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Carl Van Vechten (1880–1964).  The Tiger in the House. 1922.
Bibliography: XII
Aesop: Three Hundred Fables, translated by Rev. Geo. Fyler Townsend; George Routledge and Sons; London; 1867. The Cat and the Cock, P. 27; The Cat and the Birds, P. 46; The Cat and the Mice; P. 103; and The Cat and Venus, P. 214. This edition is illustrated by Harrison Weir.   1
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  Allen, Willis Boyd: The Head of Pasht; E. P. Dutton and Co.; New York; 1900. There is a head of Pasht on the cover and on the title page.   5
  Archibald the Cat, and other sea yarns, by “the old sailor”; “out of The World”; published by the New York World; New York; 1878. The title story is the only cat story. The illustrations are by F. S. Church.   6
  Babcock, Edwina Stanton: From the Diary of a Cat; Harper’s Magazine; August 1904; Vol. 109, P. 487. Illustrations by Strothmann.   7
  Bacon, Peggy: The True Philosopher and other cat tales; The Four Seas Co.; Boston; 1919. Illustrated with etchings by the author.   8
  Balzac, Honoré de: Peines de cœur d’une chatte anglaise; first published in Vie Privée et Publique des Animaux. In the edition of Balzac (Oeuvres Complàtes) issued by Calmann Lévy, Paris, 1879, this story is to be found in Vol. 21, Oeuvres Diverses.   9
  Bell, J. J.: Mr. Pennycook’s Boy; Harper and Brothers; New York; 1905. Poor Pussy, P. 263.  10
  Bell, J. J.: Wanted—A Pussy-Mew; The Bellman; March 3, 1917; Vol. 22, P. 236.  11
  Bierce, Ambrose: Can Such Things Be?: Collected Works; Neale Publishing Co.; New York and Washington; 1910. John Mortonson’s Funeral, P. 252, is a cat story.  12
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  Blackwood, Algernon: John Silence: Physician Extraordinary; John W. Luce and Co.; Boston; 1909. Case I: A Psychical Invasion, and Case II: Ancient Sorceries, are cat stories.  15
  Blackwood, Algernon: Pan’s Garden; Macmillan and Co.; London; 1912. The Attic, P. 137, is a cat story. Illustrated by W. Graham Robertson.  16
  Brouse, Marian M.: The cat that tried to be stylish; Woman’s Home Companion; April 1914. Illustrated by Kerr Eby.  17
  Bulwer-Lytton, Edward: Eugene Aram.  18
  Burgess, Gelett: The White Cat; A. Wessels Co.; New York; 1908. This is a story of dissociated personality in which the fairy tale of The White Cat is used as a symbol.  19
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  Felissa: or the life and opinions of a kitten of sentiment; J. Harris; London; 1811. With twelve coloured plates. Methuen and Co., London, reprinted this book in 1903.  29
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  Keller, Gottfried: Spiegel, das Kätzchen, in die Leute von Seldwyla; 1856.  51
  Kendall, May: Billy; Longman’s Magazine; December 1903. Vol. 43, P. 163.  52
  Kipling, Rudyard: In Black and White: The Sending of Dana Da is a cat story.  53
  Kipling, Rudyard: Just So Stories: The Cat that Walked by Himself. With illustrations by the author.  54
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  Loti, Pierre: Le Livre de la Pitié et de la Mort; Calmann-Lévy; Paris. This book contains two cat stories: Une bête galeuse, P. 27, and Vies de deux chattes, P. 47. The latter, translated by M. B. Richards as Lives of Two Cats and illustrated by C. E. Allen, was published by Dana Estes and Co.; Boston, 1902.  56
  Loti, Pierre: Le Mariage de Loti; Calmann-Lévy; Paris.  57
  Lyman, Edward Branch: Me’ow Jones, Belgian Refugee Cat, his own true tale as written down by E. B. L.; George H. Doran; New York; 1917. Illustrated by Julia Daniels.  58
  Mirbeau, Octave: La Vache Tachetée; Ernest Flammarion; Paris. Le petit gardeur de vaches, P. 40, is a cat story.  59
