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The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints
Volume VIII: August
Rev. Alban Butler
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August I.
  St. Peter ad Vincula, or St. Peter’s Chains
  The Seven Machabees, Brothers, with Their Mother, Martyrs
  SS. Faith, Hope, and Charity, Virgins and Martyrs
  St. Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, Confessor
  St. Pellegrini, or Peregrinus, Hermit
August II.
  St. Stephen, Pope and Martyr
  St. Etheldritha, or Alfrida, Virgin
August III.
  The Invention of St. Stephen, or the Discovery of His Relics
  St. Nicodemus
  St. Gamaliel
  St. Walthen, or Waltheof, Abbot of Melross, Confessor
August IV.
  St. Dominic, Confessor
  St. Luanus, or Lugid or Molua, Abbot in Ireland
August V.
  The Dedication of St. Mary ad Nives
  St. Oswald, King and Martyr
  St. Afra and Companions, Martyrs
  St. Memmius, Bishop
August VI.
  The Transfiguration of Our Lord
  St. Xystus, or Sixtus II., Pope and Martyr
  SS. Justus and Pastor, Martyrs
August VII.
  St. Cajetan of Thienna, Confessor
  SS. Donatus, Bishop of Arezzo in Tuscany, and Hilarinus, Martyrs
August VIII.
  SS. Cyriacus, Largus, Smaragdus, and Their Companions, Martyrs
  St. Hormisdas, Martyr
August IX.
  St. Romanus, Martyr
  St. Nathy, or David, Priest in Ireland
  St. Fedlimid, or Felimy, Bishop of Kilmore, Confessor in Ireland
August X.
  St. Laurence, Martyr
  St. Deusdedit, Confessor
  St. Blaan of Ireland, Bishop
August XI.
  SS. Tiburtius, Martyr, and Chromatius, Confessor
  St. Susanna, Virgin and Martyr
  St. Gery, or Gaugericus, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Equitius, Abbot
August XII.
  St. Clare, Virgin and Abbess
  St. Euplius, Martyr
  St. Muredach, First Bishop of Killala, in Ireland
August XIII.
  St. Hippolytus, Priest and Martyr
  St. Cassian, Martyr
  St. Radegundes, Queen of France
  St. Wigbert, Abbot and Confessor
August XIV.
  St. Eusebius, Priest and Martyr
  St. Eusebius, Priest and Confessor at Rome
August XV.
  The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  St. Alipius, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Arnoul, or Arnulphus, Bishop of Soissons, Confessor
  St. Mac Cartin, Aid or Aed, Bishop of Clogher, Confessor in Ireland
August XVI.
  St. Hyacinth, Confessor
  St. Roch, Confessor
August XVII.
  St. Mamas, Martyr
  St. Liberatus, Abbot, and Six Monks, Martyrs
August XVIII.
  St. Helen, Empress
  St. Agapetus, Martyr
  St. Clare of Monte Falco, Virgin
August XIX.
  SS. Timothy, Agapius, and Thecla, Martyrs
  St. Lewis, Bishop of Toulouse, Confessor
  St. Mochteus, Bishop and Confessor
  St. Cumin, Bishop in Ireland
August XX.
  St. Bernard, Abbot
  St. Oswin, King and Martyr
August XXI.
  SS. Bonosus and Maximilian, Martyrs
  St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Widow and Abbess
  St. Richard, Bishop of Andria, Confessor
  St. Bernard Ptolemy, Founder of the Olivetans
August XXII.
  St. Hippolytus, Bishop and Martyr
  St. Symphorian, Martyr
  St. Timothy, Martyr
  St. Andrew of Ireland, Deacon and Confessor
  St. Philibert, First Abbot of Jumieges and Nermoutier
August XXIII.
  St. Philip Beniti, Confessor
  SS. Claudius, Asterius, Neon, Domnina, and Theonilla, Martyrs
  St. Apollinaris Sidonius, Bishop of Clermont, Confessor
  St. Theonas, Bishop of Alexandria, Confessor
  St. Eugenius, Bishop in Ireland
  St. Justinian, Hermit and Martyr
August XXIV.
  St. Bartholomew, Apostle
  SS. The Martyrs of Utica, Called the White Mass
  St. Ouen, or Audoen, Archbishop of Rouen, Confessor
  St. Irchard, or Erthad, Bishop and Confessor in Scotland
August XXV.
  St. Lewis, King of France
  St. Gregory, Abbot and Confessor
  St. Ebba, or Tabbs, Virgin and Abbess
August XXVI.
  St. Zephyrinus, Pope and Martyr
  St. Genesius, a Comedian, Martyr
  St. Gelasinus, Martyr
  St. Genesius of Arles, Martyr
August XXVII.
  St. Cæsarius, Archbishop of Arles, Confessor
  St. Pœmen, or Pastor, Abbot
  St. Hugh of Lincoln, Martyr
  St. Joseph Calasanctius, Confessor
  St. Malrubius, Hermit and Martyr
  St. Syagrius, Bishop of Autun
August XXVIII.
  St. Augustine, Bishop and Confessor, Doctor of the Church
  St. Hermes, Martyr
  St. Julian, Martyr at Brioude
August XXIX.
  The Decollation of St. John the Baptist
  St. Sabina, Martyr
  St. Sebbi, or Sebba, King and Confessor
  St. Merri, or Medericus, Abbot
August XXX.
  St. Rose of Lima, Virgin
  SS. Felix and Adauctus, Martyrs
  St. Fiaker of Ireland, Anchoret and Confessor
  St. Pammachius, Confessor
  St. Agilus, or Aile, Abbot
August XXXI.
  St. Raymund Nonnatus, Confessor
  St. Isabel, Virgin
  St. Cuthburge, Queen, Virgin, and Abbess
  St. Aidan, or Ædan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Confessor



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