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Carl Van Vechten (1880–1964).  The Tiger in the House. 1922.
Bibliography: XVIII
As many of the following poems are to be found in one or more of the cat anthologies, I have given these references for convenience. Cats and Kittens, of course, refers to Mrs. Pender’s Work; The Cat, to Miss Repplìer’s, and Concerning Cats, to Mrs. Tomson’s.   1
  Alnaharwany, Ibn Alalaf: On a cat that was killed as she was attempting to rob a dove-cote; translated from the Arabic and rendered freely by “Dr. Carlyle”: The Cat, P. 42.   2
  Arnold, Matthew: Poor Matthias; from Later Poems. The Atossa episode from this: The Cat, P. 84; Cats and Kittens, P. 182; Concerning Cats, P. 10; The Fireside Sphinx, P. 177.   3
  Auld Bawthren’s Song: The Cat, P. 34; Concerning Cats, P. 85; The Fireside Sphinx, P. 169.   4
  Baillie, Joanna: The Kitten: Concerning Cats, P. 55; The Cat (abbreviated), P. 16.   5
  Bates, Katherine Lee: Hudson’s Cat: in Sigurd Our Golden Collie, P. 322.   6
  Baudelaire, Charles: Fleurs du Mal; édition définitive; Calmann-Lévy; Paris. Le Chat, P. 135; Le Chat, P. 161; Les Chats, P. 189. These are all published in French in Concerning Cats; there is an English translation of Les Chats on P. 67 of The Cat; English translations of Le Chat (2) and Les Chats, Pages 16, 17 of Mrs. W. Chance’s A Book of Cats; English translation of Le Chat (1), Cats and Kittens, P. 115.   7
  Baylor, Adelaide S.: Adventures of Miss Tabby Gray; W. A. Wilde Co.; Boston; 1913. Illustrated by Josephine Druce. Juvenile.   8
  Benserade, Isaac de: Labyrinthe de Versailles; Amsterdam; 1682 (?). Published in four languages, French, English, German, and Dutch. The original edition in French appeared in Paris in 1677. Fables, with curious engravings of the fountains. The cat pieces are: Le chat pendu et les rats, Le conseil des rats, Le singe et le chat, La souris, le chat, et le petit coq.   9
  Benserade, Isaac de: Sonnet (on the emasculation of a cat belonging to Madame Deshoulières): Moncrif: Les Chats, P. 74.  10
  Benson, A. C.: The Cat. In The Cat, P. 3 and The Fireside Sphinx, P. 284.  11
  Béranger, Pierre Jean de: La chatte. See Works of Béranger.  12
  Boulmier, Joseph: A Ma Chatte Coquette: Concerning Cats, P. 133.  13
  Boulmier, Joseph: A Mon Chat Gaspard: Concerning Cats, P. 134.  14
  Boyle, Virginia Frazer: I kilt er cat; Love Songs and Bugle Calls; A. S. Barnes and Co.; New York; 1806; P. 222. Concerning Cats, P. 89.  15
  Brown, C. Helton: Peter (a kitten buried at sea); The Spectator; June 21, 1913; Vol. 110, P. 1058.  16
  Brown, Hattie: Catoninetales: a domestic epic, comprising a very true and dismal pathetic narration of the ends of a most worthy cat Kok Robyn beginning with his first death and burial and the inquest thereupon; Lawrence and Bullen; London; 1891. 330 numbered copies. Edited and illustrated by W. J. Linton. According to the editor, Hattie Brown was “a young lady of colour lately deceased at the age of fourteen.”  17
  Burgess, Gelett and Burges Johnson: The Cat’s Elegy; A. C. Mc-Clurg and Co.; Chicago; 1913. Illustrated.  18
  C. B.: The Terrific Legend of the Kilkenny Cats. In Helen M. Winslow’s Concerning Cats, P. 168. An abbreviated version in Concerning Cats, P. 101.  19
