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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).  An American Anthology, 1787–1900.  1900.
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Ella Higginson. Beggars
Four-Leaf Clover
Moonrise in the Rockies
The Grand Ronde Valley
The Lamp in the West
Mary Thacher Higginson. Changelings
In the Dark
Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Decoration
Ode to a Butterfly
Since Cleopatra Died
Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made of
The Snowing of the Pines
To Duty
Charles Lotin Hildreth. At the Mermaid Inn
Implora Pace
To an Obscure Poet Who Lives on My Hearth
Benjamin Dionysius Hill. To St. Mary Magdalen
George Hill. Song of the Elfin Steersman
Augustus Lucas Hillhouse. Forgiveness of Sins a Joy unknown to Angels
James Abraham Hillhouse. The Demon-Lover
Henry Beck Hirst. The Fringilla Melodia
The Funeral of Time
Charles Fenno Hoffman. Monterey
Sparkling and Bright
The Mint Julep
Josiah Gilbert Holland. A Christmas Carol
Daniel Gray
Oliver Wendell Holmes. After a Lecture on Keats
Bill and Joe
Cacoëthes Scribendi
Dorothy Q.
Epilogue to the Breakfast Table Series
From “The Iron Gate
Hymn of Trust
La Grisette
Old Ironsides
On Lending a Punch-Bowl
The Chambered Nautilus
The Height of the Ridiculous
The Last Leaf
The Living Temple
The Strong Heroic Line
The Voiceless
Under the Violets
St. John Honeywood. Darby and Joan
Joseph Hopkinson. Hail Columbia
George Horton. A Night in Lesbos
George Houghton. Sandy Hook
The Handsel Ring
The Manor Lord
Richard Hovey. Dartmouth Winter-Song
From “Taliesin: a Masque
From “The Birth of Galahad
Laurana’s Song
Love in the Winds
The Call of the Bugles
The Wander-Lovers
Unmanifest Destiny
Ellen Clementine Howarth. T Is but a Little Faded Flower
Julia Ward Howe. Battle-Hymn of the Republic
Our Orders
Elizabeth Lloyd Howell. Milton’s Prayer of Patience
Mildred Howells. A Moral in Sevres
Down a Woodland Way
William Dean Howells. Change
From Generation to Generation
In Earliest Spring
Judgment Day
The Two Wives
What Shall It Profit?
Winifred Howells. A Mood
A Wasted Sympathy
The Poet and the Child
Mark A. De Wolfe Howe. Distinction
The Travellers
Whom the Gods Love
Edward Howland. The Condemned
Ralph Hoyt. Old
Rupert Hughes. For Decoration Day
William Reed Huntington. Authority
Percy Adams Hutchison. Methinks the Measure
Laurence Hutton. The Doves of Venice
John James Ingalls. Opportunity
John Hall Ingham. A Summer Sanctuary
George Washington
Helen Fiske Jackson. A Last Prayer
Habeas Corpus
Poppies in the Wheat
Alice Archer (Sewall) James. Processional
Sinfonia Eroica
The Butterfly
Margaret Thomson Janvier. Little Wild Baby
Tudor Jenks. Small and Early
The Spirit of the Maine
Lucy White Jennison. A Dream of Death
The Burden of Love
Sophie Jewett. Armistice
A Smiling Demon of Notre Dame
If Spirits Walk
When Nature Hath Betrayed the Heart That Loved Her
Charles Frederick Johnson. The Modern Romans
Then and Now
Robert Underwood Johnson. As a Bell in a Chime
Browning at Asolo
From “The Voice of Webster
In Tesla’s Laboratory
The Blossom of the Soul
The Wistful Days
Rossiter Johnson. A Soldier Poet
Samuel Johnson. Inspiration
The City of God
William Martin Johnson. On Snow-Flakes melting on His Lady’s Breast
David Starr Jordan. Vivérols
Emily Chubbuck Judson. My Bird
Charles Augustus Keeler. Camilla
Frances Anne Kemble. Lament of a Mocking-Bird
James Benjamin Kenyon. Bring Them Not Back
Come Slowly, Paradise
Death and Night
Frederick Keppel. A Plain Man’s Dream
Francis Scott Key. The Star-Spangled Banner
Hannah Parker Kimball. Beyond
One Way of Trusting
Soul and Sense
Harriet McEwen Kimball. All ’s Well
The Guest
White Azaleas
Edward King. A Woman’s Execution
The Tsigane’s Canzonet
Elizabeth Clementine Kinney. A Dream
Moonlight in Italy
The Blind Psalmist
The Quakeress Bride
To the Boy
Frederic Lawrence Knowles. A Pasture
Nature: the Artist
Harry Lyman Koopman. Icarus
John Brown
Sea and Shore
The Satirist
Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar. The Daughter of Mendoza
Sidney Lanier. A Ballad of Trees and the Master
Night and Day
Song for “The Jaquerie
Song of the Chattahoochee
The Harlequin of Dreams
The Marshes of Glynn
The Mocking Bird
The Stirrup-Cup
George Thomas Lanigan. A Threnody
Lucy Larcom. A Strip of Blue
Wilbur Larremore. Blossom Time
Madam Hickory
George Parsons Lathrop. Keenan’s Charge
The Child’s Wish Granted
The Flown Soul
The Sunshine of Thine Eyes
