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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).  An American Anthology, 1787–1900.  1900.
III. Second Lyrical Period
(In Three Divisions)
From the Beginning of the Civil War to the Hundredth Presidential Year—1861–1889

Division II
(Gilder, O’Reilly, Maurice Thompson, Father Tabb, Emma Lazarus, Mrs. Cortissoz, Edith Thomas, Eugene Field, Bates, Markham, Whitcomb Riley, Ina Coolbrith, R. U. Johnson, and Others)

Richard Watson Bilder. Ode
The Celestial Passion
I Count My Time by Times That I Meet Thee
On the Life-Mask of Abraham Lincoln
The Sonnet
Evening in Tyringham Valley
Hast Thou Heard the Nightingale?
The Cello
A Child
Ah, Be Not False
Of One Who Neither Sees nor Hears
The Birds of Bethlehem
The Song of a Heathen
The Heroic Age
Edward Willard Watson. Absolution
John Boyle O’Reilly. From “Wendell Phillips
At Best
An Art Master
A Savage
A White Rose
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward. The Lost Colors
The Room’s Width
Gloucester Harbor
Francis Howard Williams. Electra
Walt Whitman
Maurice Thompson. The Lion’s Cub
An Early Bluebird
Written on a Fly-Leaf of Theocritus
A Flight Shot
A Creole Slave-Song
A Prophecy
Mary Thacher Higginson. Changelings
In the Dark
John Henry Boner. Poe’s Cottage at Fordham
We Walked among the Whispering Pines
The Light’ood Fire
John Banister Tabb. Evolution
The Water-Lily
To Shelley
The Sisters
The Departed
Indian Summer
The Druid
The Child
Sarah Chauncey Woolsey. Helen
Gulf Stream
Gertrude Bloede. Night after Night
My Father’s Child
Soul, Wherefore Fret Thee?
Will Carleton. Out of the Old House, Nancy
Ina Coolbrith. When the Grass Shall Cover Me
The Mariposa Lily
Helen Hunt Jackson
Lloyd Mifflin. Sonnets
James Jeffrey Roche. The Kearsarge
My Comrade
The Skeleton at the Feast
Alice Wellington Rollins. The Death of Azron
Many Things Thou Hast Given Me, Dear Heart
Vita Benefica
Alice Williams Brotherton. The Blazing Heart
My Enemy
Walter Learned. With a Spray of Apple Blossoms
The Last Reservation
On the Fly-Leaf of Manon Lescaut
In Explanation
To Critics
Henry Augustin Beers. Posthumous
On a Miniature
Biftek Aux Champignons
Ecce in Deserto
The Singer of One Song
Arthur Sherburne Hardy. Duality
Iter Supremum
William Young. From “Wishmakers’ Town
Philomel to Corydon
Will Henry Thompson. The High Tide at Gettysburg
Come Love or Death
Charles De Kay. Arcana Sylvarum
Ulf in Ireland
Edward King. The Tsigane’s Canzonet
A Woman’s Execution
Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen. Thoralf and Synnöv
Joel Chandler Harris. The Plough-Hands’ Song
My Honey, My Love
John Vance Cheney. The Happiest Heart
The Strong
Every One to His Own Way
Evening Songs
The Skilful Listener
O. C. Auringer. The Flight of the War-Eagle
The Ballad of Oriskany
Emma Lazarus. On the Proposal to Erect a Monument in England to Lord Byron
Venus of the Louvre
The Cranes of Ibycus
The Banner of the Jew
The Crowing of the Red Cock
The New Ezekiel
Grace Denio Litchfield. My Letter
To a Hurt Child
My Other Me
Francis Saltus Saltus. The Andalusian Sereno
The Sphinx Speaks
The Bayadere
The Ideal
Lucy White Jennison. A Dream of Death
The Burden of Love
Laura Elizabeth Richards. A Song of Two Angels
Where Helen Sits
A Valentine
George Houghton. Sandy Hook
The Handsel Ring
The Manor Lord
Eugene Field. Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
Garden and Cradle
In the Firelight
Nightfall in Dordrecht
The Dinkey-Bird
Little Boy Blue
The Lyttel Boy
Our Two Opinions
The Bibliomaniac’s Prayer
Dibdin’s Ghost
Echoes from the Sabine Farm
Robert Burns Wilson. It Is in Winter That We Dream of Spring
The Dead Player
To a Crow
The Sunrise of the Poor
Such Is the Death the Soldier Dies
Ballad of the Faded Field
Arlo Bates. America
In Paradise
The Cyclamen
