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Nicholson & Lee, eds.  The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse. 1917.
Chronologic Index of Authors

Anonymous. Date Unknown. 1.Amergin
Richard Rolle of Hampole. 1290?–1349. 2.Love is Life
Anonymous. ?15th century. 3.Quia Amore Langueo
Robert Southwell. ?1561–1595. 4.I dye alive
5.Of the Blessed Sacrament of the Aulter
Henry Constable. ?1562–?1613. 6.To the Blessed Sacrament
Joshua Sylvester. 1563–1618. 7.The Father
John Donne. 1573–1631. 8.Sonnet
9.From ‘The Crosse
10.Resurrection, imperfect
11.Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward
12.A Hymne to Christ, at the Authors last going into Germany
Phineas Fletcher. 1580–1650. 13.The Divine Lover
Robert Herrick. 1591–1674. 14.Eternitie
Francis Quarles. 1592–1644. 15.Christ and Our Selves
16.My beloved is mine, and I am his; He feedeth among the lilies
George Herbert. 1593–1633. 17.Easter Song
21.Clasping of Hands
22.The Pulley
23.The Elixer
24.The Collar
Christopher Harvey. 1597–1663. 25.The Nativity
Richard Crashaw. ?1613–1649. 26.The Recommendation
27.To the Name above every Name, the Name of Jesus
28.A Hymn to the Name and Honor of the Admirable Sainte Teresa
29.The Flaming Heart
30.A Song
Andrew Marvell. 1621–1678. 32.On a Drop of Dew
33.The Coronet
Henry Vaughan. 1621–1695. 34.The Search
35.The Retreate
36.The Morning Watch
37.Rules and Lessons
38.The World
39.The Knot
40.The Dwelling-place
Thomas Traherne. ?1636–1674. 42.Wonder
43.The Vision
44.The Rapture
46.My Spirit
48.The Anticipation
50.An Hymn upon St. Bartholomew’s Day
Isaac Watts. 1674–1748. 51.The Incomprehensible
Alexander Pope. 1688–1744. 52.From ‘An Essay on Man
John Byrom. 1691–1763. 53.A Poetical Version of a Letter from Facob Behmen
William Cowper. 1731–1800. 54.From ‘The Task
William Blake. 1757–1827. 55.The Divine Image
57.Broken Love
58.The Everlasting Gospel
59.The Crystal Cabinet
60.Auguries of Innocence
61.To Thomas Butts
62.From ‘Milton
63.From ‘Jerusalem
William Wordsworth. 1770–1850. 64.From ‘The Excursion
65.From ‘On the Power of Sound
66.Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood
67.From ‘Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey
68.From ‘The Prelude
Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 1772–1834. 69.From ‘Religious Musings
70.From ‘Dejection: an Ode
Percy Bysshe Shelley. 1792–1822. 71.Hymn to Intellectual Beauty
72.From ‘Adonais
John Henry, Cardinal Newman. 1801–1890. 73.Melchizedek
74.From ‘The Dream of Gerontius
75.The Pillar of the Cloud
James Clarence Mangan. 1803–1849. 76.S. Patrick’s Hymn before Tara
Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1803–1882. 77.The Problem
78.Ode to Beauty
Robert Stephen Hawker. 1803–1875. 81.Aishah Shechinah
82.From ‘The Quest of the Sangraal
Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 1806–1861. 83.Chorus of Eden Spirits
84.From ‘The Soul’s Travelling
85.Human Life’s Mystery
86.From ‘Aurora Leigh
Richard Chenevix Trench, Archbishop of Dublin. 1807–1886. 87.If there had anywhere
Edgar Allan Poe. 1809–1849. 88.The Goddess’s Song from ‘Al Aaraaf
Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton. 1809–1885. 89.The Sayings of Rabia
90.From ‘Ghazeles
