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Lord, call vs home from our exile / To place of our abode; / Thou long inough hast punisht vs— / Oh Lord, now spare thy rod.
The Praier of Ieremiah, ll. 81–4.
Select Poetry, Chiefly Devotional, of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth
Collected and Edited by Edward Farr
The 326 selections in this original-spelling anthology exemplify the enthusiasm of the English Reformation in Biblical translation and presages the Metaphysical poets.
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I. Queen Elizabeth  Psalm XIV
II. Archbishop Parker  Psalme XCII
Psalm CX
III. Edmund Spenser  An Hymne of Heavenly Love
An Hymne of Heavenly Beautie
The Ruines of Time
The Ministry of Angels
The Ways of God Unsearchable
A Sonnet
IV. George Gascoigne  De Profundis
Good Morrowe
Good Nighte
V. Barnaby Barnes  Sonnet II
Sonnet V
Sonnet VII
Sonnet VIII
Sonnet X
Sonnet XIII
Sonnet XIV
Sonnet XXI
Sonnet XXXI
Sonnet LI
Sonnet LII
Sonnet LXX
Sonnet LXXVI
Sonnet LXXX
VI. Sir Philip Sidney and the Countess of Pembroke  Psalme IV
Psalme VI
Psalme XIII
Psalme XVI
Psalme XIX
Psalme XXIII
Psalme XLVII
Psalme LXII
Psalme LXXII
Psalme LXXXV
Psalme XCI
Psalme XCIII
Psalme XCVI
Psalme XCIX
Psalme CXIII
Psalme CXVII
Psalme CXXV
Psalme CXXIX
Psalme CXXXI
Psalme CXLIV
VII. Sir John Davies  The Immortality of the Soul
The Dignity of Man
Worth of the Soul
The Soul
False and True Knowledge
VIII. Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke  Sonnets
IX. Sir John Harington  Psalm CXII
X. Michael Drayton  The Most Excellent Song, Which Was Salomon’s
The Song of Annah
The Praier of Ieremiah
A Song of Moses and the Israelites
A Song of the Faithfull for the Mercies of God
A Song of the Faithfull
The Song of Ionah in the Whale’s Bellie
The Finding of Moses
The Passage of the Red Sea
The Law Given on Sinai
XI. Henry Lok  Psalme XXVII
Psalme CXXI
A Version of the Lord’s Prayer
The Miserable State of the Wicked
Sonet LI
Sonet LIII
Sonet XC
XII. William Hunnis  Psalme VI
Psalme LI
Certaine Short and Pithy Praiers vnto Iesu Christ Our Sauiour
A Lamentation Touching the Follies and Vanities of Our Youth
A Dialog betweene Christ and Sinner
A Meditation
An Humble Sute of a Repentant Sinner for Mercie
A Psalme of Reioising for the Woonderfull Loue of Christ
Gray Heares
God’s Covenant with Noah
XIII. Thomas Bryce  The Regester
The Wyshes of the Wise
XIV. Sir Nicholas Breton  Stanzas
A Prayer for Gentlewomen and Other to Use
A Solempne and Repentant Prayer for Former Life Mispent
A Prayer
A Prayer Written for a Gentlewoman
The Prayse of Humilitie
Gloria in Excelsis Deo
XV. John Hall, M.D.  An Example of Praier against Idolatrous Tyrantes
Psalm CXV
An Holsome Warning
The Faithfull Souldiour of Christe Desireth Assistance of God against His Ghostly Enemies
XVI. Geffrey Whitney  Embleme I
Embleme II
Embleme III
Embleme IV
Embleme V
Embleme VI
Embleme VII
Embleme VIII
Embleme IX
Embleme X
Embleme XI
Embleme XII
XVII. Humphrey Gifford  The Life of Man
In Praise of the Contented Minde
Of the Vanitie of the World
A Lesson for All Estates
A Godly Discourse
The Complaynt of a Sinner
A Dreame
XVIII. William Byrd  Psalme XV
Psalme XIII
Care for Thy Soule
The Martirs
XIX. Anthony Munday  A Dittie, Declaring the Uncertaintie of Our Earthly Honor
A Dittie, Which Sheweth by Example of Diuers Worthy Personages Past in Ancient Time
A Dittie, Wherein the Brevitie of Man’s Life Is Described
XX. Sir Walter Raleigh  The Farewell
My Pilgrimage
An Epitaph
XXI. Abraham Fraunce  Psalm LXXII
XXII. John Davies  Sonets
God Eternal
Those Blessed Who Endure Temptation
Heauenly Mansions
Diuine Mercy As Great As God’s Diuinity
God’s Glory and Goodnes Inexplicable
Griefe for Sinne Is a Ioyfull Sorrow
Blessed Be the Mercifull: For They Shall Obtaine Mercy
Stanzas from “Christ’s Crosse
The Death of Christ
XXIII. Thomas Howell  The Office of the Minde
XXIV. Thomas Tusser  Principall Pointes of Religion
The Author’s Beliefe
XXV. Richard Vennard  Laudetur Domiuus in Æternum
XXVI. G. C.  Respice Finem
XXVII. J. Rhodes  An Answere to a Romish Rime
XXVIII. Francis Kinwelmersh  For Christmas Day
For Whitsonday
All Things Are Vaine
XXIX. Richard Edwardes  Of Perfect Wisedome
XXX. Arthur Bourcher  Golden Precepts
XXXI. D. Sand  Thinke to Die
Our Pleasures Are Vanities
XXXII. Lord Vaux  On the Instabilitie of Youth
Bethincking Himselfe of His End, Writeth Thus
XXXIII. Richard Hill  A Freendly Admonition
XXXIV. T. Bastard  De Microcosmo
Ad Iohannem Whitegift, Arch. Cant.
