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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).  An American Anthology, 1787–1900.  1900.
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Edward Rowland Sill. A Prayer
Before Sunrise in Winter
The Coup de Grace
The Fool’s Prayer
The Lover’s Song
William Gilmore Simms. Song in March
The Decay of a People
The Lost Pleiad
The Swamp Fox
Elizabeth Oakes Smith. From “The Sinless Child
The Drowned Mariner
Harry Bache Smith. The Armorer’s Song
The Long Night
The Song of the Turnkey
May Riley Smith. Departure
My Uninvited Guest
Samuel Francis Smith. America
John Lancaster Spalding. Believe and Take Heart
From “God and the Soul
The Starry Host
Susan Marr Spalding. A Song’s Worth
The Sea’s Spell
Joel Elias Spingarn. Helios
Harriet Prescott Spofford. A Sigh
Music in the Night
Phantoms All
The Hunt
The Pines
Charles Sprague. From “Curiosity
The Brothers
The Winged Worshippers
Frank Lebby Stanton. A Little Way
A Plantation Ditty
One Country
The Graveyard Rabbit
The Mocking-Bird
Hattie Starr. Little Alabama Coon
Mary Elizabeth (Hewitt) Stebbins. Harold the Valiant
The Sunflower to the Sun
Edmund Clarence Stedman. Falstaff’s Song
Helen Keller
Kearny at Seven Pines
Mors Benefica
On a Great Man Whose Mind Is Clouding
Pan in Wall Street
Si Jeunesse Savait!
Song from a Drama
The Discoverer
The Hand of Lincoln
The World Well Lost
Evaleen Stein. Budding-Time Too Brief
Flood-Time on the Marshes
In Mexico
In Youth
Charlotte Perkins Stetson. A Common Inference
A Conservative
The Beds of Fleur-de-Lys
Annie R. Stillman. Birth
Henry Jerome Stockard. As Some Mysterious Wanderer of the Skies
Over Their Graves
The Mocking-Bird
Charles Warren Stoddard. Albatross
The Cocoa-Tree
The Royal Mummy to Bohemia
Wind and Wave
Elizabeth Stoddard. A Summer Night
In the Still, Star-Lit Night
Last Days
On the Campagna
The Poet’s Secret
Lavinia Stoddard. The Soul’s Defiance
Richard Henry Stoddard. Abraham Lincoln
A Gazelle
An Old Song Reversed
Melodies and Catches
Mors et Vita
Oriental Songs
The Flight of the Arrow
The Flight of Youth
The Lover
The Witch’s Whelp
William Wetmore Story. Cleopatra
Io Victis
Praxiteles and Phryne
Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe. The Other World
Alfred Billings Street. The Loon
The Settler
Van Tassel Sutphen. Deep Waters
John Banister Tabb. Anonymous
Indian Summer
The Child
The Departed
The Druid
The Sisters
The Water-Lily
To Shelley
William Bingham Tappan. The Hour of Peaceful Rest
Algernon Tassin. Attainment
Frances Dorr (Swift) Tatnall. Art Thou the Same
Bayard Taylor. America
Ariel in the Cloven Pine
Bedouin Song
From “The Sunshine of the Gods
Julia Caroline Ripley Dorr
O Earth! Art Thou Not Weary?
The Quaker Widow
The Song of the Camp
To M. T.
Two Paths
With a Rose from Conway Castle
Charles Edward Taylor. For Sale, a Horse
Joseph Russell Taylor. The Flute
The Veery-Thrush
Celia Thaxter. May Morning
The Sandpiper
Stephen Henry Thayer. Europa
Poet of Earth
The Waiting Chords
William Roscoe Thayer. Man in Nature
The Last Hunt
The Violin’s Complaint
Charles Edward Thomas. To a Moth
Edith Matilda Thomas. A Far Cry to Heaven
A Little Boy’s Vain Regret
Breath of Hampstead Heath
From “The Inverted Torch
Mother England
The Betrayal of the Rose
Thefts of the Morning
The Mother Who Died Too
The Quiet Pilgrim
The Tears of the Poplars
Winter Sleep
Frederick William Thomas. Song
John Randolph Thompson. Ashby
Music in Camp
Maurice Thompson. A Creole Slave-Song
A Flight Shot
An Early Bluebird
A Prophecy
The Lion’s Cub
Written on a Fly-Leaf of Theocritus
Vance Thompson. Linen Bands
Will Henry Thompson. Come Love or Death
The High Tide at Gettysburg
Henry David Thoreau. Inspiration
The Fisher’s Boy
Francis Orrery Ticknor. A Song for the Asking
Little Giffen
The Virginians of the Valley
Lucy Evangeline Tilley. When Even Cometh On
Theodore Tilton. Cœur de Lion to Berengaria
God Save the Nation
Sir Marmaduke’s Musings
The Flight from the Convent
Henry Timrod. At Magnolia Cemetery
The Cotton Boll
Lewis Frank Tooker. His Quest
The Last Fight
Frederic Ridgely Torrence. From “The House of a Hundred Lights
George Alfred Townsend. Army Correspondent’s Last Ride
In Rama
Mary Ashley Townsend. A Georgia Volunteer
Katrina Trask. Aidenn
At Last
Horace L. Traubel. Epicedium
If All the Voices of Men
I Served in a Great Cause
Amélie Troubetzkoy. A Mood
A Sonnet
Before the Rain
John Townsend Trowbridge. Midsummer
The Vagabonds
Annie Eliot Trumbull. To O. S. C.
