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Edward Farr, ed.  Select Poetry of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.  1845.
The Author’s Beliefe
XXIV. Thomas Tusser
THIS is my stedfast creede,
  My faith and al my trust,
That in the heauens ther is a God,
  Most mighty, mild, and just;
A God aboue all gods,        5
  A King aboue all Kinges,
The Lord of lords, chief Gouernour
  Of heauen and earthly things:
That power hath of life,
  Of death, of heauen, and hell;        10
That al thing made as pleaseth him,
  So wonderfull to tell:
That made the hanging skies,
  So deckt with diuers lights;
Of darkenes made the chereful daies,        15
  And al our restfull nights:
That clad this earth with herbe,
  With trees of sundry fruits,
With beast, with bird, both wild and tame,
  Of strange and sundry suits;        20
That intermixt the same
  With mynes like veines of ore,
Of siluer, gold, of precious stones,
  And treasures many more:
That joined brookes to dales,        25
  To hils fresh water-springes,
With riuers sweete along the meedes,
  To profit many thinges:
That made the hoary frostes,
  The flaky snowes so trim,        30
The hony deaws, the blustring windes,
  To serue as pleaseth him:
That made the surging seas
  In course to ebbe and flowe,
That skilful man with sailing ship        35
  Mought trauell to and fro;
And stored so the same
  For man’s vnthankfull sake,
That euery nation vnder heauen
  Mought thereby profit take:        40
That gaue to man a soule,
  With reason how to liue,
That doth to him and al things els
  His blessing daily giue:
That is not seen, yet seeth        45
  How man doth run his race;
Whose daily works, both good and bad,
  Stand knowne before his face:
That sendeth thundering claps
  Like terrors out of hell,        50
That man may know a God ther is,
  That in the heauens doth dwel:
That sendeth threatning plagues
  To keep our liues in awe,
His benefites if we forget,        55
  Or do contempne his lawe:
That dayly hateth sinne,
  That loueth vertue well,
And is the God of Abraham,
  Isaac and Israel:        60
That doth his pleasure take,
  When we his laws offend;
And yet amids his heauy wrath
  His mercy doth extend.
This is that Lord of hosts,        65
  The Father of vs all,
The maker of whatere was made,
  My God on whom I call;
Which for the loue of man
  Sent downe his onely Sonne,        70
Begot of him before the worldes
  Were any whit begonne.
This entred Marie’s womb,
  As fayth affirmeth sure;
Conceyued by the Holy Ghost,        75
  Borne of that virgin pure.
This was both God and man,
  Of Jewes the hoped King;
And liued here, saue only sinne,
  Like man in euery thing.        80
This is that virgin’s Child,
  That same most Holy Priest,
The Lamb of God, the Prophet great,
  Whom Scripture calleth Christ:
This that Messias was        85
  Of whom the prophet spake,
That should tread down the serpent’s head,
  And our atonement make.
This Judas did betray
  To false dissembling Jewes,        90
Which vnto Pilat, being iudge,
  Did falsly him accuse;
Who through that wicked judge,
  And of those Jewes’ despight,
Condemned and tormented was        95
  With all the force they might.
To liuing, with more euill
  What could such wretches do?
More pearcing wounds, more bitter pains,
  Than they did put him to?        100
They crowned him with thorne,
  That was the King of kings,
That sought to saue the soule of man
  Aboue all worldly things.
This was the Pascall Lamb,        105
  Whose loue for vs so stoode,
That on the mount of Caluerine
  Did shed for vs his bloud:
Where hanging on the crosse,
  No shame he did forsake,        110
Till death giuen him by pearcing speare
  An end of life did make.
This Joseph seeing dead,
  The body thence did craue,
And took it forthwith from the crosse,        115
  And layd it in his graue.
Downe thence he went to hell,
  In vsing there his will—
His soule I meane,—his flayed corps
  In tombe remaining still.        120
From death to life againe
  The third day this did rise,
And seene on earth to his elect
  Times oft in sundry wise;
And after into heauen        125
  Ascende he did in sight,
And sitteth on the right hand there
  Of God, the Father of might:
Where for vs wretches all
  His Father he doth pray        130
To haue respect vnto his death,
  And put our sinnes away.
From thence with sounded trump,
  Which noyse all flesh shall dread,
He shal returne with glory againe,        135
  To judg the quicke and dead.
In God the Holy Ghost
  I firmely do beleue,
Which from the Father and the Sonne
  Proceeding, life doth giue:        140
Which by the prophets spake;
  Which doth all comfort send;
Which I do trust shal be my guide,
  When this my life shal end.
A holy catholyke church        145
  On earth I graunt there is,
And those which frame their liues by that
  Shall neuer spede amisse:
The head whereof is Christ,
  His woord the chiefes post;        150
Preseruer of this Temple great
  Is God the Holy Ghost.
I do not doubt there is
  A multitude of saintes:
More good is done resembling them        155
  Then showing them our plaints.
Their faith and workes in Christ
  That glory them did giue;
Which glory we shal likewise haue,
  If lykewise we so liue.        160
At God of heauen there is
  Forgiueness of our sinnes
Through Christe’s death, through faith in it,
  And through none other ginnes:
If we repentant here        165
  His mercy daily craue,
Through stedfast hope and faith in Christ
  Forgiueness we shal haue.
I hope and trust vppon
  The rising of the flesh:        170
This corps of mine, that first must dye,
  Shall rise againe afresh.
The body and soule euen then
  In one shall ioined bee:
As Christ did rise from death to life,        175
  Euen so through Christ shal we.
As Christ is glorified,
  And neuer more shal dye;
As Christ ascended is to heauen,
  Through Christ euen so shall I:        180
As Christ I compt my head,
  And I am member of his,
So God, I trust, for Christe’s sake,
  Shall settle me in blisse.

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