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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Vol. 14. The Victorian Age, Part Two.

VII. The Literature of Travel, 1700–1900.


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——Voyages, with life by Synge, M. B. 1897.
Many accounts of Cook’s voyages have been compiled, edited or abridged from the journals of Cook, Banks and King.
Curzon, Robert. Visits to monasteries in the Levant. 1849. With an introduction by Hogarth, D. G. 1916.
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——Gatherings from Spain. 1846. Rptd. in Everyman’s Series. 1906.
Forsyth, Joseph (1763–1815). On antiquities, arts, letters in Italy. 1813.
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——Narrative of second expedition to the Polar Sea. 1828.
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Geographical Society, Royal. Journal and Proceedings. 1832 … (in progress).
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——Tour in Sweden. 1839.
——Notes … on France, Prussia, etc. 1842.
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——and Lander, John (1807–1839). Journal of expedition to explore the Niger. 3 vols. 1832.
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——Discoveries in the ruins of Nineveh and Babylon. 1853.
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——Life of McClintock, by Markham, Sir Clements R. 1909.
Macgregor, John (1825–1892). A thousand miles in the Rob Roy canoe. 1866.
——The Rob Roy on the Baltic. 1867.
——The Rob Roy on the Jordan, Nile, Red Sea, etc. 1869.
Mavor, W. F. Historical account of the most celebrated Voyages, Travels and Discoveries. 20 vols. 1796–7.
Malcolm, Sir John. Sketches of Persia. 1828.
Markham, Sir C. R. History of Arctic and Antarctic Exploration. In the press. Cambridge.
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——Journal of a second voyage (1821–23). 1824.
——Journal of a third voyage (1824–25). 1826.
——Narrative of an attempt to reach the N. Pole. (1827). 1828.
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Pennant, Thomas. A tour in Scotland. 1769.
——A tour in Wales. 1773.
——A tour in Scotland and voyage to the Hebrides. 2 parts. 1774–76.
——The journey from Chester to London. 1782.
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——Narrative of a second voyage in search of N. W. Passage (1829–33). 1835.
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——Through the Dark Continent. 2 vols. 1878.
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——Travels with a donkey in the Cevennes. 1879.
——Across the Plains. 1892.
——The amateur emigrant. Essays of Travel. In collected works. 1894–98.
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——Travelling Sketches. 1886.
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——Hours of exercise in the Alps. 1871.
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——The Malay Archipelago. 2 vols. 1869.
Walter, R. See Anson.
Warburton, Eliot B. G. The Crescent and the Cross. 2 vols. 1844.
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White, W. (1811–1893). On foot through the Tyrol. 1856.
——A month in Yorkshire. 2nd edn. 1858.
Whymper, Edward. Scrambles among the Alps. 1870.
——Travels among the Great Andes of the Equator. 1892.
Wilkinson, Sir John Gardner (1797–1875). Dalmatia and Montenegro. 1848.
Wilson, A. (1831–1881). The Abode of Snow. 1875.
Wingfield, Lewis S. (1842–1891). Under the palms in Algeria and Tunis. 2 vols. 1868.
——Wanderings of a globe-trotter in the Far East. 2 vols. 1889.
Wood, Robert (1717?–1771). The ruins of Palmyra. 1753.
World Displayed, The. A curious collection of Voyages and Travels, with introduction by Johnson, Samuel. 20 vols. 1774–78.
Young, Arthur (1741–1820). A Tour in Ireland, 1776–79. 2 vols. 1780.
——Travels in France 1787–89. 1792.


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