Like to a Coin
The Watchers
On the Road to Chorrera
A Winter Twilight
Florence Earle Coates. Perdita
George Parsons Lathrop. The Flown Soul
The Sunshine of Thine Eyes
The Voice of the Void
The Child’s Wish Granted
Keenan’s Charge
Rose Hawthorne Lathrop. Give Me Not Tears
A Song before Grief
The Clock’s Song
Charles Francis Richardson. Prayer
After Death
A Conjecture
Edwin Markham. The Man with the Hoe
My Comrade
A Look into the Gulf
The Last Furrow
The Whirlwind Road
Joy of the Morning
Richard Edwin Day. England
To Shakespeare
Maurice Francis Egan. Maurice de Guérin
He Made Us Free
The Old Violin
The Shamrock
Nathan Haskell Dole. Russia
To an Imperilled Traveller
A Russian Fantasy
Henry Van Dyke. An Angler’s Wish
The Veery
Roslin and Hawthornden
The Lily of Yorrow
Four Things
Joseph I. C. Clarke. The Fighting Race
Charles Henry Phelps. Henry Ward Beecher
Rare Moments
Robert Underwood Johnson. From “The Voice of Webster
As a Bell in a Chime
The Wistful Days
In Tesla’s Laboratory
Browning at Asolo
The Blossom of the Soul
Richard Kendall Munkittrick. At the Shrine
A Bulb
To Miguel de Cervantes Saavadra
Craven Langstroth Betts. The Hollyhocks
Don Quixote
To the Moonflower
Ellen Mackay Hutchinson Cortissoz. Moth-Song
Her Picture
On Kingston Bridge
So Wags the World
Praise-God Barebones
Pamela in Town
April Fantasie
Quaker Ladies
The Bride’s Toilette
A Cry from the Shore
Thomas Nelson Page. Uncle Gabe’s White Folks
James Whitcomb Riley. When She Comes Home
The Old Man and Jim
A Life-Lesson
The Way the Baby Woke
The Way the Baby Slept
Ike Walton’s Prayer
On the Death of Little Mahala Ashcraft
Little Orphant Annie
Honey Dripping from the Comb
A Man by the Name of Bolus
Love’s Prayer
Louis James Block. The Garden Where There Is No Winter
Maybury Fleming. To Demeter
What Though the Green Leaf Grow?
To Sleep
William Cranston Lawton. Song, Youth, and Sorrow
My Fatherland
Katherine Eleanor Conway. The Heaviest Cross of All
Irwin Russell. De Fust Banjo
Charles Leonard Moore. To England
From the “Book of Day-Dreams
Edith Matilda Thomas. The Betrayal of the Rose
The Tears of the Poplars
The Quiet Pilgrim
Mother England
Breath of Hampstead Heath
Thefts of the Morning
A Far Cry to Heaven
The Mother Who Died Too
Winter Sleep
From “The Inverted Torch
Samuel Minturn Peck. Sassafras
A Southern Girl
The Captain’s Feather
My Little Girl
Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton. Pray for the Dead
The Egyptian Lotus
  Additional Selections.
Margaret Thomson Janvier. Little Wild Baby
David Starr Jordan. Vivérols
Mary Kyle Dallas. He ’d Nothing but His Violin
Homer Greene. What My Lover Said
Ella Dietz Glynes. Unless
George Tracy Elliot. Winter Twilight
Chauncey Hickox. Under the Red Cross
Emma Huntington Nason. A Child’s Question
Lilian Whiting. The Mystery
Richard Rogers Bowker. Thomas à Kempis
Arthur Peterson. Kelpius’s Hymn
Wallace Bruce. Two Argosies
Frederick Wadsworth Loring. In the Old Churchyard at Fredericksburg
Eugene Fitch Ware. The Aztec City
Julian Hawthorne. Were-Wolf
Ernest Francisco Fenollosa. The Golden Age
John Vance Cheney. The Man with the Hoe
Agnes Carter Mason. Whenever a Little Child Is Born
Emily Dickinson. Morning
Mary Mapes Dodge. Snowflakes
Henrietta Robins Eliot. Why It Was Cold in May
Clara Doty Bates. Thistle-Down
Edith Matilda Thomas. A Little Boy’s Vain Regret
Anna M. Pratt. A Mortifying Mistake
Early News
Mary Frances Butts. A Million Little Diamonds
George Cooper. Only One
Josiah Gilbert Holland. Lullaby
George Washington Cable. Written in the Visitors’ Book at the Birthplace of Robert Burns
The New Arrival
George Augustus Baker. Thoughts on the Commandments
Brander Matthews. An American Girl
William De Lancey Ellwanger. To Jessie’s Dancing Feet



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