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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).  An American Anthology, 1787–1900.  1900.
IV. Close of the Century
Typical Poets and Poetry of the Final Years—1890–1900

Frances Laughton Mace. The Succession
Langdon Elwyn Mitchell. From “To a Writer of the Day
To One Being Old
The Wayside Virgin
Written at the End of a Book
Wallace Rice. Under the Stars
The End
Immortal Flowers
Robert Cameron Rogers. The Dancing Faun
A Sleeping Priestess of Aphrodite
Virgil’s Tomb
The Shadow Rose
A Health at the Ford
The Rosary
Vance Thompson. Symbols
Linen Bands
Ella Higginson. Beggars
Moonrise in the Rockies
The Lamp in the West
The Grand Ronde Valley
Four-Leaf Clover
John Kendrick Bangs. To a Whithered Rose
May 30, 1893
The Little Elf
Sophie Jewett. If Spirits Walk
When Nature Hath Betrayed the Heart That Loved Her
A Smiling Demon of Notre Dame
Evaleen Stein. Budding-Time Too Brief
In Mexico
In Youth
Flood-Time on the Marshes
Lucy Robinson. The Fire i’ the Flint
Hic Me, Pater Optime, Fessam Deseris
A Ballade of Islands
Oliver Herford. Proem
A Belated Violet
Why Ye Blossome Cometh before Ye Leafe
The Elf and the Dormouse
The Mon-Goos
Amélie Troubetzkoy. A Mood
Before the Rain
A Sonnet
Gertrude Hall. Mrs. Golightly
The Dust
My Old Counselor
Elaine Goodale Eastman. A Countrywoman of Mine
Ashes of Roses
Winifred Howells. Forthfaring
The Poet and the Child
A Wasted Sympathy
A Mood
Richard Hovey. The Wander-Lovers
The Call of the Bugles
Unmanifest Destiny
Love in the Winds
Dartmouth Winter-Song
Laurana’s Song
From “The Birth of Galahad
From “Taliesin: a Masque
Julie Mathilde Lippmann. Love and Life
Stone Walls
The Pines
Mark A. De Wolfe Howe. The Travellers
Whom the Gods Love
Madison Cawein. Proem
The Rain-Crow
To a Wind-Flower
The Soul
The Creek-Road
Ku Klux
John Bennett. Songs from “Master Sky-Lark
God Bless You, Dear, Today!
Her Answer
Edward Lucas White. The Last Bowstrings
Martha Gilbert Dickinson. Reality
A Priest’s Prayer
Forgiveness Lane
Her Music
Walter Malone. October in Tennessee
He Who Hath Loved
John Jerome Rooney. Joined the Blues
The Homing
The Men behind the Guns
Where Helen Comes
The Ráhat
A Beam of Light
Anne Reeve Aldrich. A Song about Singing
In November
Music of Hungary
A Crowned Poet
Love’s Change
April—and Dying
A Little Parable
Death at Daybreak
The Eternal Justice
Herbert Bates. Prairie
The Heavens Are Our Riddle
John Russell Hayes. From “The Old-Fashioned Garden
Dora Read Goodale. The Flight of the Heart
The Soul of Man
The Judgement
Joseph Russell Taylor. The Flute
The Veery-Thrush
Arthur Colton. A Song with a Discord
To Faustine
Philip Henry Savage. Morning
Barrett Eastman. Richard Somers
Joy Enough
William Vaughn Moody. From “An Ode in Time of Hesitation
Frederic Lawrence Knowles. Nature: the Artist
A Pasture
Edwin Arlington Robinson. Luke Havergal
Ballade of Dead Friends
The Clerks
The Pity of the Leaves
The House on the Hill
Caroline Duer. An International Episode
A Portrait
A Word to the Wise
Alice Duer Miller. Song
A Sonnet
Edward A. U. Valentine. Helen
The Spirit of the Wheat