The Voice of the Void
Rose Hawthorne Lathrop. A Song before Grief
Give Me Not Tears
The Clock’s Song
William Cranston Lawton. My Fatherland
Song, Youth, and Sorrow
Emma Lazarus. On the Proposal to Erect a Monument in England to Lord Byron
The Banner of the Jew
The Cranes of Ibycus
The Crowing of the Red Cock
The New Ezekiel
Venus of the Louvre
Walter Learned. In Explanation
On the Fly-Leaf of Manon Lescaut
The Last Reservation
To Critics
With a Spray of Apple Blossoms
James Matthew Legaré. Ahab Mohammed
To a Lily
Amy E. Leigh. If I but Knew
Joseph Leiser. Kol Nidra
Charles Godfrey Leland. El Capitan-General
The Two Friends
William Lindsey. En Garde, Messieurs
The Hundred-Yard Dash
Julie Mathilde Lippmann. Love and Life
Stone Walls
The Pines
Grace Denio Litchfield. My Letter
My Other Me
To a Hurt Child
Beatrix Demarest Lloyd. Love and Time
With Roses
George Cabot Lodge. A Song of the Wave
Russell Hillard Loines. On a Magazine Sonnet
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A Ballad of the French Fleet
A Psalm of Life
From “Evangeline
From “The Building of the Ship
From “The Song of Hiawatha
Hymn to the Night
My Books
My Lost Youth
Serenade from “The Spanish Student
The Arrow and the Song
The Bells of Lynn
The Children’s Hour
The Cumberland
The Skeleton in Armor
The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls
The Village Blacksmith
The Warden of the Cinque Ports
William Wilberforce Lord. From an “Ode to England
From “Worship
On the Defeat of a Great Man
The Brook
To Rosina Pico
Frederick Wadsworth Loring. In the Old Churchyard at Fredericksburg
Robert Loveman. Quatrains
James Russell Lowell. After the Burial
An Autograph
A Stanza on Freedom
Auf Wiedersehen
From “A Fable for Critics
From “Rhœcus
From “The Biglow Papers
From “The Vision of Sir Launfal
In a Copy of Omar Khayyám
International Copyright
In the Twilight
Ode Recited at the Harvard Commemoration
She Came and Went
The First Snow-Fall
Maria White Lowell. Song
The Morning-Glory
Robert Traill Spence Lowell. The After-Comers
The Brave Old Ship, the Orient
Charles Henry Luders. An Old Thought
Heart of Oak
The Four Winds
The Haunts of the Halcyon
The Mountebanks
George Lunt. Requiem
William Haines Lytle. Antony to Cleopatra
Frances Laughton Mace. Alcyone
The Succession
Walter Malone. He Who Hath Loved
October in Tennessee
Edwin Markham. A Look into the Gulf
Joy of the Morning
My Comrade
The Last Furrow
The Man with the Hoe
The Whirlwind Road
Edward Sanford Martin. A Girl of Pompeii
A Little Brother of the Rich
Agnes Carter Mason. Whenever a Little Child Is Born
Caroline Atherton Mason. Sonnets
Mary Augusta Mason. My Little Neighbor
The Scarlet Tanager
Albert Mathews. To an Autumn Leaf
Cornelius Mathews. The Poet
Brander Matthews. An American Girl
William Gordon McCabe. Christmas Night of ’62
Dreaming in the Trenches
Ernest McGaffey. A “Rise
As the Day Breaks
I Fear No Power a Woman Wields
Isaac McLellan. New England’s Dead
Guy Humphreys McMaster. Carmen Bellicosum
Grenville Mellen. The Lonely Bugle Grieves
Herman Melville. An Uninscribed Monument on One of the Battle-Fields of the Wilderness
Crossing the Tropics
The College Colonel
The Eagle of the Blue
The Enviable Isles
Margaret Mercer. Exhortation to Prayer
William Tuckey Meredith. Farragut
Marguerite Merington. Hey Nonny No
Charles Edmund Merrill, Jr. Persicos Odi
Robert Hinckley Messinger. A Winter Wish
Lloyd Mifflin. Sonnets
Alice Duer Miller. A Sonnet
Joaquin Miller. At the Grave of Walker
By the Pacific Ocean
Crossing the Plains
Dead in the Sierras
Peter Cooper
The Voice of the Dove
To Russia
Twilight at the Heights
Westward Ho!
Katherine Miller. Stevenson’s Birthday
Langdon Elwyn Mitchell. From “To a Writer of the Day
The Wayside Virgin
To One Being Old
Written at the End of a Book
Silas Weir Mitchell. A Decanter of Madeira, Aged 86, to George Bancroft, Aged 86, Greeting
Of One Who Seemed to Have Failed
On a Boy’s First Reading of “King Henry V
The Quaker Graveyard
To a Magnolia Flower in the Garden of the Armenian Convent at Venice
Walter Mitchell. Tacking Ship off Shore
Harriet Monroe. A Farewell
From the “Commemoration Ode
In the Beginning
The Fortunate One
The Night-Blooming Cereus
George Edgar Montgomery. A Dead Soldier
At Night
To a Child
William Vaughn Moody. From “An Ode in Time of Hesitation
Charles Leonard Moore. From the “Book of Day-Dreams
To England
Clement Clarke Moore. A Visit from St. Nicholas



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