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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).  An American Anthology, 1787–1900.  1900.
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George Cooper. Only One
James Fenimore Cooper. My Brigantine
Ellen Mackay Hutchinson Cortissoz. A Cry from the Shore
April Fantasie
Her Picture
On Kingston Bridge
Pamela in Town
Praise-God Barebones
Quaker Ladies
So Wags the World
The Bride’s Toilette
Arthur Cleveland Coxe. Iona
Christopher Pearse Cranch. Stanza from an Early Poem
The Bobolinks
The Pines and the Sea
Charles Henry Crandall. Stella
The Human Plan
With Lilacs
Elizabeth Green Crane. Gentian
Stephen Crane. Ancestry
I Explain
The Black Riders
The Peaks
The Violets
The Wayfarer
William Augustus Croffut. A Living Memory
Ernest Crosby. Choir Practice
The Search
The Soul of the World
William Croswell. The Clouds
George William Curtis. Ebb and Flow
Elbridge Jefferson Cutler. The Volunteer
Mary Kyle Dallas. He ’d Nothing but His Violin
Eugene Howell Daly. Alpheus and Arethusa
Richard Henry Dana. Immortality
The Chanting Cherubs
The Little Beach-Bird
The Moss supplicateth for the Poet
Danske Dandridge. The Dead Moon
The Spirit of the Fall
Margaret Gilman (George) Davidson. Moritura
Rufus Dawes. Love Unchangeable
Daniel Lewis Dawson. The Seeker in the Marshes
Richard Edwin Day. England
To Shakespeare
Thomas Fleming Day. The Coasters
Charles De Kay. Arcana Sylvarum
Ulf in Ireland
Margaret Deland. Love and Death
Love’s Wisdom
Sent with a Rose to a Young Lady
The Clover
Grace Atherton Dennen. Gold-of-Ophir Roses
Mary Ainge De Vere. A Breath
A Farewell
Faith Trembling
Friend and Lover
God Keep You
Poet and Lark
The Spinner
The Wind-Swept Wheat
When the Most Is Said
George Washington Dewey. Blind Louise
Charles Monroe Dickinson. The Children
Emily Dickinson. Life
Time and Eternity
Martha Gilbert Dickinson. A Priest’s Prayer
Forgiveness Lane
Her Music
Anna Peyre Dinnies. The Wife
George Washington Doane. Evening
Robin Redbreast
William Croswell Doane. Ancient of Days
Mary Barker Dodge. Now
Once Before
The Stars
The Two Mysteries
Nathan Haskell Dole. A Russian Fantasy
To an Imperilled Traveller
John Aylmer Dorgan. The Beautiful
The Dead Solomon
Joseph Rodman Drake. From “The Culprit Fay
The American Flag
The Man Who Frets at Worldly Strife
The National Paintings
Caroline Duer. An International Episode
A Portrait
A Word to the Wise
Samuel Willoughby Duffield. Two of a Trade
Paul Laurence Dunbar. A Corn-Song
A Death Song
Harriet Beecher Stowe
On the Road
Francis Alexander Durivage. Chez Brébant
Timothy Dwight. Love to the Church
The Smooth Divine
Marguerite Elizabeth Easter. My Laddie’s Hounds
Barrett Eastman. Joy Enough
Richard Somers
Charles Gamage Eastman. Dirge
Elaine Goodale Eastman. A Countrywoman of Mine
Ashes of Roses
Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton. Pray for the Dead
The Egyptian Lotus
Maurice Francis Egan. He Made Us Free
Maurice de Guérin
The Old Violin
The Shamrock
Henrietta Robins Eliot. Why It Was Cold in May
George Tracy Elliot. Winter Twilight
Erastus Wolcott Ellsworth. From “What Is the Use?”
The Mayflower
William De Lancey Ellwanger. To Jessie’s Dancing Feet
Emma Catharine Embury. Love Unsought
Ralph Waldo Emerson. Brahma
Concord Hymn
Each and All
From “Woodnotes
The Earth
The Humble-Bee
The Problem
The Rhodora
The Snow-Storm
The Test
Thomas Dunn English. Ben Bolt
John Erskine. The Song
Cora Fabbri. White Roses
Ernest Francisco Fenollosa. The Golden Age
Mary McNeil Fenollosa. A Drifting Petal
Flying Fish
Miyoko San
Morning Fancy
Sunrise in the Hills of Satsuma
Eugene Field. Dibdin’s Ghost
Echoes from the Sabine Farm
Garden and Cradle
In the Firelight
Little Boy Blue
Nightfall in Dordrecht
Our Two Opinions
The Bibliomaniac’s Prayer
The Dinkey-Bird
The Lyttel Boy
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
Annie Fields. Little Guinever
On Waking from a Dreamless Sleep
Song, to the Gods, Is Sweetest Sacrifice
The Return
James Thomas Fields. Common Sense
With Wordsworth at Rydal
Francis Miles Finch. The Blue and the Gray
Julia Neely Finch. The Unborn
Henry Lynden Flash. Stonewall Jackson
Maybury Fleming. To Demeter
To Sleep
What Though the Green Leaf Grow?
