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Why do I love New York, my dear! / I know not. Were my father here— / And his—and His—the three & I / Might, perhaps, make you some reply.
H. C. Bunner
The Book of New York Verse
Edited by Hamilton Fish Armstrong
These 234 lovingly selected poems trace the founding of the City by the Dutch through waves of immigration to the character of the twentieth-century streets.
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Evacuation of New York by the British, 1783 (abridged) by Anonymous
The Ball, 1789 by H. C. Bunner
The Vow of Washington, New York, April 30, 1789 by John Greenleaf Whittier
Stanzas Occasioned by Lord Bellamont’s, Lady Hay’s, and Other Skeletons Being Dug up in Fort George, N. Y., 1790 (abridged) by Philip Freneau
On the Demolition of Fort George, 1790 by Philip Freneau
The Sieur De Rochefontaine by Clinton Scollard
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An Evening Walk by Clinton Scollard
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An Ivory Miniature by Helen Gray Cone
The Fashions, 1806 by L. Beach
At Trinity by Andrew E. Watrous
Lawrence and Ludlow by Anonymous
The Grave of Lawrence by Clinton Scollard
Descriptive View of New York, 1813 (abridged) by Thomas Eaton
On the British Blockade, and Expected Attack on New York—1814 (abridged) by Philip Freneau
On the Prospect of Returning to New York, after the War, in 1815 by Josiah Shippey
Bronx, 1818 by Joseph Rodman Drake
Tammany Hall, 1819 by Fitz-Greene Halleck
Election Returns at Tammany Hall, 1819 (extract from The State Triumvirate) by Gulian Crommelin Verplanck
To Simon by Fitz-Greene Halleck and Joseph Rodman Drake
The Balloon, 1819 (abridged) by Moses Y. Scott
Ode to Fortune by Fitz-Greene Halleck and Joseph Rodman Drake
Weehawken, 1820 by Fitz-Greene Halleck
Burlesque Address (abridged) by Fitz-Greene Halleck
On a Forgotten By-Way—Andrew E. Watrous
Lafayette En Amérique (abridged) by Pierre Jean de Béranger
First of May in New York by Robert Stevenson Coffin
Hoboken, 1825 by Robert Stevenson Coffin
An Ode for the Grand Canal Celebration, November 4, 1825 (abridged) by Samuel Woodworth
Winter, 1825 (extract from The Seasons) by Samuel Woodworth
The Sweep’s Carol, 1826 by George P. Morris
Harlem Mary by Samuel Woodworth
New York in 1826 (abridged) by George P. Morris
Their Wedding Journey—1834 by H. C. Bunner
Deliciæ Novi Eboraci, 1839 by Jedediah Huntington
The Pity of the Park Fountain by Nathaniel P. Willis
Unseen Spirits by Nathaniel P. Willis
Five Points, 1838 (extract from The Vision of Rubeta) by Laughton Osborn
Fanny Elssler, 1840 (extract from An Elssleralic Romance) by Anonymous
City Lyrics by Nathaniel P. Willis
The Croton Ode (abridged) by George P. Morris
To the Lady in the Chemisette with Black Buttons by Nathaniel P. Willis
The City, 1850 (extract) by John G. Saxe
Spring in Town by William Cullen Bryant
Hymn of the City by William Cullen Bryant
The Dog-Star Rages, 1850 by George P. Morris
Emporium versus New York, 1854 (abridged) by Jacob Bigelow
The Wedded Flags by George Washington Doane, D.D.
The Prince’s Ball, 1860 (abridged) by Edmund Clarence Stedman
First O Songs for a Prelude by Walt Whitman
The March of the Regiment, 1861 by H. H. Brownell, U.S.N.
To the Tenth Legion, New York State Volunteers; 1862 by Ruth N. Cromwell
The Draft Riot by Charles deKay
Le Grenier by Robertson Trowbridge
Siro Delmonico by Samuel Ward
Brown, of Grace Church, 1864 by Peter Marié
The Tweed Ring, 1868 by Anonymous
The Streets, 1869 (extract from The Royal Decrees of Scanderoon) by W. O. Stoddard
Dawn in the City by Charles deKay
Fitz-Greene Halleck (abridged) by John Greenleaf Whittier
The “Stay at Home’s” Plaint, 1878 by George A. Baker, Jr.
Ballade of Barristers by C. C. Starkweather
A Summer Summary by Franklin P. Adams
Hymn Sung at the Presentation of the Obelisk to the City of New York, February 22, 1881 by Richard Watson Gilder
The Buntling Ball, 1884 (extracts) by Edgar Fawcett
The Burial of Grant by Richard Watson Gilder
A Ballad of Claremont Hill by Henry van Dyke
Riverside by John Myers O’Hara
The Last of the New Year’s Callers by H. C. Bunner
The Columbus Parade, 1893 by Starr Hoyt Nichols
When the Great Gray Ships Come in by Guy Wetmore Carryl
Intercessional, 1898 by McCready Sykes
The Old Lyceum (abridged) by A. E. Lancaster
The Regiment, 1909 by John Curtis Underwood
Consecrated Ground by Edwin Markham
New York Harbor by Park Benjamin
New York in Sunset by William Ellery Leonard
New York Bay at Dusk by Mildred L. McNeal-Sweeney
On the Bay by Richard Watson Gilder
Return to New York by John Hall Wheelock
The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus
Bartholdi’s Pharos by George Alfred Townsend
At Ellis Island by Margaret Chanler Aldrich
“Scum o’ the Earth” by Robert Haven Schauffler
The Hudson by Starr Hoyt Nichols
The Shadowy City Looms by Lloyd Mifflin
The City by Marion Couthouy Smith
New York by Don Marquis
Brooklyn Bridge Towers by George Alfred Townsend
Brooklyn Bridge at Dawn by Richard Le Gallienne
The Towers of Manhattan by Don Marquis
The Moraine by John Curtis Underwood
That Dear Coney (abridged) by Chester Firkins
City of Ships by Walt Whitman
The India Wharf (abridged) by Sara Teasdale
New York by Wendell Phillips Stafford
The East River Bridge Market by James Oppenheim
Lower New York—A Storm by Don Marquis
In Trinity Churchyard at Sunset by Thomas S. Jones, Jr.