  Morley, Charles: Peter: a cat o’ one tail: his life and advantures; G. P. Putnam’s Sons; New York-London; 1892. Illustrated by Louis Wain, Peter’s proprietor.  60
  Mulford, Prentice: The Family Cat; Hood’s Comic Annual for 1874; London; P. 50.  61
  A parable for philanthropists: Atlantic Monthly; December 1919; Vol. 124, P. 861.  62
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  People, Edward: A Night Out; Moffat, Yard and Co.; New York; 1909. Frontispiece by R. L. Goldberg.  64
  Picard, Gaston: La confession du chat; with a preface by J.-H. Rosny, ainé; Albin Michel; Paris; 1919. The title story is the only cat story.  65
  Pinski David: Temptations; Brentano’s; New York; 1919. The Black Cat.  66
  Poe, Edgar Allan: The Black Cat.  67
  Polko, Elise: Musical Sketches; Sturgis and Walton Co.; New York; 1909. Translated from the fifteenth German edition. The Cat’s Fugue, P. 82. This is the story of Scarlatti and his cat.  68
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  Rameau, Jean: Le Chat Nouveau-Riche; Le Petit Journal; Paris; December 9, 1919. Translated by William R. McPherson as The Nouveau Riche Cat this story appeared in the New York Tribune, February 15, 1920.  74
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  Swain, Miranda a Daisy, the autobiography of a cat; Noyes Brothers; Boston; 1900. With a photograph of Daisy.  85
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  Twain, Mark: Jim Wolfe and the Cats; New York Sunday Mercury; 1867; Garrett’s 100 Choice Selections, No. 17; 1879; This story was also published in Hood’s Comic Annual for 1874 under the title, A Yankee Story by G. R. Wadleigh. It is included in the anthology, Werner’s Readings; Cats and Kittens, P. 244.  88
  Twain, Mark: The Man Who Fought Cats; Practical Jokes; John Camden Hotten; London; 1872.  89
  Twain, Mark: The Stolen White Elephant, etc.; James R. Osgood and Co.; Boston; Some Rambling Notes of an Idle Excursion, P. 74, for some Bermuda cats.  90
  Vie Privée et Publique des Animaux; études de moeurs contemporains, publiées sous la direction de M. P. J. Stahl, avec la collaboration de Messieurs de Balzac, L. Baude, É. de la Bédollieère, P. Bernard, J. Janin, Ed. Lemoine, Charles Nodier, George Sand, L’Heretier, Alfred de Musset, Paul de Musset, Madame M. Ménessier-Nodier, Louis Viardot. J. Hetzel; Paris; 1842. Two volumes. Illustrations by Grandville. The cat stories are Peines de cœur d’une chatte anglaise by Balzac; Vol. 1, P. 89, and Peines de cœur d’une chatte française by P.-J. Stahl; Vol. 2, P. 165. The edition of 1867 is in one volume. Translated by J. Thomson as Public and Private Life of Animals, this book was published in London by Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, and Rivington in 1877, but Balzac’s story is ommitted from this version. Most of Grandville’s drawings are retained.  91
  Weyman, Stanley J.: The Cat and the King; MeClure’s; October 1895; Vol. 5, P. 438.  92
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  Willy et Colette Willy: Claudine à I’Ecole; Paul Ollendorff; Paris.  95
  Willy et Colette Willy: Claudine à Paris; Paul Ollendorff; Paris.  96
  Willy et Colette Willy: Claudine en Ménage; Mercure de France; Paris; 1902.  97
  Willy et Colette Willy: Claudine s’en va; Paul Ollendorff; Paris.  98
  Woodrow, Mrs. Wilson: The Cat and the Countess; American Magazine (Leslie’s Monthly); August 1905; Vol. 60, P. 373. Illustrated with drawings.  99
  Worts, George F.: The Cat and the Burglar; Everybody’s Magazine; April 1920; Vol. 42, No. 4, P. 54. 100
  Zola, Émile; Nouveaux Contes à Ninon; Bibliothàque-Charpentier; Paris. This book contains the story Le Paradis des Chats. Translated by Edward Vizetelly as Stories for Ninon this book was issued in London in 1895 by William Heinemann. 101



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