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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).  An American Anthology, 1787–1900.  1900.
Index to Titles
“Small and Early”
to “The Pilgrim Fathers”

Small and Early
Song and Science
Song for “The Jaquerie
Song from a Drama
Song from “Ben Hur
Song in March
Song of Egla
Song of Eros, in “Agathon
Song of the Chattahoochee
Song of the Elfin Steersman
Song of the Palm
Song of Thyrsis
Songs from “Master Sky-Lark
Song, to the Gods, Is Sweetest Sacrifice
Song, Youth, and Sorrow
Sonnet in a Garden
Soul and Sense
Soul, Wherefore Fret Thee?
So Wags the World
Sparkling and Bright
Stanza from an Early Poem
Stevenson’s Birthday
Still Though the One I Sing
Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson’s Way
Stone Walls
Such Is the Death the Soldier Dies
Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made of
Sunrise in the Hills of Satsuma
Tacking Ship off Shore
T. A. H.
Tears in Spring
Telling the Bees
Thalatta! Thalatta!
The After-Comers
The Aged Stranger
The American Flag
The Andalusian Sereno
The Angels’ Song
The Antiquity of Freedom
The Appeal to Harold
The Arid Lands
The Armorer’s Song
The Arrow and the Song
The Artist
The Aztec City
The Babie
The Ballad of Oriskany
The Ballot
The Band in the Pines
The Banjo of the Past
The Banner of the Jew
The Barefoot Boy
The Baron’s Last Banquet
The Barren Moors
The Battle-Field
The Bayadere
The Beautiful
The Beds of Fleur-de-Lys
The Bells
The Bells of Lynn
The Betrayal of the Rose
The Bibliomaniac’s Prayer
The Birds of Bethlehem
The Bivouac of the Dead
The Black Riders
The Blazing Heart
The Blind Psalmist
The Blossom of the Soul
The Blue and the Gray
The Blue-Bird
The Bobolinks
The Borrowed Child
The Brave Old Ship, the Orient
The Bride
The Bride’s Toilette
The Brook
The Brothers
The Bucket
The Burden of Love
The Burial of the Dane
The Butterfly
The Call of the Bugles
The Captain’s Feather
The Cardinal Bird
The Cattle of His Hand
The Celestial Passion
The Cello
The Chambered Nautilus
The Chanting Cherubs
The Chaperon
The Child
The Child in the Street
The Children
The Children’s Hour
The Child’s Wish Granted
The City in the Sea
The City of God
The Clerks
The Clock’s Song
The Closing Scene
The Clouds
The Clover
The Clue
The Coasters
The Cocoa-Tree
The College Colonel
The Condemned
The Conquered Banner
The Conqueror’s Grave
The Conqueror Worm
The Contrast
The Coral Grove
The Cotton Boll
The Coup de Grace
The Cowboy
The Cranes of Ibycus
The Creek-Road
The Crossed Swords
The Cross of Gold
The Crowing of the Red Cock
The Crystal
The Cumberland
The Cyclamen
The Dalliance of the Eagles
The Dancer
The Dancing Faun
The Daughter of Mendoza
The Dawning o’ the Year
The Dead
The Dead Moon
The Dead Player
The Dead Solomon
The Deathless
The Death of Azron
The Death of Grant
The Death of Slavery
The Death of the Flowers
The Decay of a People
The Deep
The Demon-Lover
The Departed
The Derelict
The Dinkey-Bird
The Discoverer
The Doves of Venice
The Drowned Mariner
The Druid
The Dust
The Eagle of the Blue
The Eagle’s Fall
The Earth
The Eclipse of Faith
The Egyptian Lotus
The Elf and the Dormouse
The End
The Enviable Isles
The Eternal Goodness
The Eternal Justice
The Evening Wind
The Exile at Rest
The Farewell
The Ferry
The Fight at the San Jacinto
The Fighting Race
The Fire i’ the Flint
The First Snow-Fall
The First Song
The First Step
The Fisherman’s Hymn
The Fisher’s Boy
The Flag Goes By
The Flight from the Convent
The Flight of the Arrow
The Flight of the Heart
The Flight of the War-Eagle
The Flight of Youth
The Flood of Years
The Flown Soul
The Flute
The Fool’s Prayer
The Forefather
The Fortunate One
The Four Winds
The Fringilla Melodia
Thefts of the Morning
The Fugitive Slave’s Apostrophe to the North Star
The Funeral of Time
The Garden Where There Is No Winter
The General’s Death
The Gift of Water
The Gifts of God
The Golden Age
The Golden-Robin’s Nest
The Gold-Seekers
The Grand Ronde Valley
The Graveyard Rabbit
The Green Isle of Lovers
The Greeting of the Roses
The Guerdon
The Guest
The Hand of Lincoln
The Handsel Ring
The Happiest Heart
The Harlequin of Dreams
The Haunted Palace
The Haunts of the Halcyon
The Heart’s Summer
The Heavens Are Our Riddle
The Heaviest Cross of All
The Height of the Ridiculous
The Heroic Age
The Hero of the Commune
The Higher Good
The High Tide at Gettysburg
The Hollyhocks
The Homing
The Hour of Peaceful Rest
The House on the Hill
The Hudson
The Human Plan
The Humble-Bee
The Hundred-Yard Dash
The Hunt
The Hunter of the Prairies
The Ideal
The Idler
The Indian Burying-Ground
The Indian’s Welcome to the Pilgrim Fathers
The Inevitable
The Journey
The Judgement
The Kearsarge
The Lamp
The Lamp in the West
The Last Bowstrings
The Last Cup of Canary
The Last Fight
The Last Furrow
The Last Good-By
The Last Hunt
The Last Landlord
The Last Leaf
The Last Reservation
The Latter Day
The Library
The Light’ood Fire
The Lily of Yorrow
The Lion’s Cub
The Lip and the Heart
The Little Beach-Bird
The Little Child
The Little Elf
The Little Knight in Green
The Little Nipper an’ ’is Ma
The Living Book
The Living Temple
The Lonely-Bird
The Lonely Bugle Grieves
The Long Night
The Loon
The Lost Colors
The Lost Genius
The Lost Pleiad
The Love-Knot
The Lover
The Lover’s Song
The Lyttel Boy
The Making of Man
The Manor Lord
The Man Who Frets at Worldly Strife
The Man with the Hoe
The Man with the Hoe
The Mariposa Lily
The Marshes of Glynn
The Maryland Battalion
The Massasauga
The Master’s Invitation
The Mayflower
The May Sun Sheds an Amber Light
The Meadow Lark
The Men behind the Guns
The Mint Julep
The Mocking-Bird
The Mocking-Bird
The Mocking-Bird
The Mocking Bird
The Modern Romans
The Mon-Goos
The Morning-Glory
The Moss supplicateth for the Poet
The Mother’s Song
The Mother Who Died Too
The Mountain to the Pine
The Mountebanks
The Mower in Ohio
The Mystery
Then and Now
The National Paintings
The New Arrival
The New Castalia
The New Ezekiel
The New World
The Night-Blooming Cereus
The Night Watch
The Old Man and Jim
The Old Man’s Carousal
The Old Road
The Old Sergeant
The Old Sexton
The Old Violin
The Other One
The Other World
The Parting Glass
The Parting of the Ways
The Passing Bell at Stratford
The Past
The Peaks
The Petrified Fern
The Pilgrim
The Pilgrim Fathers



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