Alfred, Lord Tennyson. 1809–1892. 91.St. Agnes’ Eve
92.Sir Galahad
93.The Higher Pantheism
94.Flower in the crannied wall
95.From ‘In Memoriam
96.From ‘The Holy Grail
97.The Human Cry
98.From ‘The Ancient Sage
John Stuart Blackie. 1809–1895. 99.All things are full of God
Robert Browning. 1812–1889. 101.From ‘Pauline
102.From ‘Paracelsus
103.From ‘Saul
104.From ‘Easter Day
105.Abt Vogler
106.Rabbi Ben Ezra
William Bell Scott. 1812–1890. 107.Pebbles in the Stream
108.From ‘The Year of the World
Christopher Pearse Cranch. 1813–1892. 109.So far, so near
110.From ‘Ormuzd and Abriman
Frederick William Faber. 1814–1863. 111.From ‘The Eternal Word
Edward Caswall. 1814–1878. 112.The Order of Pure Intuition
Aubrey Thomas De Vere. 1814–1902. 113.Implicit Faith
Philip James Bailey. 1816–1902. 114.Knowledge
115.From ‘The Mystic
116.From ‘Festus
Emily Brontë. 1819–1848. 117.The Visionary
118.Last Lines
Walt Whitman. 1819–1892. 119.From the ‘Song of the Open Road
120.From ‘Passage to India
121.Chanting the Square Deific
122.All is Truth
123.Grand is the Seen
Dora Greenwell. 1821–1882. 124.The Blade of Grass
Matthew Arnold. 1822–1888. 125.Progress
126.From ‘The Buried Life
127.From ‘Lines Written in Kensington Gardens
128.From ‘Empedocles on Aetna
Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore. 1823–1896. 129.Life of Life
130.Vesica Piscis
131.Sponsa Dei
132.To the Body
Augusta Theodosia Drane. 1823–1894. 133.Forgotten among the Lilies
134.What the Soul Desires
George Mac Donald. 1824–1905. 135.A Prayer for the Past
137.De Profundis
138.Lost and Found
William Alexander, Archbishop of Armagh. 1824–1911. 139.Sonnets
Francis Turner Palgrave. 1825–1897. 140.The City of God
Dinah Maria (Mulock) Craik. 1826–1887. 141.The Human Temple
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1828–1882. 142.The Sea-Limits
143.The Monochord
George Meredith. 1828–1909. 144.Outer and Inner
Henry Nutcombe Oxenham. 1819–1888. 145.The Child-Christ on the Cross
Christina Georgina Rossetti. 1830–1894. 146.Hymn, after Gabriele Rossetti
147.After Communion
Thomas Edward Brown. 1830–1897. 148.Pain
149.My Garden
151.Land, Ho!
Jean Ingelow. 1830–1897. 153.From ‘Scholar and Carpenter
Sir Edwin Arnold. 1832–1904. 154.From ‘The Light of Asia
Sir Lewis Morris. 1833–1907. 155.A Heathen Hymn
156.A New Orphic Hymn
Richard Watson Dixon. 1833–1900. 157.Rapture: An Ode
Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel. 1834–1894. 158.From ‘Pan
159.From ‘De Profundis
Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall. 1835–1911. 160.From ‘Sîva
Frances Ridley Havergal. 1836–1879. 161.From ‘The Thoughts of God
Algernon Charles Swinburne. 1837–1909. 162.Hertha
163.A Nympholept
John Addington Symonds. 1840–1893. 164.The Vanishing Point
165.The Prism of Life
166.Adventante Deo
167.An Invocation
Ellen Mary Clerke. 1840–1906. 168.The Building and Pinnacle of the Temple
Henry Bernard Carpenter. 1840–1900. 169.From ‘Liber Amoris
Harriet Eleanor Hamilton-King. b. 1840. 170.The Bride Reluctant
171.From ‘The Disciples
Sarah Williams. 1841–1868. 172.Deep-sea Soundings
Robert Buchanan. 1841–1901. 173.The Tree of Life
174.From ‘The City of Dream
175.From ‘The City of Dream
James Rhoades. b. 1841. 176.O Soul of Mine!
