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And we are here as on a darkling plain / Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight, / Where ignorant armies clash by night.
Dover Beach, ll. 35–7.
The Poems of Matthew Arnold
Matthew Arnold
While Arnold’s place among the great Victorian authors was solidified by his prose, his verse represents a bridge to the Modern era.
Bibliographic Record    Introduction    Bibliographical Note
 Author’s Preface, 1853
 Advertisement to the Second Edition, 1854
 Alaric at Rome. A Prize Poem, 1840
 Cromwell: A Prize Poem, 1843
 Horatian Echo, 1847
 Sonnet to the Hungarian Nation, 1849
The Strayed Reveller, and Other Poems. By A. 1849
 Sonnet. To a Friend
 The Strayed Reveller
 Fragment of an ‘Antigone
 The Sick King in Bokhara
 To the Duke of Wellington
 Written in Butler’s Sermons
 Written in Emerson’s Essays
 To an Independent Preacher
 To George Cruikshank, Esq.
 To a Republican Friend
 To a Republican Friend (Continued)
 Religious Isolation
 To my Friends
 A Modern Sappho
 The New Sirens
 The Voice
 To Fausta
 Stanzas on a Gipsy Child by the Sea-shore
 The Hayswater Boat
 The Forsaken Merman
 The World and the Quietist
 In utrumque paratus
Empedocles on Etna, and Other Poems. By A. 1852

    Empedocles on Etna
 Act I. Scene I
 Act I. Scene II
 Act II
 The River
 Too Late
 On the Rhine
 The Lake
 To Marguerite, in Returning a Volume of the Letters of Ortis
 Human Life
 Youth’s Agitations
 Lines written by a Death-Bed
    Tristram and Iseult
I. Tristram
II. Iseult of Ireland
III. Iseult of Brittany
 Memorial Verses
 A Summer Night
 The Buried Life
 A Farewell
 Lines written in Kensington Gardens
 The World’s Triumphs
 The Second Best
 The Youth of Nature
 The Youth of Man
 The Future
Poems; A New Edition. 1853
 Sohrab and Rustum. An Episode
 Thekla’s Answer
    The Church of Brou
I. The Castle
II. The Church
III. The Tomb
 The Neckan
 A Dream
 The Scholar Gipsy
 Stanzas in Memory of the Late Edward Quillinan, Esq.
Poems, Second Series, 1855

    Balder Dead. An Episode
I. Sending
II. Journey to The Dead
III. Funeral
Two Poems from Magazines, 1855
 Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse
 Haworth Churchyard, April, 1855
Poems, Third Edition, 1857
 To Marguerite
Merope. A Tragedy. 1858
 Historical Introduction
Poems from Magazines, 1860–1866
 Men of Genius
 Saint Brandan
 A Southern Night
New Poems, 1867
 A Picture at Newstead
 East London
 West London
 Worldly Place
 The Divinity
 The Good Shepherd with the Kid
 Austerity of Poetry
 East and West
 Monica’s Last Prayer
 Calais Sands
 Dover Beach
 The Terrace at Berne
 Stanzas composed at Carnac
 Fragment of Chorus of a Dejaneira
 Early Death and Fame
 Youth and Calm
 Growing Old
 The Progress of Poesy
 A Nameless Epitaph
 The Last Word
 A Wish
 A Caution to Poets
 Epilogue to Lessing’s Laocoön
 Bacchanalia; Or, The New Age
 Rugby Chapel
 Heine’s Grave
 Obermann once more

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