Lucius Harwood Foote. Don Juan
El Vaquero
On the Heights
The Derelict
Sam Walter Foss. The Town of Hay
Stephen Collins Foster. Massa’s in de Cold Ground
My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night
Old Folks at Home
Philip Freneau. Death’s Epitaph
Eutaw Springs
On a Travelling Speculator
On the Ruins of a Country Inn
Plato to Theon
Song of Thyrsis
The Indian Burying-Ground
The Parting Glass
The Scurrilous Scribe
The Wild Honeysuckle
To a Caty-Did
To a Honey Bee
Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham. The Crossed Swords
Margaret Fuller. Dryad Song
William Henry Furness. Evening Hymn
William Davis Gallagher. Autumn in the West
The Cardinal Bird
William Henry Gardner. When Love Comes Knocking
Hamlin Garland. A Tribute of Grasses
A Wish
Do You Fear the Wind?
In the Grass
The Gift of Water
The Gold-Seekers
The Greeting of the Roses
The Massasauga
The Meadow Lark
The Ute Lover
Wendell Phillips Garrison. Post-Meridian
William Lloyd Garrison. Freedom for the Mind
Liberty for All
Joseph B. Gilder. The Parting of the Ways
Jeannette Bliss Gillespy. Cameos
Ella Dietz Glynes. Unless
Philip Becker Goetz. Whither
Dora Read Goodale. The Flight of the Heart
The Judgement
The Soul of Man
Samuel Griswold Goodrich. Lake Superior
Armistead Churchill Gordon. Kree
Roses of Memory
Hannah Flagg Gould. A Name in the Sand
George Fauvel Gouraud. The Little Nipper an’ ’is Ma
David Gray. Divided
On Lebanon
The Cross of Gold
Albert Gorton Greene. The Baron’s Last Banquet
Homer Greene. What My Lover Said
Sarah Pratt McLean Greene. De Sheepfol
The Lamp
Arthur Grissom. The Artist
Louise Imogen Guiney. A Footnote to a Famous Lyric
In Leinster
Martyr’s Memorial
Ode for a Master Mariner Ashore
Of Joan’s Youth
On First Entering Westminster Abbey
Pax Paganica
The Wild Ride
Valse Jeune
Francis Barton Gummere. John Bright
Edward Everett Hale. Alma Mater’s Roll
Sarah Josepha Hale. Alice Ray
The Watcher
Halleck and Drake. Ode to Fortune
Fitz-Greene Halleck. Alnwick Castle
Marco Bozzaris
On the Death of Joseph Rodman Drake
Red Jacket
Gertrude Hall. Angels
Mrs. Golightly
My Old Counselor
The Dust
Charles Graham Halpine. Sambo’s Right to Be Kilt
Mary Berri (Chapman) Hansbrough. The Journey
Arthur Sherburne Hardy. Duality
Iter Supremum
Will Wallace Harney. Adonais
The Stab
Joel Chandler Harris. My Honey, My Love
The Plough-Hands’ Song
Thomas Lake Harris. California
Francis Bret Harte. At the Hacienda
The Aged Stranger
The Society upon the Stanislaus
What the Bullet Sang
Thomas Hastings. Exhortation
In Sorrow
The Latter Day
Clarence Hawkes. The Mountain to the Pine
Hildegarde Hawthorne. A Song
My Rose
Julian Hawthorne. Were-Wolf
Nathaniel Hawthorne. The Star of Calvary
Ednah Proctor (Clarke) Hayes. A Good-by
The Dancer
The Deathless
The Mocking-Bird
To a Wild Rose Found in October
John Russell Hayes. From “The Old-Fashioned Garden
Helen Hay. A Woman’s Pride
Does the Pearl Know?
Love’s Kiss
Sigh Not for Love
To Diane
Was There Another Spring
John Hay. Christine
Little Breeches
Pike County Ballads
The Stirrup-Cup
The Surrender of Spain
Paul Hamilton Hayne. A Little While I Fain Would Linger Yet
Aspects of the Pines
A Storm in the Distance
Between the Sunken Sun and the New Moon
In Harbor
The Rose and Thorn
William Hamilton Hayne. A Cyclone at Sea
Sleep and His Brother Death
The Southern Snow-Bird
The Yule Log
To a Cherokee Rose
John Langdon Heaton. Sea Irony
Frederic Henry Hedge. Paraphrase of Luther’s Hymn
George Sidney Hellman. Coleridge
In a China Shop
The Hudson
Henry William Herbert. Come Back
Oliver Herford. A Belated Violet
The Elf and the Dormouse
The Mon-Goos
Why Ye Blossome Cometh before Ye Leafe
Chauncey Hickox. Under the Red Cross



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