177.From ‘Out of the Silence
Frederick William Henry Myers. 1843–1901. 178.Sunrise
179.A Cosmic Outlook
180.From ‘Saint Paul
181.A Last Appeal
Edward Dowden. 1843–1913. 182.By the Window
185.A New Hymn for Solitude
186.The Secret of the Universe
187.The Initiation
188.Love’s Lord
Frederick William Orde Ward. b. 1843. 189.The Beatific Vision
Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy. 1844–1881. 191.The Lover
192.En Soph
Gerard Manley Hopkins. 1844–1889. 193.The Habit of Perfection
194.God’s Grandeur
195.Mary Mother of Divine Grace, compared to the Air we breathe
Edward Carpenter. b. 1844. 196.By the Shore
197.Love’s Vision
198.Over the Great City
199.So Thin a Veil
200.The World-Spirit
Samuel Waddington. b. 1844. 201.A Persian Apologue
John Bannister Tabb. 1845–1909. 202.The Life-tide
204.An Interpreter
205.Christ and the Pagan
206.All in All
Emily Henrietta Hickey. b. 1845. 207.The Greatest of these is Charity
George Barlow. 1847–1913. 208.The Immortal and the Mortal
Digby Mackworth Dolben. 1848–1867. 209.Strange, all-absorbing Love
210.Flowers for the Altar
Christina Catherine Fraser-Tytler (Mrs. Edward Liddell). b. 1848. 211.In Summer Fields
William Ernest Henley. 1849–1903. 212.I am the Reaper
Edmund Gosse. b. 1849. 213.The Tide of Love
214.Old and New
Edmond Gore Alexander Holmes. 1850–1906. 215.The Creed of My Heart
217.La Vie Profonde
218.The God Within
Francis William Bourdillon. b. 1852. 219.The Chantry of the Cherubim
William James Dawson. b. 1854. 220.Inspirations
Edith Matilda Thomas. b. 1854. 221.Patmos
222.Spirit to Spirit
Oscar Wilde. 1856–1900. 223.E Tenebris
224.From ‘Panthea
225.From ‘Humanitad
William Sharp. 1856–1902. 226.The Valley of Silence
228.The White Peace
229.The Rose of Flame
230.The Mystic’s Prayer
Margaret Deland. b. 1857. 232.Life
Agnes Mary Frances Duclaux (Robinson-Darmesteter). b. 1857. 233.Rhythm
234.The Idea
235.Antiphon to the Holy Spirit
May Probyn.  236.The Beloved
Sir James Rennell Rodd. b. 1858. 237.From ‘In Excelsis
Victor James Daley. 1858–1905. 238.The Voice of the Soul
Francis Thompson. 1859–1907. 239.The Hound of Heaven
240.From ‘The Mistress of Vision
241.Orient Ode
242.Assumpta Mariam
243.The Veteran of Heaven
244.Desiderium Indesideratum
245.The Kingdom of God
Henry Charles Beeching.  246.The Tree of Life
Arthur Edward Waite. b. 1860. 247.At the End of Things
248.A Ladder of Life
250.How I came to the Sea
251.Of Consummation
252.The Morality of the Lost Word
Archibald Lampman. 1861–1899. 253.The Clearer Self
254.Peccavi, Domine
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge. 1861–1907. 255.He came unto His own, and His own received Him not
256.Good Friday in my Heart
257.After St. Augustine
Bliss Carman. b. 1861. 258.Veni Creator
259.A Creature Catechism
260.On Love
Alice Meynell. b. 1847. 261.To a Daisy
262.Via, et Veritas, et Vita
263.The Unknown God
264.In Portugal, 1912
265.Christ in the Universe
Katherine Tynan Hinkson. b. 1861. 266.The Beloved
267.The Flying Wheel
Sir Henry Newbolt. b. 1862. 268.The Final Mystery
Arthur Christopher Benson. b. 1862. 269.Prayer
George Santayana. b. 1863. 270.O World, thou choosest not
271.O Martyred Spirit
Herbert Trench. b. 1865. 272.Lindisfarne
273.I Seek Thee in the Heart Alone
William Butler Yeats. b. 1865. 274.The Rose of Battle
275.To the Secret Rose
Arthur Symons. b. 1865. 276.The Ecstasy
277.Indian Meditation
278.The Turning Dervish
Madison Julius Cawein. 1865–1914. 279.Sibylline