Alice Archer (Sewall) James. Sinfonia Eroica
The Butterfly
Stephen Crane. The Peaks
The Black Riders
The Wayfarer
The Violets
I Explain
Herbert Bashford. The Arid Lands
By the Pacific
Night in Camp
Morning in Camp
Rupert Hughes. For Decoration Day
Paul Laurence Dunbar. A Corn-Song
Harriet Beecher Stowe
On the Road
A Death Song
Mary McNeil Fenollosa. Sunrise in the Hills of Satsuma
Flying Fish
Miyoko San
A Drifting Petal
Morning Fancy
Grace Ellery Channing-Stetson. England
A Song of Arno
Guy Wetmore Carryl. When the Great Gray Ships Come In
The Sycophantic Fox and the Gullible Raven
Mildred Howells. Romance
A Moral in Sevres
Down a Woodland Way
George Cabot Lodge. A Song of the Wave
Hildegarde Hawthorne. A Song
My Rose
Josephine Preston Peabody. Prelude
Sonnet in a Garden
A Changeling Grateful
After Music
A Far-Off Rose
Joseph Leiser. Kol Nidra
Howard Weeden. The Banjo of the Past
The Borrowed Child
Wilbur Underwood. The Cattle of His Hand
Ednah Proctor (Clarke) Hayes. To a Wild Rose Found in October
A Good-by
The Deathless
The Mocking-Bird
The Dancer
Frederic Ridgely Torrence. From “The House of a Hundred Lights
Helen Hay. To Diane
A Woman’s Pride
Love’s Kiss
Was There Another Spring
Does the Pearl Know?
Sigh Not for Love
George Sidney Hellman. Coleridge
The Hudson
Beatrix Demarest Lloyd. Love and Time
With Roses
  Additional Selections.
Henry Holcomb Bennett. The Flag Goes By
Thomas Fleming Day. The Coasters
Eugene Richard White. Of the Lost Ship
Charles Augustus Keeler. Camilla
Bertha Brooks Runkle. The Song of the Sons of Esau
Julia Neely Finch. The Unborn
Van Tassel Sutphen. Deep Waters
Margaret Gilman (George) Davidson. Moritura
Harry Bache Smith. The Long Night
Cora Fabbri. White Roses
Katherine Miller. Stevenson’s Birthday
George Santayana. Sonnets
Arthur Grissom. The Artist
Clarence Hawkes. The Mountain to the Pine
Edith Wharton. Experience
Francis Brooks. Intaglios
Robert Loveman. Quatrains
Robert William Chambers. The Recruit
George Fauvel Gouraud. The Little Nipper an’ ’is Ma
Gouverneur Morris. D’Artagnan’s Ride
Charles Edward Thomas. To a Moth
Percy Adams Hutchison. Methinks the Measure
Joel Elias Spingarn. Helios
James Naumberg Rosenberg. Darkness
Philip Becker Goetz. Whither
Algernon Tassin. Attainment
Robert Louis Munger. God’s Will
Jeannette Bliss Gillespy. Cameos
John Erskine. The Song
Eugene Howell Daly. Alpheus and Arethusa
Russell Hillard Loines. On a Magazine Sonnet
Edward Augustus Blount, Jr. A Crew Poem
George Sidney Hellman. In a China Shop
George Lynde Richardson. Classical Criticism
Charles Edward Taylor. For Sale, a Horse
Charles Edmund Merrill, Jr. Persicos Odi
Zitella Cocke. Miss Nancy’s Gown
Mary Berri (Chapman) Hansbrough. The Journey
Caroline Wilder (Fellowes) Paradise. Little Theocritus
Mary Eleanor Wilkins. Now Is the Cherry in Blossom
Marguerite Merington. Hey Nonny No
Grace Atherton Dennen. Gold-of-Ophir Roses
Morris Rosenfeld. I Know Not Why
Elizabeth Green Crane. Gentian
Margaret Fuller. Dryad Song
Marie Van Vorst. Sing Again
Joseph B. Gilder. The Parting of the Ways



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