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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ed.  Poems of Places: An Anthology in 31 Volumes.
Switzerland and Austria: Vol. XVI.
Introductory to Switzerland
    Switzerland by Oliver Goldsmith (1730–1774)
    Switzerland by James Thomson (1834–1882)
    On the Subjugation of Switzerland by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    Switzerland by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
    The Crystal Hunters by Thomas Moore (1779–1852)
    Mountain and Valley by Friedrich Adolf Krummacher (1767–1845)
    Switzerland by Count Anton Alexander von Auersperg (Anastasius Grün) (1806–1876)
    Switzerland and Italy by Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton (1809–1885)
    My Alpenstock by Henry Glassford Bell (1803–1874)
    William Tell by William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)
    The Song of the Mountaineer by Johann Ludwig Uhland (1787–1862)
    Beyond by Rose Terry Cooke (1827–1892)
Switzerland: Alps, The
    The Alps by Oliver Goldsmith (1730–1774)
    The Alps by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    Descent of the Alps by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    The Alps at Daybreak by Samuel Rogers (1763–1855)
    An Alpine Picture by Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836–1907)
    The Alps by Samuel Rogers (1763–1855)
    The Alps by James Montgomery (1771–1854)
    The Alps by Bryan Waller Procter (1787–1874)
    Evening among the Alps by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
    The Alps by Aubrey Thomas de Vere (1814–1902)
    The Mountain Boy by Johann Ludwig Uhland (1787–1862)
Switzerland: Altorf
    Effusion in Presence of the Painted Tower of Tell, at Altorf by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Appenzell
    The Road to Appenzell by Henry Glassford Bell (1803–1874)
Switzerland: Avenches (Aventicum)
    Julia Alpinula by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
Switzerland: Berne
    The Terrace at Berne by Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)
Switzerland: Brienz, the Lake
    Scene on the Lake of Brienz by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Brunnen
    Brunnen by James Montgomery (1771–1854)
Switzerland: Bürglen
    Tell’s Birthplace by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834)
Switzerland: Chillon
    The Prisoner of Chillon by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
    The Castle of Chillon by Letitia Elizabeth Landon (1802–1838)
    Lake Leman and Chillon by Henry Morford (1823–1881)
Switzerland: Clarens
    Clarens by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
Switzerland: Constance, the Lake (Boden See)
    The Horseman and the Lake of Constance by Gustav Schwab (1792–1850)
Switzerland: Einsiedeln
    Einsiedeln Abbey by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    On First Seeing the Monastery of Maria Einsiedeln by James Cochrane
Switzerland: Engelberg
    Engelberg, the Hill of Angels by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Gemmi, the Mountain
    Echo upon the Gemmi by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Geneva, the Lake (Lake Leman)
    Lake Leman by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
    Rousseau by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
    Lake Leman by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
    Lake of Geneva by Thomas Moore (1779–1852)
    The Lake of Geneva by Samuel Rogers (1763–1855)
    Midnight at Geneva by Francis Turner Palgrave (1824–1897)
Switzerland: Glion
    Obermann Once More by Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)
Switzerland: Goldau
    Goldau by John Neal (1793–1876)
Switzerland: Grindelwald
    On a Grave at Grindelwald by Frederic William Henry Myers (1843–1901)
Switzerland: Grütli
    The Cavern of the Three Tells by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
    On a Flower from the Field of Grütli by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
Switzerland: Gruyère
    Ranz des Vaches of the Gruyère Alps, Canton of Freibourg by Swiss Song
Switzerland: Handeck, the Falls
    The Fall of the Aar by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Hospenthal
    Hospenthal by Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham (1793–1870)
Switzerland: Interlachen
    A Memory of Interlachen by Annie Adams Fields (1834–1915)
Switzerland: Jungfrau, the Mountain
    Manfred on the Jungfrau by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
Switzerland: Küssnacht
    William Tell by Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805)
Switzerland: Lausanne
    Gibbon by William Lisle Bowles (1762–1850)
    Gibbon and Voltaire by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
Switzerland: Lauterbrunnen
    On Approaching the Staub-Bach, Lauterbrunnen by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    The Brothers by Samuel Rogers (1763–1855)
    Lauterbrunnen by Thomas Gold Appleton (1812–1884)
Switzerland: Lucerne
    Lucerne by Samuel Rogers (1763–1855)
    Lucerne by William Lisle Bowles (1762–1850)
    Monument at Lucerne by John Kenyon (1784–1856)
    The Covered Bridge at Lucerne by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
    The Lion of Lucerne by A. Judson Rich (1834–1915)
Switzerland: Lucerne, the Lake
    Lake and Mountains by Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805)
    The Chapel of Tell (On the Lake of Lucerne) by Aubrey Thomas de Vere (1814–1902)
Switzerland: Lugano, the Lake
    The Church of San Salvador, Seen from the Lake of Lugano by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Martigny
    Morning in Martigny by Thomas Buchanan Read (1822–1872)
Switzerland: Morgarten
    Song of the Battle of Morgarten by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
Switzerland: Morat (Murten)
    The Battle of Murten by Veil Weber (1762–1837)
    Morat by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
Switzerland: Payerne
    Queen Bertha’s Alms by Aubrey Thomas de Vere (1814–1902)
    Queen Bertha by Philippe-Sirice Bridel (1757–1845)
    The Song of the Spinning-wheel by Popular Swiss Song