Henry Theodore Tuckerman. Washington’s Statue
St. George Tucker. Days of My Youth
Wilbur Underwood. The Cattle of His Hand
Clarence Urmy. As I Came Down Mount Tamalpais
Edward A. U. Valentine. Helen
The Spirit of the Wheat
Henry Van Dyke. An Angler’s Wish
Four Things
Roslin and Hawthornden
The Lily of Yorrow
The Veery
Peyton Van Rensselaer. At Twilight
Marie Van Vorst. Sing Again
William Henry Venable. My Catbird
The School Girl
Jones Very. The Dead
The Gifts of God
The Idler
The New World
The Old Road
Lew Wallace. Song from “Ben Hur
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward. Gloucester Harbor
The Lost Colors
The Room’s Width
Samuel Ward. A Proem
William Hayes Ward. The New Castalia
To John Greenleaf Whittier
Eugene Fitch Ware. The Aztec City
Charles Dudley Warner. Bookra
Edward Willard Watson. Absolution
John Elton Wayland. An Epilogue at Wallack’s
Charles Henry Webb. Dum Vivimus Vigilemus
Gil, the Toreador
With a Nantucket Shell
Daniel Webster. On the Death of My Son Charles
Howard Weeden. The Banjo of the Past
The Borrowed Child
Robert Kelley Weeks. A Song for Lexington
Man and Nature
Amelia Coppuck Welby. Twilight at Sea
Edith Wharton. Experience
George Meason Whicher. Bacchylides
Edward Lucas White. Genius
The Last Bowstrings
Eugene Richard White. Of the Lost Ship
Charles Goodrich Whiting. Blue Hills beneath the Haze
The Eagle’s Fall
The Way to Heaven
Lilian Whiting. The Mystery
Sarah Helen Whitman. Sonnets
Walt Whitman. After an Interval
A Sight in Camp in the Day-Break Gray and Dim
Bivouac on a Mountain Side
Cavalry Crossing a Ford
Darest Thou Now O Soul
From “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
From “The Song of Myself
Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun
O Captain! My Captain!
Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking
Still Though the One I Sing
The Dalliance of the Eagles
To the Man-of-War-Bird
Hattie Whitney. A Little Dutch Garden
Joseph Ernest Whitney. A Drop of Ink
John Greenleaf Whittier. An Autograph
Centennial Hymn
From “Snow-Bound
In School-Days
In the “Old South
Maud Muller
Skipper Ireson’s Ride
The Barefoot Boy
The Eternal Goodness
The Farewell
The Swan Song of Parson Avery
The Two Angels
The Vanishers
Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Recrimination
Richard Henry Wilde. A Farewell to America
To the Mocking-Bird
Mary Eleanor Wilkins. Now Is the Cherry in Blossom
William Cleaver Wilkinson. At Marshfield
Emma Hart Willard. Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
Francis Howard Williams. Electra
Walt Whitman
Nathaniel Parker Willis. Parrhasius
The Torn Hat
To Giulia Grisi
Unseen Spirits
Forceythe Willson. From “In State
The Old Sergeant
Alexander Wilson. The Blue-Bird
The Fisherman’s Hymn
Robert Burns Wilson. Ballad of the Faded Field
It Is in Winter That We Dream of Spring
Such Is the Death the Soldier Dies
The Dead Player
The Sunrise of the Poor
To a Crow
William Winter. Adelaide Neilson
I. H. B.
My Queen
On the Verge
The Night Watch
The Passing Bell at Stratford
Unwritten Poems
Theodore Winthrop. But Once
George Edward Woodberry. America to England
At Gibraltar
From “My Country
From “Wild Eden
Love’s Rosary
On a Portrait of Columbus
Song of Eros, in “Agathon
Samuel Woodworth. Loves she like me?
The Bucket
Sarah Chauncey Woolsey. Gulf Stream
Theodore Dwight Woolsey. The Eclipse of Faith
Constance Fenimore Woolson. Yellow Jessamine
William Bull Wright. From “The Brook
Edward Young. Under the Violets
William Young. From “Wishmakers’ Town
Philomel to Corydon



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