XXXV. G. Gaske  A Description of the Worlde
XXXVI. Candish  No Ioy Comparable to a Quiet Minde
XXXVII. William Bvttes  Death Certain
XXXVIII. Anonymous  Virtue Immoveable
Death a Due Debt
XXXIX. William Samuel  The XIX. Psalme
The VII. Chapter of Job
XL. T. Marshall  Being in Trouble, He Writeth Thus
XLI. M. Thorn  The World Vanity
XLII. Thomas Scott  To Art
XLIII. Walter Devereux, Earl of Essex  The Complaint of a Synner
XLIV. Francis Davison  Psalm XIII
Psalm CXXV
Psalm CXXX
XLV. Christopher Davison  Psalme XV
XLVI. Joseph Bryan  Psalme LIV
Psalme CXLII
XLVII. Richard Gipps  Psalm VI
XLVIII. T. Carey  Psalme XCI
XLIX. George Whetstone  Recantation
L. Dudley Fenner  Solomon’s Song. Chapter IV
LI. Stephen Gosson  Speculum Humanum
LII. Anonymous  Stanzas
LIII. Samuel Rowlands  Peter’s Teares at the Cocke’s Crowing
The Death of Death, Sinnes Pardon, and Soule’s Ransome
The High Way to Mount Caluarie
Christ to the Women of Hierusalem
LIV. E. W.  Lines from “Thameseidos
LV. Ann Dowriche  Stanzas from “The French Historie
LVI. John Markham  The Betrayal of Christ
LVII. John Davies  Stanzas from “Sir Martin Mar-people
LVIII. Richard Robinson  Psalme VI
Time Fleeting
LIX. Edward Hake  Stanzas from “The Commemoration
A Complaint, from “Golde’s Kingdome, etc.”
Stanzas from “Newes out of Powle’s Churchyard
LX. Roger Cotton  Stanzas from “The Armour of Proofe, brought from the Tower of Dauid
LXI. Leonard Stauely  Stanzas from “The Author’s muse vpon this life in manner of a dittie
LXII. William Warner  Of Christ
The Flesh and the Spirit
How Sathan by the Sinne of Pride Hath Euer Preuailed
LXIII. Anonymous  Stanzas from “The Passions of the Spirit
LXIV. Timothy Kendall  To Jesus Christe
LXV. Peter Pett  All Creatures Praise God
LXVI. John Pits  The Hundredth Psalme
LXVII. G. B.  Stanzas from “The Shippe of Safe-gard
LXVIII. Stephen Batman  Stanzas from “The Trauayled Pilgrime
LXIX. William Broxup  Stanzas from “St. Peter’s Path to the Joyes of Heauen
LXX. Barnaby Googe  The Vncertayntie of Lyfe
LXXI. Francis Sabie  Stanzas from “David’s Ode
LXXII. Andrew Willet  Diuina Prouidentia
Ad Pastores Otiosos et Somnolentos
LXXIII. C. T.  That Christ did, that thou must die
LXXIV. Henry Willobie  The Praise of a Contented Minde
LXXV. Samuel Daniel  The Vanity of Riches
The Vanity of Fame
LXXVI. R. D.  Stanzas from “An Exhortation to England to ioine for defense of true religion and their native countrie
LXXVII. T. Proctor  A Mirror of Mutability
LXXVIII. Thomas Churchyard  Charitie
Verses Fitte for Euery One to Knowe and Confesse
LXXIX. Michael Cosowarth  Psalme XXX
LXXX. G. Ellis  Stanzas from “The Lamentation of the Lost Sheepe
LXXXI. Elizabeth Grymeston  Psalme LI
LXXXII. Thomas Lloyd  The Inconstancy of Youth
LXXXIII. Thomas Drant  Jeremie’s Prayer
LXXXIV. R. Thacker  A Godlie Dittie
LXXXV. Anonymous  The Teares of Our Sauiour in the Garden
The Description of Heauenly Ierusalem
A Heauenly Prayer in Contempt of the World and the Vanities Thereof
LXXXVI. Anonymous  Mary Magdalen’s Second Lamentation
Mary Magdalen’s Sixt Lamentation
The Conclusion to Mary Magdalen’s Lamentations
