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The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints
Volume VII: July
Rev. Alban Butler
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July I.
  St. Rumold, Bishop and Martyr
  SS. Julius and Aaron, Martyrs
  St. Theobald or Thibault, Confessor
  St. Gal, Bishop
  St. Calais, Abbot
  St. Leonorus, Bishop
  St. Simeon
  St. Thierri, Abbot
  St. Cybar, a Recluse at Angouleme
July II.
  The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin
  SS. Processus and Martinian, Martyrs
  St. Otho, Bishop of Bamberg, Confessor
  St. Monegondes, a Recluse at Tours
  St. Oudoceus, Bishop
July III.
  St. Phocas, Gardener, Martyr
  St. Guthagon, Recluse
  St. Gunthiern, Abbot in Brittany
  St. Bertran, Bishop of Mans
July IV.
  St. Ulric, Bishop of Ausburg, Confessor
  St. Odo, Archbishop of Canterbury, Confessor
  St. Sisoes or Sisoy, Anchoret in Egypt
  St. Bertha, Widow, Abbess of Blangy in Artois
  St. Finbar, Abbot in Ireland
  St. Bolcan, Abbot in Ireland
July V.
  St. Peter of Luxemburgh, Cardinal, Bishop of Metz, Confessor
  St. Modwena, a Noble Irish Virgin
  St. Edana, or Edaene, in Ireland, Virgin
July VI.
  St. Palladius, Bishop and Confessor, Apostle of the Scots
  St. Julian, Anchoret
  St. Sexburgh, Abbess
  St. Goar, Priest and Confessor
  St. Moninna, Virgin in Ireland
July VII.
  St. Pantænus, Father of the Church
  St. Willibald, Bishop of Aichstadt, Confessor
  St. Hedda, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Edelburga, Virgin
  St. Felix, Bishop of Nantes, Confessor
  St. Benedict XI., Pope and Confessor
July VIII.
  St. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal
  St. Procopius, Martyr
  SS. Kilian, Bishop, Colman, Priest, and Totnan, Deacon, Martyrs
  St. Withburge, Virgin
  B. Theobald, Abbot
  St. Grimbald, Abbot
July IX.
  St. Ephrem of Edessa, Doctor of the Church, Confessor
  Appendix on the Writings of St. Ephrem
  SS. Martyrs of Gorcum
  St. Everildis, Virgin, in England
July X.
  The Seven Brothers, Martyrs, and St. Felicitas, Their Mother
  SS. Rufina and Secunda, Virgins, Martyrs
July XI.
  St. James, Bishop of Nisibis, Confessor
  St. Hidulphus, Bishop and Abbot
  St. Pius I., Pope and Martyr
  St. Drostan, Abbot in Scotland
July XII.
  St. John Gualbert, Abbot
  SS. Nabor and Felix, Martyrs
July XIII.
  St. Eugenius, Bishop of Carthage, and His Companions, Confessors
  St. Anacletus, Pope and Martyr
  St. Turiaf, Bishop of Dol, in Brittany
July XIV.
  St. Bonaventure, Cardinal, Bishop, and Doctor of the Church
  St. Camillus de Lellis, Confessor
  St. Idus, Bishop of Ath-Fadha, in Leinster
July XV.
  St. Henry II., Emperor
  St. Plechelm, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Swithin or Swithun, Bishop and Patron of Winchester, Confessor
July XVI.
  St. Eustathius, Patriarch of Antioch, Confessor
  St. Elier or Helier, Hermit and Martyr
July XVII.
  St. Alexius, Confessor
  St. Speratus and His Companions, Martyrs
  St. Marcellina, Virgin
  St. Ennodius, Bishop of Pavia, Confessor
  St. Leo IV., Pope and Confessor
  St. Turninus, Confessor of Ireland
  St. Symphorosa and Her Seven Sons, Martyrs
  St. Philastrius, Bishop of Brescia, Confessor
  St. Arnoul, Bishop of Metz, Confessor
  St. Arnoul, Martyr
  St. Frederic, Bishop of Utrecht, Martyr
  St. Odulph, Canon of Utrecht, Confessor
  St. Bruno, Bishop of Segni, Confessor
July XIX.
  St. Vincent of Paul, Confessor
  St. Arsenius, Anchoret of Sceté
  St. Symmachus, Pope and Confessor
  St. Macrina, Virgin
July XX.
  St. Joseph Barsabas, Confessor
  St. Margaret, Virgin and Martyr
  SS. Justa and Rufina, Martyrs
  St. Ceslas, Confessor
  St. Aurelius, Bishop of Carthage, Confessor
  St. Ulmar, or Wulmar, Abbot
  St. Jerom Æmiliani, Confessor
July XXI.
  St. Praxedes, Virgin
  St. Zoticus, Bishop of Comana in Cappadocia, Martyr
  St. Barhadbesciabas, Deacon, Martyr
  St. Victor of Marseilles, Martyr
  St. Arbogastus, Bishop of Strasburg, Confessor
July XXII.
  St. Mary Magdalen
  St. Vandrille, or Wandregisilus, Abbot
  St. Joseph of Palestine
  St. Meneve, Abbot
  St. Dabius, or Davius, Confessor, of Ireland
  St. Apollinaris, Bishop of Ravenna, Martyr
  St. Liborius, Bishop of Mans, Confessor
July XXIV.
  St. Lupus, Bishop of Troyes, Confessor
  St. Francis Solano, Confessor
  SS. Romanus and David, Martyrs
  St. Christina, Virgin and Martyr
  SS. Wulfhad and Ruffin, Martyrs
  St. Lewine, Virgin and Martyr
  St. Declan, First Bishop of Ardmore in Ireland
  St. Kinga, or Cunegundes, Virgin
July XXV.
  St. James the Great, Apostle
  St. Christopher, Martyr
  SS. Thea and Valentina, Virgins, and St. Paul, Martyrs
  St. Cucufas, Martyr in Spain
  St. Nissen, Abbot in Ireland
July XXVI.
  St. Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin
  St. Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre, Confessor
  St. Pantaleon, Martyr
  SS. Maximian, Malchus, Martinian, Dionysius, John, Serapion, and Constantine, Martyrs
  St. Congall, Abbot in Ireland
  St. Luican, Confessor in Ireland
  SS. Nazarius and Celsus, Martyrs
  St. Victor, Pope and Martyr
  St. Innocent I., Pope and Confessor
  St. Sampson, Bishop and Confessor
July XXIX.
  St. Martha, Virgin
  SS. Simplicius and Faustinus, Brothers, and Beatrice, Their Sister, Martyrs
  St. William, Bishop of S. Brieuc in Brittany, Confessor
  St. Olaus, or Olave, King of Norway, Martyr
  St. Olaus, King of Sweden, Martyr
July XXX.
  SS. Abdon and Sennen, Martyrs
  St. Julitta, Martyr
July XXXI.
  St. Ignatius of Loyola, Confessor
  St. John Columbini, Confessor
  St. Helen of Skofde in Sweden, Martyr



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