Switzerland: Pilatus, the Mountain
    Mount Pilate by Sir Edwin Arnold (1832–1904)
Switzerland: Reuss, the River
    Urseren by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    The Devil’s Bridge by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Switzerland: Rhine, the River
    The Brook Rhine by Augusta Webster (1837–1894)
Switzerland: Righi
    On the Righi by Josiah Gilbert Holland (1819–1881)
Switzerland: St. Bernard, the Mountain
    The Great Saint Bernard by Samuel Rogers (1763–1855)
    Song on Saint Bernard by Thomas Buchanan Read (1822–1872)
    Storm on Saint Bernard by Thomas Buchanan Read (1822–1872)
    Fancies in the Firelight by Thomas Buchanan Read (1822–1872)
    Excelsior by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Switzerland: St. Gall
    Written at the Convent near Saint Gall by James Cochrane
Switzerland: St. Gothard
    On Hearing the Ranz des Vaches on the Top of the Pass of Saint Gothard by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    The Saint Gothard Pass by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
    Song of the Alps by Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805)
Switzerland: Schächen, the River
    The Death of Tell by Henry Morford (1823–1881)
Switzerland: Schaffhausen
    The Jungfrau and the Fall of the Rhine near Schaffhausen by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Schwytz
    The Town of Schwytz by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Sempach
    The Battle of Sempach by Halb Suter
    The Patriot’s Password by James Montgomery (1771–1854)
    The Death of Winkelried by Walter Thornbury (1828–1876)
Switzerland: Simmenthal
    Simmenthal by Frederic William Henry Myers (1843–1901)
Switzerland: Simplon, the Mountain
    Simplon Pass by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    Stanzas Composed in the Simplon Pass by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Soleure (Solothurn)
    Saint Verena by Heinrich von Laufenberg (c. 1390–1460)
Switzerland: Stanz
    Lines Suggested by the Statue of Arnold Von Winkelried, Stanz-Underwalden by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
    Stanz by James Montgomery (1771–1854)
Switzerland: Thun, the Lake
    Memorial near the Outlet of the Lake of Thun by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    The Chartreuse on the Lake of Thun by Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham (1793–1870)
Switzerland: Toggenburg
    Knight Toggenburg by Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805)
Switzerland: Unterwalden
    Unterwalden by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    Battle of Unterwalden by James Montgomery (1771–1854)
Switzerland: Uri, the Lake
    Lake Uri by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Switzerland: Zurich, the Lake
    The Lake of Zurich by Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock (1724–1803)
    On the Lake by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832)
    Elegiac Stanzas by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
    On the Lake of Zurich by James Cochrane
    Song of the Alpine Guide by Thomas Buchanan Read (1822–1872)
Austria: Ampezzo
    In the Pass by Helen Hunt Jackson (1830–1885)
Austria: Bregenz
    A Legend of Bregenz by Adelaide Anne Procter (1825–1864)
Austria: Buda (Ofen), Hungary
    The Last of the Arpads—Anonymous
    Farewell by Servian Popular Poetry
Austria: Carpathian Mountains, Hungary
    The Frontier by Edna Dean Proctor (1829–1923)
Austria: Cracow
    The Passage of the Poles by Night near Cracow by August von Platen-Hallermünde (1796–1835)
Austria: Danube, the River
    Bishop Bruno by Robert Southey (1774–1843)
    The Wounded Hussar by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
    The Frontier Guard by Count Anton Alexander von Auersperg (Anastasius Grün) (1806–1876)
    Two Lovers by Eduard Mörike (1804–1875)
    The Danube by Ján Kollár (1793–1852)
Austria: Greifenstein, the Castle
    King Richard’s Lament by Richard I, Cœur-de-Lion (1157–1199)
Austria: Hungary
    Water of Hungary by Charles Godfrey Leland (1824–1903)
Austria: Leopoldsberg
    Sobieski by Magnus Sabiston
Austria: Martinswand, Tyrol
    St. Martin’s Wall by Count Anton Alexander von Auersperg (Anastasius Grün) (1806–1876)
Austria: Matra, the Mountain, Hungary
    Song of the Shepherd of Matra by Hungarian Popular Song
Austria: Metten, the Abbey
    Work and Worship by William Allen Butler (1825–1902)
Austria: Moldava, the River
    The River Moldava by James Gates Percival (1795–1856)
Austria: Munkacs, Hungary
    Alexander Ypsilanti by Wilhelm Müller (1794–1827)
Austria: Prague, Bohemia
    The Student of Prague by Karl Immermann (1796–1840)
    The Battle of Prague from the German
    Marshal Schwerin’s Grave by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
    The Old Clock of Prague by Josiah Gilbert Holland (1819–1881)
    The Beleaguered City by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Austria: Rákos, Hungary
    The Tiszian by Hungarian Popular Song
Austria: Salona, Dalmatia
    Salona by Abraham Cowley (1618–1667)
    Dioclesian at Salona by Sir Aubrey de Vere (1788–1846)
Austria: Salzburg
    The Salzburg Chimes by Henry Alford (1810–1871)
Austria: Spielberg, the Castle
    Canzone, Written in Prison by Silvio Pellico (1789–1854)
Austria: Steyermark (Styria)
    Steyermark by Bayard Taylor (1825–1878)
Austria: Tepl, the River, Bohemia
    On the River Tepl by Rowland E. Egerton-Warburton (1804–1891)
Austria: Tokay, Hungary
    The Hungarian Exile from the German
Austria: Traun, the River
    To the River Traun by Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton (1809–1885)
Austria: Trieste, Illyria
    Waring by Robert Browning (1812–1889)
Austria: Tyrol
    Evening Song of the Tyrolese Peasants by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
Austria: Untersberg
    Barbarossa by Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel (1834–1894)
Austria: Vienna
    The Siege of Vienna by Vincenzo da Filicaja (1642–1707)
    The Battle of Vienna by Samuel Greene Wheeler Benjamin (1837–1914)



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