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The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints
Volume III: March
Rev. Alban Butler
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March I.
  St. David, Archbishop, Patron of Wales
  St. Swidbert, or Swibert, the Ancient, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Albinus, Bishop of Angers, Confessor
  St. Monan, Martyr, in Scotland
March II.
  Martyrs under the Lombards
  St. Ceada, or Chad, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Simplicius, Pope and Confessor
  St. Marnan, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Charles the Good, Earl of Flanders, Martyr
  St. Joavan, or Joevin, Bishop and Confessor
March III.
  St. Cunegundes, Empress
  SS. Marinus and Asterius, or Astyrius, Martyrs
  SS. Emeterius, Called Madir, and Chelidonius, Martyrs
  St. Winwaloe, or Winwaloc, Abbot
  St. Lamalisse, Confessor
March IV.
  St. Casimir, Prince of Poland
  St. Lucius, Pope and Martyr
  St. Adrian, Bishop of St. Andrews in Scotland, Martyr
March V.
  SS. Adrian and Eubulus, of Palestine, Martyrs
  St. Kiaran, or Kenerin, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Roger, Confessor
March VI.
  St. Chrodegang, Bishop of Metz, Confessor
  B. Colette, Virgin and Abbess
  St. Fridolin, Abbot
  St. Baldrede, Bishop of Glasgow, Confessor
  SS. Kyneburge, Kyneswide, and Tibba
  St. Cadroe, Confessor
March VII.
  St. Thomas of Aquino, Doctor of the Church and Confessor
  SS. Perpetua and Felicitas, with Their Companions, Martyrs
  St. Paul, Anchoret
March VIII.
  St. John of God, Confessor, Founder of the Order of Charity
  St. Felix, Bishop and Confessor
  SS. Apollonius, Philemon, &c., Martyrs
  St. Julian, Archbishop of Toledo, Confessor
  St. Duthak, Bishop of Ross, in Scotland, Confessor
  St. Rosa of Viterbo, Virgin
  St. Senan, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Psalmod, or Saumay, Anchoret
March IX.
  St. Frances, Widow, Foundress of the Collatines
  St. Gregory of Nyssa, Bishop and Confessor
  Appendix on the Writings of St. Gregory of Nyssa
  St. Pacian, Bishop of Barcelona, Confessor
  Appendix on the Writings of St. Pacian of Barcelona
  St. Catherine, of Bologna, Virgin and Abbess of the Poor Clares in That City
March X.
  SS. The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
  St. Droctovæus, Abbot
  St. Mackessoge, or Kessoge, Confessor
March XI.
  St. Eulogius of Cordova, Priest and Martyr
  St. Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Confessor
  St. Ængus, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Constantine, Martyr
March XII.
  St. Gregory the Great, Pope and Confessor
  Annotation on the Life of St. Gregory
  St. Maximilian, Martyr
  St. Paul, Bishop of Leon, Confessor
March XIII.
  St. Nicephorus, Patriarch of Constantinople, Confessor
  St. Euphrasia, Virgin
  St. Theophanes, Abbot and Confessor
  St. Kennocha, Virgin in Scotland
  St. Gerald, Bishop
  St. Mochoemoc, in Latin, Pulcherius, Abbot
March XIV.
  St. Maud, or Mathildis, Queen of Germany
  SS. Acepsimas, Bishop; Joseph, Priest; and Aithilahas, Deacon, Martyrs
  St. Boniface, Bishop of Ross, in Scotland, Confessor
March XV.
  St. Abraham, Hermit
  St. Zachary, Pope and Confessor
March XVI.
  St. Julian of Cilicia, Martyr
  St. Finian, surnamed Lobhar, or the Leper
March XVII.
  St. Patrick, Bishop and Confessor, Apostle of Ireland
  SS. Many Martyrs of Alexandria, in 392
  St. Joseph, of Arimathea
  St. Gertrude, Virgin and Abbess of Nivelle
March XVIII.
  St. Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem, Martyr
  St. Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem, Confessor
  Appendix on the Writings of St. Cyril of Jerusalem
  St. Edward, King and Martyr
  St. Anselm, Bishop of Lucca, Confessor
  St. Fridian, Erigdian, or Frigdian, Bishop of Lucca, Confessor
March XIX.
  St. Joseph
  St. Alcmund, Martyr
March XX.
  St. Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Confessor
  St. Wulfran, Archbishop of Sens
March XXI.
  St. Benedict, Abbot
  St. Serapion, the Sindonite
  St. Serapion, Abbot of Arsinoe
  St. Serapion, Bishop of Thmuis, in Egypt, Confessor
  St. Enna, or Endeus, Abbot
March XXII.
  St. Basil of Ancyra, Priest and Martyr
  St. Paul, Bishop of Narbonne, Confessor
  St. Lea, Widow
  St. Deogratias, Bishop of Carthage, Confessor
  St. Catharine of Sweden, Virgin
March XXIII.
  St. Alphonsus Turibius, Bishop and Confessor
  SS. Victorian, Proconsul of Carthage, &c., Martyrs
  St. Edelwald, Priest and Confessor
March XXIV.
  St. Irenæus, Bishop of Sirmium, Martyr
  St. Simon, an Infant, Martyr at Trent
  St. William of Norwich, Martyr
March XXV.
  The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  St. Cammin, Abbot
March XXVI.
  St. Ludger, Bishop of Munster, Apostle of Saxony
  St. Braulio, Bishop of Saragossa, Confessor
March XXVII.
  St. John of Egypt, Hermit
  St. Rupert, or Robert, Bishop of Saltzbourg, Confessor
  SS. Priscus, Malchus, and Alexander, Martyrs
  St. Sixtus III., Pope
  St. Gontran, King and Confessor
March XXIX.
  SS. Jonas, Barachisius, and Their Companions, Martyrs
  SS. Armogastes, Archinimus, and Saturus, Martyrs
  St. Eustasius, or Eustachius, Abbot of Luxeu
  St. Gundleus, Confessor
  St. Mark, Bishop and Confessor
March XXX.
  St. John Climacus, Abbot
  St. Zozimus, Bishop of Syracuse
  St. Regulus, or Rieul
March XXXI.
  St. Benjamin, Deacon, Martyr
  St. Acacius, or Achates, Bishop of Antioch, in Asia Minor, Confessor
  St. Guy, Confessor



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