  Calverley, C. S.: Sad Memories: Concerning Cats, P. 67; The Cat, P. 127.  20
  The Cameronian Cat: Concerning Cats, P. 99.  21
  Carlton, Will M.: Baron Grimalkin’s Death: Cats and Kittens, P. 126.  22
  Carryl, Guy Wetmore: How a Cat was annoyed and a Poet was booted; Grimm Tales Made Gay; Houghton, Mifflin and Co.; Boston; 1902. Illustrations by Albert Levering.  23
  A cat may look upon a king; an epistolary poem on the loss of the ears of a favourite female cat. By J. A. Belcher, esq. in his ms., “To …”: Concerning Cats, P. 53.  24
  A Cat’s Conscience: The Cat, P. 55.  25
  Cat Tails; D. Lothrop Co.; Boston; 1887. Illustrated with many drawings. Juvenile.  26
  The Cattie Sits in the Kiln-Ring Spinning: Concerning Cats, P. 107; The Cat, P. 170.  27
  Les Chats: idile; from the Arabian (?): Moncrif: Les Chats, P. 114.  28
  Concerning a Certain Tom Cat, the companion and friend of one Widow Tomkins, but whom she left locked up in her room without either milk or mice: Ross: The Book of Cats, P. 185; Concerning Cats, P. 96 (abbreviated).  29
  Coolidge, Susan: Hodge, the Cat: The Cat, P. 81; Cats and Kittens, P. 117.  30
  Coppée, François: Sonnet to Henriette Ronner: Paul Mégnin’s Notre Ami le Chat, P. VIII.  31
  Corrothers, J. D.: De Black Cat Crossed His Luck: The Black Cat Club, P. 37; Cats and Kittens, P. 124.  32
  Cowper, William: The Colubriad: Concerning Cats, P. 28; The Cat, P. 154.  33
  Cowper, William: The Retired Cat: Concerning Cats, P. 30; The Cat, P. 144; Cats and Kittens, P. 236.  34
  Davies, W. H.: The Cat: Living Age; August 30, 1919; Vol. 302, P. 571. From the Westminster Gazette.  35
  Delarue-Mardrus, Lucie: Pour le Chat; Willy et Colette Willy: Claudine s’en va, P. 47.  36
  Delarue-Mardrus, Lucie: A la Déesse Maut, à Tête de Chat: Souffles de Tempête; Bibliothèque-Charpentier; Paris; 1918; P. 74.  37
  Deshoulières, Madame et Mademoiselle: Oeuvres; two volumes; Stéréotype d’Herman; Paris; 1803. The cat poems are all by Madame: Lettre en chansons à M. Deshoulières; 1677; P. 55. Moncrif quotes part of this, Les Chats, P. 97 and Gosse translates a stanza in his essay in Gossip in a Library; Concerning Cats (Gosse’s translation), P. 45. Épître de Tata, chat de Madame la Marquise Montglas, à Grisette, chatte de Madame Deshoulières; October 1678; P. 55; Moncrif, P. 169. Réponse de Grisette à Tata, P. 56; Moncrif, P. 171. Blondin, chat des Jacobins de la rue Saint-Honoré, à sa voisine Grisette, sur les rimes de la pièce précédente, P. 58. Dom Gris, chat de Madame la Duchesse de Béthune, à Grisette, P. 59. Mittin, chat de Mademoiselle Bocquet, à Grisette, P. 61. Regnault, chat de A.…, à Grisette, P. 65. Réponse de Tata à Grisette, P. 65; Moncrif, P. 173. Réponse de Grisette à Tata, P. 67; Moncrif, P. 176. Grisette, à M. le Maréchal Duc de Vivonne, qui faisoit semblant de croire que Madame Deshoulières avoit fait un mauvais rondeau qui couroit le monde, P. 69. Épître de Cochon, chien de M. le Maréchal de Vivonne, à Grisette, P. 72. Résponse de Grisette Cochon, P. 73. Réponse de Cochon à Grisette, P. 75. Réponse de Grisette à Cochon, P. 77; Moncrif, P. 179. Réponse de Cochon à Grisette, P. 80. Réponse de Grisette à Cochon, P. 83; Moncrif, P. 184. Rondeau à M. le Duc de Vivonne, sur ce qu’il soutenoit, en plaisantant, qu’elle étoit auteur du mauvais rondeau dont il a été parlé dans l’épître de Grisette; 1678; P. 84.  38