LXXXVII. Anonymous  An Introduction to Saint Peter’s Teares
The Ninth Teare
LXXXIX. James Yates  Of Wayling, and Not Preuailing
A Sonnet of a Slaunderous Tongue
XC. A. W.  Saphickes vpon the Passion of Christ
Address to Time
XCI. Anonymous  A Repentant Poem
XCII. John Bodenham  Of Faith and Zeale
Similes on the Same Subiect
Of Life
Similies on the Same Subject
XCIII. John Norden  Man
To the Prayse of God for the Forgiuenesse of Our Sinnes
For the Kingdom of God
Against False Prophets and Deceitfull Teachers
Before We Go to Bed
XCIV. Bartholomew Chappell  A Warning Voice
XCV. Henoch Clapham  The apostles haue for help euangelists
XCVI. Christopher Fetherstone  A Sonnet
XCVII. John Marbeck  God is my strength
XCVIII. Thomas Gressop  Here is the spring where waters flowe
XCIX. H. C.  Lines Prefixed to Greenham’s “Comfort for an afflicted Conscience
C. Charles Best  Of the Fall of Man in Adam
CI. Anonymous  The Lamentation of a Sinner
CII. Anthony Fletcher  A Simile
CIII. Robert Holland  The Lord’s Prayer
CIV. H. C.  What Misery and Misfortunes Mankinde Is Continually Subjecte vnto
An Exhortation to Pacience
CV. Thomas Sternhold  Psalme XVIII
Psalme CIII
CVI. W. P.  A Fragment of the XCVth Psalm
CVII. John Hopkins  Psalme LXXXIV
CVIII. Thomas Norton  Psalme CXLVII
CIX. William Whittingham  Psalme LI
CX. William Kethe  Psalme CXXV
CXI. Robert Wisdom  Psalme CXXV
A Hymn
CXII. John Pullain  Psalme CXLIX
CXIII. John Mardley  Psalme CXLV
CXIV. Anonymous  The Complaynt of a Sinner, Who Craueth of Christ to Be Kept vnder His Mercy
CXV. T. B.  An Exhortation to the Prayse of God, to Be Song before Morning Prayer
An Exhortation, to Be Song before Euening Prayer
CXVI. D. Cox  The Lord’s Prayer
CXVII. E. G.  Giue peace in these our dayes, O Lord
CXVIII. Anonymous  Christmas Carol
CXIX. W. A.  A Prayer of a Repentant Sinner Bewailing His Sins and Craving for Mercy
CXX. L. Ramsey  A Short Discourse of Man’s Fatall End
CXXI. W. Elderton  An Epytaphe
CXXII. Robert Burdet  The Refuge of a Sinner
CXXIII. Jud Smith  Paraphrase of the Fifth Chapter of the Song of Solomon
CXXIV. Gregory Scott  Stanzas
CXXV. Christopher Lever  A Prayer
CXXVI. John Phillip  Stanzas
CXXVII. Thomas Middleton  Stanzas from “The Wisdom of Solomon Paraphrased
CXXVIII. John Awdelie  From “An Epitaphe upon the Death of Mayster John Viron, Preacher
CXXIX. Edward Wollay  From “A Plaine Pathway to Perfect Rest
CXXX. William Gibson  From “A Discription of Norton’s Falcehood of Yorkshyre, and of his fatall Farewel
CXXXI. Anthony Nixon  The Christian Navy
CXXXII. Abraham Fleming  A Spirituall Song, Conteining “A Glorying of God, etc.”
CXXXIII. Edmond Eluiden  A Newe-Yere’s Gift to the Rebellious Persons in the North Partes of England
CXXXIV. Anonymous  Stanzas from “An Answere to the Proclamation,” etc.
CXXXV. Thomas Nelson  A Godlie Prayer Giuen to Her Maiestie
CXXXVI. Thomas Newton  From “An Epitaphe upon the worthy and honorable Lady, the Lady Knowles
CXXXVII. Nicholas Boweman  From an Epitaph on the Death of Juel, Bishop of Salisbury
The Lenuoy
Anthony Nixon  Memorial of Queen Elizabeth


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