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Edward Farr, ed.  Select Poetry of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.  1845.
Adawe;  to overawe, or daunt, or keep in subjection.
Affy;  to trust, or place confidence in.
Airount;  around.
Aliauntes, alientes;  aliens.
Amate;  to subdue or daunt.
Amner;  an almoner.
Apaid;  rewarded.
Arrant;  errand.
Assoyle;  to liberate, set free, or to solve.
Baight;  bate.
Bale;  poison.
Batful’st;  the most fruitful, rich, or productive.
Bedight;  called or named.
Beene;  used for being.
Behight;  committed or entrusted, sometimes promised, commanded, reckoned, esteemed, spoken, adjudged.
Beprest;  opprest.
Bin;  used for have been.
B’leeue;  belief, or faith.
Bleare;  blind.
Bragges;  rejoices.
Brast;  burst.
Braueth;  vies with.
Brent;  burnt.
Brickle;  brittle.
Cancred;  ill-natured.
Carke;  care, anxiety.
Carking;  careful, anxious.
Carles;  churlish persons.
Carren;  carrion.
Chuffe;  a churl, or miser.
Confracted;  broken.
Couetise;  covetousness.
Cratch;  a rack.
Crouch;  crutch.
Currers;  couriers.
Dankish;  somewhat damp.
Daze;  to dazzle, to stun.
Defusion;  confusion.
Demisse;  humble.
Deneere;  a denier, a piece of money.
Despeyred;  a place of despair.
Dight;  adorned.
Discreation;  a being unmade.
Disloked;  dislocated.
Distraughted;  distracted.
Distent;  space or length of extension, stretched out.
Dispend;  to lay out, or spend, or consume.
Drowping;  drooping.
Earst;  before, or at length.
Ebuccinate;  trumpet forth.
Edifide;  built.
Egelidate;  used in the sense of to mix or mingle with.
Electre;  apparently used for elixir.
Emball;  used in the sense of to contain.
Embrew;  to wet with, steep, or moisten.
Empierced;  pierced through.
Encleare;  to make cleare, or to lighten.
Enflowering;  full of flowers.
Engreening;  to make green.
Enraunged;  enranged, or set in order.
Ensew;  to follow in order.
Eyas;  a young hawk, unfledged.
Eyne;  eye.
Fadome;  fathom.
Faulters;  transgressors.
Forelay;  to lay wait for, to entrap.
Foyle;  to trample upon, or overthrow, sometimes to defile.
Fraight;  fraught.
Freting;  used in the sense of sour.
Gaill;  prison.
Ginnes;  engines, or plots.
Glose;  to deceive, or flatter.
Geere;  furniture, dress.
Guerdon;  reward.
Gules;  red colour, a term in heraldry.
Harrould;  herald.
Heast;  behest, command.
Historial;  historical.
Hoised;  hoisted, raised up on high.
Imbowed;  arched, vaulted, used in the sense of empty or hollow.
Impe;  to lengthen by the addition of something else, to enlarge.
Ingowes;  ingots.
Invulgar;  free from vulgarity
Itost;  tossed about.
Lack;  lake.  10
Maistring;  master-like.
Malist;  regarded with ill-will.
Mells;  meddles, or takes part with.
Mingle-mangle;  to mix together, a mixture.
Moe;  more.
Mought;  might.
Mould-warp;  a mole-hill.
Mountaynets;  mountains.
Moyle;  to defile.
Ne;  neither, nor.
Nould;  would not.
Opprobryes;  shame, contempt, disgrace.
Ourprest;  overpowered.
Paint;  pant.
Portage;  used in the sense of inheritance.
Peerelesse;  unequalled.
Perling;  purling, running with a murmuring noise as a stream or brook.
Phame;  fame.
Pight;  placed, or fixed.
Prief;  proof.
Propines;  offers of kindness or mercy.
Proyning;  pruning.
Purtrayed;  portrayed, depicted.
Rampiers;  ramparts.
Rebutted;  beat back.
Reede;  precept or advice.
Retchlesse;  wretched.
Rood;  cross, representation of the crucifixion.
Rue;  to hear, or attend to.
Ruth;  pity.
Ruynate;  to fall, also for ruinated, brought to ruin, thrown down.
Scarffing;  scoffing.
’Scuses;  abbreviation for excuses.
Shend;  put to shame.
Shent;  reproached, blamed.
Shonne;  shunned.
Shredding;  cutting, or destroying.
Sindon;  very fine linen.
Sith;  time, times, sometimes used for since.
Slippen;  slippy.
Soare;  soaring.
Solagement;  solace.
Slats;  slates.
Sted;  place, station.
Stied;  ascended.
Stintes;  limits.
Stintlesse;  unlimited.
Stowre;  danger or misfortune.
Submisse;  submissive.
Stubbes;  stumps of trees, &c.
Tearmelesse;  endless.
Thwakt;  thatched.
Thrid;  thread.
Tickle;  uncertain.
Tuns;  tunes.
Vade;  to fade.
Vre;  employ, use.
Waren;  worn.
Waxed;  vexed.
Whilome;  once, sometime.
Whist;  hushed, silenced.
Withouten;  without.
Wode;  wide.
Wrack;  ruin, or violence
Wray;  betray.
Wryed;  gone astray.
Yeke;  also, likewise.
Yernfull;  mournfull.
Yerth;  earth.
Ysteare;  to steer.
Ywasht;  washed.

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