The Wall Street Pit, May, 1901 by Edwin Markham
Pan in Wall Street by Edmund Clarence Stedman
A Faun in Wall Street by John Myers O’Hara
The Curb-Brokers by Florence Wilkinson Evans
In Lower New York by Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer
When Betsy Comes Down-Town by Louise Morgan Sill
In New York by John Hall Wheelock
Monody on the Astor House by Franklin P. Adams
A Forgotten Bard by Clinton Scollard
Nathan Hale by Chester Firkins
Digging Foundations at Night by Harvey Maitland Watts
The Angel of the Cornice by Florence Wilkinson Evans
The Woolworth Building by Madison Cawein
From the Woolworth Tower by Sara Teasdale
New York by Florence Earle Coates
A Dream Temple by Edith M. Thomas
The Empire City by George Sylvester Viereck
New York, from a Skyscraper by James Oppenheim
The Red Box at Vesey Street by H. C. Bunner
On Cedar Street, New York by Helen Hay Whitney
Isaak Walton in Maiden Lane by Percy MacKaye
At the Shrine by Richard Kendall Munkittrick
The Factories by Margaret Widdemer
The Children by John Hall Wheelock
Chinatown Unvisited by George Macdonald Major
Chinatown Visited by George Macdonald Major
The Greek Quarter by John Myers O’Hara
Ballad of Dead Girls by Dana Burnet
Bowery Gals by Anonymous
Romaios by W. G. Ballantine
A Sweetheart: Thompson Street by Samuel McCoy
Washington Square by Richard Watson Gilder
Washington Square by James Oppenheim
On Sick Leave, 1916 by Hamilton Fish Armstrong
Washington Square, North by Walter Prichard Eaton
Old Trails by Edwin Arlington Robinson
Old Saws and See-Saws by Andrew E. Watrous
The Menu by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Grace Chimes by Meredith Nicholson
At Half-Past Five by Andrew E. Watrous
Youth by Samuel McCoy
Macaroni by Arthur Guiterman
Twilight on Sixth Avenue by Charles G. D. Roberts
The Night Court by Ruth Comfort Mitchell
Union Square (abridged) by Walter Malone
Gramercy Park by Sara Teasdale
Chelsea, 1860 by Rt. Rev. Arthur Cleveland Coxe, D.D.
The Parks by Charles Hanson Towne
Nothing to Wear (abridged) by William Allen Butler
Madison Square: Christmas by Brian Hooker
The Clock in the Air by John Curtis Underwood
The Metropolitan Tower by Sara Teasdale
At the Farragut Statue by Robert Bridges
The Little Church Around the Corner by John Myers O’Hara
Quality Hill by Clinton Scollard
The Gateway by Harvey Maitland Watts
The Switch Yard by John Curtis Underwood
Herald Square by John Curtis Underwood
Three O’Clock by Ridgely Torrance
Night in New York by George Parsons Lathrop
Rainy Sunday by John Hall Wheelock
Broadway by Walt Whitman
The City by Richard Watson Gilder
Lilacs in the City by Brian Hooker
The Little Fruit-Shop by Florence Wilkinson Evans
New York by Richard Hovey
To a New York Shop-Girl Dressed for Sunday by Anna Hempstead Branch
On Broadway by George Sylvester Viereck
In Broadway by Vance Thompson
The White Lights by Edward Arlington Robinson
After the Play by Hamilton Fish Armstrong
A Rhyme about an Electrical Advertising Sign by Vachel Lindsay
Seven Sandwichmen on Broadway by Jefferson Butler Fletcher
In New York by William Vaughn Moody
To Fifth Avenue (extract from The Baroness of New York) by Joaquin Miller
Fifth Avenue—Spring Afternoon by Louis Untermeyer
May Day by Sara Teasdale
Fifth Avenue at Night by Charles Hanson Towne
Rondeau à la New York by Robert Grant
On the Plaza by Bliss Carman
Morning in Central Park by James Oppenheim
Central Park by John Myers O’Hara
The May Party by James Oppenheim
The Pines, Sixty-seventh Street by Harvey Maitland Watts
Central Park at Dusk by Sara Teasdale
Twilight by the Mall by Seldon L. Whitcomb
Spring Night by Sara Teasdale
Whistles at Night by John Hall Wheelock
The Flat-Hunter’s Way by Franklin P. Adams
The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Lloyd Mifflin
The City by Edith M. Thomas
On a Subway Express by Chester Firkins
Subway Track-Walkers by Dana Burnet
Roses in the Subway by Dana Burnet
N. Y. by Ezra Pound
Of City Flowers by Shaemus O’Sheel
New York Days by William Ellery Leonard
Poe’s Cottage at Fordham by Walter Malone
The Fleet by Chester Firkins
Manhattan by Charles Hanson Towne
Villanelle of City and Country by Zoë Akins
The Enchanted Island by Edith M. Thomas
New York by Florence Wilkinson Evans
Golden Hill by Hamilton Fish Armstrong
The Statue of Liberty, A. D. 2900 by Arthur Upson
Mannahatta by Walt Whitman

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