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Edward Farr, ed.  Select Poetry of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.  1845.
The Regester
XIII. Thomas Bryce
This Booke to the Reader

PERUSE 1 with pacience, I thee praye,
My symple style, and metre base;
The works of God with wisdome waye,
The force of loue, the strength of grace.
Loue caused God his grace to giue        5
To such as shoulde for hym be slayne:
Grace wrougt in theym, while thei did liue,
For loue to loue their Christ agayne.
Now grace is of such strength and might,
That nothing may the same withstande:        10
Grace putteth death and hell to flight,
And guydes vs to the lyuing lande.
The force of loue also is suche,
That feare and payne it doeth expell:
Loue thynketh nothing ouermuche;        15
Loue doth all earthly thynges excell.
Thus loue and grace of God began
To worke in them to dooe hys wyll:
These, vertue’s force, wrought loue in man,
That feare was past theyr bloude to spill.        20
WHEN worthy Wattes with constant crie
Continued in the flamyng fier;
When Simson, Hawkes, and Jhon Ardite,
Did tast the tyrante’s raging yre;
  When Chamberlaine was put to death,        25
  We wisht for our Elizabeth.
When blessed Butter and Osmande
With force of fyre to death were brent;
When Shitterdun, Sir Franke, and Blande,
And Humfrey Middleton of Kent;        30
  When Minge in Maistone toke his death,
  We wisht, etc.
When Bradford, beautified with blisse,
When yong Jhon Least in Smithfield died;
When they like brethren both did kisse,        35
And in the fyre were truely tried;
  When teares were shed for Bradford’s death,
  We wysht, etc.
When Dirick Harman lost his lyfe;
When Launder in their fume they fried;        40
When they sent Euerson from stryfe,
With moody mindes and puffed pride;
  When Wade at Dartford died the death,
  We wisht, etc.
When Richard Hooke, limlesse and lame,        45
At Chichester did beare the crosse;
When humble Hall for Christe’s name
Ensued the same with worldly losse;
  When Jone Polley was brent to death,
  We wysht, etc.        50
When William Ailewarde at Redding
In prison died of sickenesse soore;
When Abbes, which fained a recanting,
Did wofully wepe and deplore;
  When he at Bery was done to death,        55
  We wishte, etc.
When Denly died at Uxbridge towne,
With constant care to Christe’s cause;
When Warren’s widow yelded downe
Her flesh and bloud for holy lawes;        60
  When she at Stratforde died the death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Laurence, Collier, Coker, and Stere,
At Cantorbury were causeless slayne,
With Hopper and Wright, six in one fier,        65
Conuerted flesh to earth agayne;
  When Roger Corier was done to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Tankerfield at St Albon’s,
And William Bamford spent his bloud;        70
When harmefull hartes as hard as stones
Brent Robert Smith and Steuen Harwood;
  When Patrick Pattenham died the death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Jhon Newman and Thomas Fusse        75
At Ware and Walden made their ende;
When William Hailes for Christ Jesus
With breath and bloude did still contende;
  When he at Barnet was put to death,
  We wishte, etc.        80
When Samuell did firmely fight,
Till flesh and bloud to ashes went;
When constant Cob, with faith vpright,
At Thetforde cruelly was brent;
  When these with joy did take their death,        85
  We wishte, etc.
When William Allen at Walsingham
For trueth was tried in fiery flame;
When Roger Cooe, that good olde man,
Did lose his lyfe for Christe’s name;        90
  When these with other were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Bradbridge, Streter, and Burwarde,
Tuttie, and George Painter of Hyde,
Vnto their duty had good regarde,        95
Wherefore in one fier they were fried;
  When these at Cantorbury toke their death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Jhon Lesse, prisoner in Newgate,
By sickenes turned to yerth and claye;        100
When wicked men, with yre and hate,
Brent Thomas Heywarde and Goreway;
  When Tingle in Newgate toke his death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Richard Smith in Lowlar’s tower,        105
Androwes and Kyng, by sickenes died,
In faier fieldes they had their bower,
Where earth and clay doth still abide;
  When they in this wise did die the death,
  We wishte, etc.        110
When Glouer and Cornelius
Were fiercely brent at Couentrie;
When Wolsey and Pigot for Christ Jesus
At Ely felt like crueltie;
  When the pore be wept master Glouer’s death,        115
  We wishte, etc.
When learned Ridley and Latymer
Without regarde were swiftly slayne;
When furious foes could not confer
But with reuenge and mortall paine;        120
  When these two fathers were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When worthy Web and George Roper
In Elyes’ chayre to heauen were sent;
Also, when Gregory Paynter        125
The same streight path and voiage went;
  When they at Cantorbury toke their deth,
  We wishte, etc.
When godly Gore in pryson died,
And Wiseman in the Lowlar’s towre;        130
When master Philpot, truely tryed,
Ended his life with peace and power;
  When he kissed the chayne at his death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Thomas Whitwell and Bartlet Grene,
Annis Foster, Jone Lasheforde, and Browne,
Tutson and Winter, these seuen were sene
In Smithfield beate their enemies doune,
  Euen fleshe and deuil, world and death,
  Then we wishte for Elizabeth.        140
When Jhon Lowmas and An Albright,
Jone Soale, Jone Painter, and Annis Snod,
In fier with flesh and bloud did fight;
When tonges of tyrantes layed on lode;
  When these at ones were put to death,        145
  We wishte, etc.
