastary of Tauris
XXXVI. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
XXXVII. Usbek to Ibben, at Smyrna
XXXVIII. Rica to Ibben, at Smyrna
XXXIX. Hagi Ibbi to the Jew Ben Joshua, Mohammedan Proselyte, at Smyrna
XL. Usbek to Ibben, at Smyrna
XLI. The chief black Eunuch to Usbek
XLII. Pharan to Usbek, his Sovereign Lord
XLIII. Usbek to Pharan, at the Gardens of Fatme
XLIV. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
XLV. Rica to Usbek, at ——
XLVI. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
XLVII. Zachi to Usbek, at Paris
XLVIII. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
XLIX. Rica to Usbek, at ——
L. Rica to ——
LI. Nargum, Persian Envoy in Muscovy, to Usbek, at Paris
LII. Rica to Usbek, at ——
LIII. Zelis to Usbek, at Paris
LIV. Rica to Usbek, at ——
LV. Rica to Ibben, at Smyrna
LVI. Usbek to Ibben, at Smyrna
LVII. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
LVIII. Rica to Rhedi, at Venice
LIX. Rica to Usbek, at ——
LX. Usbek to Ibben, at Smyrna
LXI. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
LXII. Zelis to Usbek, at Paris
LXIII. Rica to Usbek, at ——
LXIV. The Chief of the black Eunuchs to Usbek, at Paris
LXV. Usbek to his Wives, at the Seraglio at Ispahan
LXVI. Rica to ——
LXVII. Ibben to Usbek, at Paris
LXVIII. Rica to Usbek, at ——
LXIX. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
LXX. Zelis to Usbek, at Paris
LXXI. Usbek to Zelis
LXXII. Rica to Ibben, at ——
LXXIII. Rica to ——
LXXIV. Usbek to Rica, at ——
LXXV. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
LXXVI. Usbek to his friend Ibben, at Smyrna
LXXVII. Ibben to Usbek, at Paris
LXXVIII. Rica to Usbek, at ——
LXXIX. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
LXXX. The chief black Eunuch to Usbek, at Paris
LXXXI. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
LXXXII. Nargum, Persian Envoy in Muscovy, to Usbek, at Paris
LXXXIII. Rica to Ibben, at Smyrna
LXXXIV. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
LXXXV. Rica to ——
LXXXVI. Usbek to Mirza, at Ispahan
LXXXVII. Rica to ——
LXXXVIII. Rica to ——
LXXXIX. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
XC. Usbek to Ibben, at Smyrna
XCI. Usbek to the Same, at Smyrna
XCII. Usbek to Rustan, at Ispahan
XCIII. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
XCIV. Usbek to his brother, Santon at the Monastery of Casbin
XCV. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
XCVI. Usbek to the Same
XCVII. The Chief Eunuch to Usbek, at Paris
XCVIII. Usbek to Hassim, Dervish of the Mountain of Jaron
XCIX. Usbek to Ibben, at Smyrna
C. Rica to Rhedi, at Venice
CI. Rica to the Same
CII. Usbek to ——
CIII. Usbek to Ibben, at Smyrna
CIV. Usbek to the Same
CV. Usbek to the Same
CVI. Rhedi to Usbek, at Paris
CVII. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
CVIII. Rica to Ibben, at Smyrna
CIX. Usbek to ——
CX. Rica to ——
CXI. Rica to ——
CXII. Usbek to ——
CXIII. Rhedi to Usbek, at Paris
CXIV. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
CXV. Usbek to the Same
CXVI. Usbek to the Same
CXVII. Usbek to the Same
CXVIII. Usbek to the Same
CXIX. Usbek to the Same
CXX. Usbek to the Same
CXXI. Usbek to the Same
CXXII. Usbek to the Same
CXXIII. Usbek to the Same
CXXIV. Usbek to the Mollah Mehemet Ali, Guardian of the Three Tombs, at Koum
CXXV. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
CXXVI. Rica to ——
CXXVII. Rica to Usbek, at ——
CXXVIII. Rica to Ibben, at Smyrna
CXXIX. Rica to Usbek, at ——
CXXX. Rica to ——
CXXXI. Rhedi to Rica, at Paris
CXXXII. Rica to ——
CXXXIII. Rica to ——
CXXXIV. Rica to the Same
CXXXV. Rica to the Same
CXXXVI. Rica to the Same
CXXXVII. Rica to the Same
CXXXVIII. Rica to Ibben, at Smyrna
CXXXIX. Rica to the Same
CXL. Rica to Usbek
CXLI. Rica to the Same, at ——
CXLII. Rica to Usbek, at ——
CXLIII. Rica to Nathaniel Levi, Jewish Physician at Leghorn
CXLIV. Usbek to Rica
CXLV. Usbek to ——
CXLVI. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice
CXLVII. The Chief Eunuch to Usbek, at Paris
CXLVIII. Usbek to the Chief Eunuch, at the Seraglio at Ispahan
CXLIX. Narsit to Usbek, at Paris
CL. Usbek to Narsit, at the Seraglio at Ispahan
CLI. Solim to Usbek, at Paris
CLII. Narsit to Usbek, at Paris
CLIII. Usbek to Solim, at the Seraglio at Ispahan
CLIV. Usbek to his Wives, at the Seraglio at Ispahan
CLV. Usbek to Nessir, at Ispahan
CLVI. Roxana to Usbek, at Paris
CLVII. Zachi to Usbek, at Paris
CLVIII. Zelis to Usbek, at Paris
CLIX. Solim to Usbek, at Paris
CLX. Solim to Usbek, at Paris
CLXI. Roxana to Usbek, at Paris


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