280.The Watcher on the Tower
Walter Leslie Wilmshurst. b. 1866. 282.Anima Naturae
283.Nox Nivosa
284.The Mystery of Light
Richard Le Gallienne. b. 1866. 285.The Second Crucifixion
Laurence Housman. b. 1865. 286.The Continuing City
287.The Mystery of the Incarnation
288.Love, the Tempter
289.A Prayer for the Healing of the Wounds of Christ
George William Russell (A.E.). b. 1867. 290.Star Teachers
292.The City
Charles Weekes. b. 1867. 296.That
Dora Sigerson Shorter. b. 1866. 297.I am the World
Jane Barlow. b. 1857. 298.Beyond all Shores and Seas
299.One and All
James Stephens. b. 1882. 300.The Seeker
301.The Fullness of Time
302.The Breath of Life
John Charles Earle.  303.Onward and Upward
304.Lo, I am with you always
305.Found of them that sought Him not
306.Bodily Extension
Arthur Shearly Cripps. b. 1869. 307.Missa Viatoris
308.An Easter Hymn
309.The Black Christ
310.From ‘The Death of St. Francis
Robert Hugh Benson. 1871–1914. 311.The Teresian Contemplative
312.From ‘Christian Evidences
Gilbert Keith Chesterton. b. 1874. 313.The Holy of Holies
Aleister Crowley.  314.The Quest
315.The Neophyte
316.The Rose and the Cross
Evelyn Underhill (Mrs. Stuart Moore). b. 1875. 317.Immanence
319.Uxbridge Road
320.Regnum Caelorum Vim Patitur
321.Corpus Christi
Ella Dietz.  322.Emanation
323.The King’s Daughter
Harold Monro. b. 1879. 324.God
Alfred Noyes. b. 1880. 325.The Loom of Years
326.Art, the Herald
327.The Paradox
329.The Two Worlds
Rachel Annand Taylor. b. 1876. 330.The Immortal Hour
331.The Night Obscure of the Soul
332.The Question
Anonymous.  333.At the Feet of Isis
334.A Ballade of the Centre
John Masefield.  335.The Ballad of Sir Bors
336.The Seekers
337.From ‘The Everlasting Mercy
Michael Field.  338.Midsummer Night’s Dream
339.Where the Blessed Feet Have Trod
Lascelles Abercrombie. b. 1881. 340.Emblems of Love
Joseph Mary Plunkett. 1887–1916. 341.I saw the Sun at Midnight, rising red
342.I see His Blood upon the Rose
David Atwood Wasson. 1823–1887. 343.The Mystic
Clarence A. Walworth.  344.Musa Extatica
Alfred Gurney.  345.The New World
Edwin J. Ellis.  346.Preface to ‘Fate in Arcadia
347.The Wanderer
John Gray. b. 1893. 348.The Tree of Knowledge
349.On the Holy Trinity
Eugene Mason. b. 1862. 350.Apparition
Fred. G. Bowles.  351.Resurrection
352.An Insurgent of Art
Nora Chesson. 1871–1906. 353.Hertha
Eva Gore-Booth.  354.The Quest
Susan Mitchell.  357.The Living Chalice
359.Love’s Mendicant
James H. Cousins.  360.The Quest
Alice Mary Buckton.  362.The Great Response
363.Before the Dawn
Anna Bunston (Mrs. De Bary).  364.A Basque Peasant returning from Church
365.A Great Mystery
366.O Sovereign Lord, Thou Lover of Men’s Souls!’
367.Under a Wiltshire Apple Tree
Darrell Figgis.  368.Slaibh Mor
Clifford Bax. b. 1886. 369.The Meaning of Man
Elsa Barker.  370.He who knows Love
371.The Slumberer
372.The Mystic Rose
Paul Hookham.  374.A Meditation
Wilfred Rowland Mary Childe. b. 1890. 375.Foreword
376.Turris Eburnea
Sarojini Nayadu.  377.The Soul’s Prayer
378.In Salutation to the Eternal Peace
379.To a Buddha seated on a Lotus
R. A. Eric Shepherd.  380.Intimations
C. M. Verschoyle.  381.Crucifixion on the Mountain
382.The Deliverer
Amy K. Clarke.  383.Vision of Him
Ruth Temple Lindsay.  384.The Hunters
Horace Holley.  385.The Stricken King
John Oxenham.  386.Everymaid
John Spencer Muirhead.  387.Quiet
Gertrude M. Hort.  388.The Paradox
Harold E. Goad.  390.Spring’s Sacrament



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