  Docquois, Georges: Rondels pour les chats de François Coppée: I. Bourget; II. Petit-Loulou; III. Mistigris. In Bêtes et Gens de Lettres, P. 70.  39
  Du Bellay, Joachim: Epitaphe d’un Chat: Moncrif: Les Chats, P. 156.  40
  Epitaph: Ci repose pauvre Mouton: Ross: The Book of Cats, P. 55.  41
  Epitaph: Imitated in English from the Latin of Dr. Jortin: Concerning Cats, P. 47.  42
  Epitaph for the cat of Madame de Lesdiguieres: Moncrif, P. 104; The Fireside Sphinx, P. 74.  43
  Feydeau, Georges: Le Petit Ménage: Mégnin’s Notre Ami le Chat, P. 259; illustrated by the actor, Saint-Germain.  44
  Florian, Jean Pierre Clarisse: Fables. The Cat fables are: Le Chat et le Miroir; Le Chien et le Chat; Le Chat et la Lunette; Les Deux Chats; l’Hibou, le Chat, l’Oison, et le Rat; Le Chat et les Rats; and Le Chat et le Moineau. There is an edition illustrated by Grandville.  45
  Gardiner, Ruth Kimball: The Cat: The Cat, P. 11.  46
  Garnett, Richard: Marigold: Concerning Cats, P. 78; The Cat, P. 164; The Fireside Sphinx, P. 290.  47
  Garnett, Richard: To a cat which had killed a favourite bird (after Agathias): Concerning Cats, P. 50; The Cat, P. 41; The Fireside Sphinx, P. 15.  48
  Gay, John: Fables. The Fables about cats are The Rat-catcher and the Cats; Concerning Cats, P. 38, and The Cat, P. 132; The Old Woman and her Cats; and The Man, The Cat, the Dog, and the Fly.  49
  Gineste, Raoul: Chattes et Chats, avec une préface par Paul Arène; Marpon et Flammarion; Paris; 1892. All the poems in this book are about cats.  50
  Gray, Thomas: On the death of a favourite cat drowned in a tub of gold-fishes: Concerning Cats, P. 25; The Cat, P. 158; Cats and Kittens, P. 232; The Fireside Sphinx, P. 135; Ross: The Book of Cats, P. 260.  51
  Green, Joseph: A poet’s lamentation for the loss of his cat: Cats and Kittens, P. 261.  52
  Guyot-Desherbiers: a long poem on cats, parts of which are quoted in Mégnin’s Notre Ami le Chat, Pages 66, 70, 73, 74, and 111, and in Landrin’s Le Chat, P. 69, 89, 91, 93, 94, 101, 148, 150. According to Landrin, Guyot-Desherbiers was the maternal grandfather of Alfred de Musset, who sent the poem to Jean Gay, who published it in his Les Chats.  53
  Harte, Bret: Miss Edith’s Modest Request: Cats and Kittens, P. 138.  54
  Hay, Elijah: The King Sends Three Cats to Guenevere: Others; December 1918.  55
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  Herford, Oliver: The Bashful Earthquake; Charles Scribner’s Sons; New York; 1900; contains the following poems on cats: The Music of the Future, P. 9; Song, P. 11; The Tragic Mice, P. 38; Illustrations by the author.  57
  Herford, Oliver: The Kitten’s Garden of Verses; Charles Scribner’s Sons; New York; 1911. Illustrated by the author.  58
  Herford, Oliver: The Laughing Willow; George H. Doran; New York; 1918. The Town Cat, P. 65; and The Catfish, P. 108.  59
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  Herford, Oliver: At the Photographers: Cat Stories from St. Nicholas, P. 20; An Open Letter: Cat Stories, P. 71 and Cats and Kittens (called A Mirror Cat), P. 30; The Audacious Kitten: Cat Stories, P. 178 and Cats and Kittens, P. 184. Illustrations by the author.  61