When two women in Ippeswiche towne
Joyfully did the fier embrace;
When they sange out with chereful sounde
Their fired foes for to deface;        150
  When Norwich Nobody 2 put them to deth,
  We wishte, etc.
When constant Cranmer lost his life,
And helde his hande vnto the fier;
When streames of teares for him were rife,        155
And yet did misse their iust desier;
  When popysh power put him to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Spencer and two brethren more
Were put to death at Salisbury;        160
Ashes to earth did right restore,
They being then ioyfull and mery;
  When these with violence were put to deth,
  We wyshte, etc.
When Hulliarde, a pastour pure,
At Cambridge did this life despise;
When Hartpoole’s death thei did procure,
To make his flesh a sacrifice;
  When Jone Beche, widow, was done to deth,
  We wishte, etc.        170
When William Timmes, Ambrose, and Drake,
Spurge, Spurge, and Cauell, duely died,
Confessing that for Christe’s sake
They were content thus to bee tried;
  When London Little-grace 3 put them to death,        175
  We wyshte, etc.
When lowly Lister, Nicol, and Mace,
Jhon Hammond, Spencer, and Yren also,
At Colchester, in the posterne place,
Joyfully to their death did go;        180
  When two at Glocester were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Margaret Eliot, being a maide,
After condemyning in prison died;
When lame Lauarocke the fire assaide,        185
And blinde Aprice with him was tryed;
  When these two impotentes were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Katherine Hut did spend her bloude,
With two maides, Elizabeth and Jone;        190
When they embraste both rede and woode,
Trusting in Christ his death alone;
  When men vnnatural drew these to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When two men and a syster dere        195
At Bekelles were consumed to dust;
When William Sleeke, constant and cleare,
In prison died with hope and trust;
  When these our brethren wer put to death,
  We wyshte, etc.        200
When John Oswold and Thomas Reede,
Harland, Milwright, and Euington,
With blasing brandes their bloude did bleede,
As their brethren before had done;
  When tyranny draue these to death,        205
  We wishte, etc.
When Whod, the pastor, with Thomas Milles,
At Lewes lost this mortall gayne,
Compast with speares and bloudye bylles
Vnto the stake for to bee slayne;        210
  When William Adheral did die the death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Jackson, Holywel, and Wye,
Bowier, Laurence, and Addlington;
When Roth, Searles, Lion, and Hurst, did die,        215
With whom two women to death were done;
  When Dorifall with them was put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Thomas Parret, prisoner,
And Martyne Hunte died in the King’s Bench,        220
When the yong man at Lecester
And Clemente died with filthie stenche;
  When Careless so toke his death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Askue, Palmer, and Jhon Gwin,
Were brent with force at Newbury;
Lamenting onely for theyr sinne,
And in the Lorde were full mery:
  When tyrantes merciles put these to death,
  We wishte, etc.        230
When Jhon Foreman and mother Tree
At Grenstede cruelly were slaine;
When Thomas Dungate, to make vp three,
With them did passe from wo and payne;
  When these with other were put to death,        235
  We wishte, etc.
When two at Asheforde with crueltie
For Christe’s cause to death were brent;
When not long after two at Wye
Suffered for Christ his testament;        240
  When wyly wolues put these to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Stanlye’s wife and Annis Hide,
Sturtle, Ramsey, and Jhon Lothesby,
Were contente tormentes to abide,        245
And toke the same right paciently;
  When these in Smithfield wer done to death,
  We wisht, etc.
When William Morant and Steuen Grathwick
Refusde with falshode to bee beguilde,        250
And for the same were burned quicke
With fury in St George’s Fielde;
  When these with other were put to death,
  We wyshte, etc.
When Jone Bradbridge, and a blind maide,
Appleby, Allen, and bothe their wiues;
When Manning’s wife was not afrayde;
But al these seuen did lose their liues;
  When these at Maistone were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.        260
When Jhon Fiscoke, Perdue, and White,
Barbara, widow, and Bendens’ wife,
With Wilson’s wife, did firmly fight,
And for their faith al lost their life;
  When these at Canterbury died the death,        265
  We wysht, etc.
When William Mainarde, his maide, and man,
Margery Mories and her sonne,
Dents, Burges, Steuens, and Wodman,
Gloue’s wife and Ashdon’s, to death were done;        270
  When one fyre at Lues brought to their death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Ambrose died in Maistone gaile,
And so set free from tyrauntes’ hands;
When Simon Milner they did assayle,        275
Hauing him and a woman in bandes;
  When these at Norwich were don to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When ten at Colchester in one daye
Were fried with fyre of tyrantes stoute;        280
Not once permitted trueth to say,
But were compast with billes aboute;
  When these with other were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When George Egles at Chelmsford towne        285
Was hanged, drawen, and quartered;
His quarters carried vp and doune,
And on a pole thei set his head;
  When wrested law put him to death,
  We wyshte, etc.        290
When Thurston’s wife at Chichester,
And Bowmer’s wife with her also;
When two women at Rochester,
With father Fruier, were sent from wo;
  When one at Norwich did die the death,        295
  We wyshte, etc.
When Joyce Bowes at Lichefield died,
Continuing constant in the fier;
When tired faith was truely tried,
Hauing her iuste and long desier;        300
  When she with others were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Richard Rooth and Rafe Glaiton,
With James Auscoo and his wife,
Were brent with force at Islyngton,        305
Ending this short and sinneful life;
  When thei in cherefulnes did take their death,
  We wyshte, etc.
When Sparrow, Gibson, and Hollingday,
In Smithfield did the stake embrace;        310
When fire conuerted fleshe to clay,
Thei being ioyfull of such grace;
  When lawless libertie put them to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Jhon Roughe, a minister weke,
And Margaret Mering, with corage died,
Because Christ onely they did seeke,
With fier of force they must bee fried;
  When these in Smithfield were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.        320
When that Jhon Denneshe and Hugh Foxe
In Smithfielde cruell wrath sustained,
As fixed foes to Romish rockes,
And Cuthbert Symion, also Hayne;
  When these did worthely receyue their death,        325
  We wishte, etc.
When Dale disseast in Bery gaile,
According to God’s ordinaunce;
When widow Thurstone thei did assaile,
And brought An Banger to death his daunce;        330
  When these at Colchester were done to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When William Nicoll in Harforwest
Was tryed with their fiery fan;
When Symon fought against the best,        335
With Glouer and Thomas Carman;
  When these at Norwiche did die the death,
  We wyshte, etc.
When William Harris and Richard Day
And Christian George by them was brent,        340
Holding their enemies at baye,
Till life was lost and breath all spent;
  When these at Colchester wer put to death,
  We wyshte, etc.
When Southam, Launder, and Ricarbie,
Hollyday, Holland, Houde, and Flood,
With cherefull look and constant crie,
For Christe’s cause did spend their bloud;
  When these in Smithfield wer put to death,
  We wishte, etc.        350
When Thomas Tyler past this place,
And Matthew Withers also died;
Though sute were much, yet little grace
Among the rulers could be spied;
  In prison paciently they tooke their death,        355
  We wishynge for Elizabeth.
When Richard Yeman, minister,
At Norwich did his life forsake;
When master Benbrike at Winchester
A liuely sacrifice did make;        360
  When these with other were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When William Peckes, Cotton, and Wreight,
The popish power did soore inuade,
To burning schole thei wer sent streight,        365
And with them went constant Jhon Slade;
  When these at Bramford wer put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Alexander Geche was brent,
And with him Elizabeth Launson;        370
When thei with ioye did both consent
To doe as their brethren had done;
  When these at Ipswich were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.
When Jhon Dauy, and eke his brother,        375
With Philip Humfrey, kist the crosse;
When they did comfort one another
Against all feare and worldlye losse;
  When these at Bery were put to death,
  We wishte, etc.        380
When laste of all, to take theyr leaue,
At Cantorbury they did consume,
Who constantly to Christ did cleaue,
Therefore were fried with fierie fume,—
  But sixe daies after these were put to death        385
  God sent vs our Elizabeth.
Our wished welth hath brought vs peace:
Our ioy is full, our hope obtayned;
The blasing brandes of fier doe cease,
The sleaying sworde also restrayned;        390
  The simple shepe preserued from death
  By our good queene Elizabeth.
As hope hath here obtained her pray,
By Godde’s good will and prouidence;
So trust doth truely looke for staye        395
Through his heauenly influence,
  That great Golia shall be put to death
  By our good queene Elizabeth:
That Godde’s trew word shall placed be,
The hungrie soules for to sustaine;        400
That perfite loue and vnitie
Shall be set in their seate agayne;
  That no more good men shal be put to death,
  Seeing God hath sent Elizabeth.
Pray we, therefore, both night and day,        405
For her highnes, as we bee bounde:
Oh Lorde, preserue this braunch of bay,
And all her foes with force confounde;
  Here long to lyue, and after death
  Receyue our queene Elizabeth.

Apoc. 6.
  How long tariest thou, O Lorde, holy and trewe, to iudge and aduenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
Note 1. XIII. Thomas Bryce.—He appears to have been a clergyman: according to Ritson, an epitaph of “Mr. Bryce, preacher,” was licensed to John Allde. He, however, escaped the rage of Queen Mary, and in 1559 he published “A Compendious Register in Metre, conteigning the names and pacient suffryngs of the membres of Jesus Christ; and the tormented and cruelly burned within England, since the death of our famous Kyng of immortall memory Edwarde the Sixte: to the entrance and beginnyng of the raign of our Soueraigne and derest lady Elizabeth of England, Fraunce, and Irelande, quene etc.” [back]
Note 2. Hopton, bishop of Norwich. [back]
Note 3. Bonner, bishop of London. [back]

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