  Hess, Walter Léon: Feline Philosophy by Thomas Cat; Richard G. Badger; Boston; 1919. The illustrations are mostly from Harrison Weir’s book.  62
  Hood, Thomas: Puss and Her Three Kittens: Cats and Kittens, P. 87.  63
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  Idem Carmen Germanice Redditum: Concerning Cats, P. 79.  66
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  Keats, John: To a Cat: Concerning Cats, P. 73.  68
  The Kilkenny Cats: Helen M. Winslow’s Concerning Cats, P. 169.  69
  King, Ben: That Cat: Cats and Kittens, P. 78.  70
  Kipling, Rudyard: The First Friend; in Just So Stories.  71
  La Fontaine, Jean de: Fables. The cat fables are Le Chat, la Belette, et le petit Lapin; Le Chat, le Cochet, et le Souriceau; Le Chat et les deux Moineaux; Le Chat et le vieux Rat; Le Chat et le Renard; Le Chat et le Singe; Le vieux Chat et la jeune Souris (translated in The Cat, P. 54); La querelle des Chats et des Chiens, et celle des Chats et des Souris; La Chatte m&étamorphosée en Femme (Concerning Cats, P. 126); and La Chatte, la Laie, et l’Aigle.  72
  Lamb, Charles: Prince Dorus; printed for M. J. Godwin; London; 1811. Illustrated with coloured engravings. The cat Minon plays a part in this tale in rhyme and there are two pictures of him. A facsimile of this book was printed in 1890.  73
  Lament for Tabby, or the Cat’s Coronach: The Cat, P. 72; Concerning Cats, P. 48.  74
  La Mothe le Vayer, François de: Epitaphe de Marlemain (favourite cat of Madame la Duchesse du Maine): Moncrif, P. 106; Gosse (trans.) Gossip in a Library, P. 180; Concerning Cats, P. 46 (Gosse’s translation); The Cat, P. 71 (Gosse’s translation); The Fireside Sphinx, P. 74 (Gosse’s translation).  75
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  Levesque, Madame: Minet (1736): part of this poem is published on P. 173 of Mégnin’s Notre Ami le Chat.  78
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  Poor Puss: Concerning Cats, P. 119.  91
  Prior, Matthew: Lines on a reasonable affliction: Concerning Cats, P. 43.  92
  Prior, Matthew: To my Lord Buckhurst, very young, playing with a cat: Concerning Cats, P. 41; The Cat, P. 36.  93
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  Saint Gilles, Chevalier de: Le Renard et le Chat: Moncrif, P. 168.  98
  Scarron, Paul: Épître à Madame de Montatere: Moncrif, P. 99.  99
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  Taine, Hippolyte: Douze sonnets inédits de Taine; Figaro; Paris; Supplement Littéraire; March 11, 1893. 1, Le Bonheur; II, La Societé; III, La Religion; IV, Les Souvenirs; V, Les Pénates; VI, La Philosophie; VII, L’Enseignement; VIII, La Pratique; IX, L’Enfance; X, La Sensibilité; XI, Le Point de Vue; XII, L’Absolu. Published posthumously without the consent of the author’s heirs and executors. They carry this inscription: A trois chats, Puss, Ebène et Mitonne, domiciliés à Menthon-Saint-Bernard, Haute-Savoie, ces douze sonnets sont dediés par leur ami et serviteur, H. Taine, novembre, 1883. Pratique, in French, The Fireside Sphinx, P. 194; translated, in The Cat, P. 33. 110
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