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William Stanley Braithwaite, ed.  The Book of Restoration Verse.  1910.
Aboon, above
Admire, wonder at
Advowson, the revision of a spiritual promotion, and signifies in our common law a right to present a clergyman to a Benefice. (Berdan), used to signify future possession.
Airns, irons
Amain, lower        5
Bale, mischief sorrow
Ballup, front or flap of breeches
Band, bound
Bane, bone
Basnets, helmets        10
Battening, feeding
Befalle, befits
Belive, quickly
Bent, field, plain
Bergamot, a pear        15
Bested, help, avail
Big, to build
Birk, birch
Blame, wrong
Blane, stopped        20
Boune, make ready
Bout, bend, turn
Boutesel, French boute-selle, bouter to put, selle, saddle; a trumpet call warning knights or cavalry to put on the saddle.
Buskit, attired
Buske, bush        25
But, rude, merely
Buxom, spirited, debonair
Brittling, cutting up
Brome, broom
Brook, preserve        30
Byckarte, hurried
Bylle, battle-axe
Byre, cow-house
Call, cold
Captived, captivated        35
Capull-Hyde, Horse-hide
Carp, talk
Case, cage
Cast, intend
Channerin’, fretting        40
Consent, harmony
Consort, Latin: consortium, society
Corbies, ravens
Crude, unripe
Curch, kerchief        45
Deal, bit
Descent, Latin: deceus: comely, handsome
Deodands, forfeits to Gods
Den, hollow
Dight, disposed of        50
Distrain, to make seizure for debt
Dyghtande, preparing, in preparation
Draw, inhale
Dree, endure
Drumlie, gloomy        55
Drury, dowry
Even Cloth, fine cloth
Fadge, hag
Fail, turf
Fare, doings        60
Farley, strange
Felone, traitor, rebel
Fend, keep, support
Ferlies, marvels
Fettled, make ready        65
Find, end
Finikin, fine, handsomely dressed
Flashy, insipid, tasteless
Flatter’d, tossed about
Fley’d, frightened        70
Fond, Fondly: foolish, foolishly
For Piling, to keep clear
Forced, fated
Forehammers, sledge-hammers
Free, precious        75
Free, noble
Freits, ill omens
Freyke, warrior
Furs, furrows
Gadding, straggling        80
Gar, make
Gare, hem
Gare, gore
Gard, made
Gaudy, joyful        85
Gin, latch
Gleat, gleamed
Glent, glanced
Golett of ye Hode, throat, part covering the throat
Grat, wept        90
Greet, cry
Grevis, groves
Groom, man
Gryte, great
Harp and Carp, chat        95
Hause, neck
Hautboys, Fr. hautbois; Musical instrument
Hente, caught
Heriot, a vassal’s tribute to his lord
Herry, harry        100
Hight, promise
Hooly, slowly, gently
Individual, inseparable
Indu’th, endoweth
Jaw, wave        105
Jimp, slender, trim
Jow, stroke
Kale, broth
Kames, combs
Lancepesade, lowest officer in foot company, commanding ten soldiers        110
Lack, ease, dowie, sad
Lake, grave
Lap, sprang
Lawing, reckoning
Lear, lying        115
Let, hinder, stop
Leven, lawn
Lift, sky
Lin, to cease
List, desire, to be dispose        120
Lowe, flame
Lowe, small hill
Luckets, sweetmeats
Lynde, Lyne, linden, tree
Margent, margin        125
Make, mate, husband
Meany, company
Monand, moaning
Muir, moor
Myllan, steel        130
Nice, coy, squeamish
Palmer, pilgrim, tramp, vagabond, beggar
Pallions, pavilions, tents
Parley, speech
Passe, limits, extent        135
Pickering, skirmishing
Pistolette, pistol
Quit, requited
Ragged, rugged
Rathe, early        140
Read, explain
Reacheles, reckless
Rebeck, medieval musical instrument, earliest form of violin
Rede, advice
Reiver, robber        145
Regealing, re-freezing
Row, Rowed: wrap, wrapped
Row-footed, rough-footed
Sad, sober, serious
Sark, shirt        150
Scapyd, hurt
Scrannell, slight, thin
Secure, Latin securus, free from care
Sen, when
Sequacious, following        155
Shamefaced, modest
Shauld, shoulder
Shawes, woods
Shear, at once
Shete, short        160
Sheen, shoes
Sheugh, furrow
Shradds, opening in a wood
Shrindled, sparkled
Shroggs, shrubs        165
Silly, harmless, innocent, simple
Sith, since
Skeely, skilful
Slade, valley
Slaiked, loosened, i.e., took off        170
Sleet, slat
Slogan, war-cry
Sloken, slake
Slon, slay
Slough, slew        175
Sparred, shut
Splent, armour
Sprent, spurted
Spurn, retaliation
Spyrred, asked, inquired        180
Starkest, strongest
Stear, stir
Sterne, arose
Steven, voice
Stint, stop        185
Stour, fight
Strayght, narrow
Strete, street
Stye, small thoroughfare, alley
Swakked, smote        190
Swapped, smote
Sweavens, dreams
Syke, march
Tear, injury
Tett, tuft, lock or knot of hair        195
The, thee: they
The, prosper, thrive
Theek, thatch
Thir, their, these, those
Thole, endure        200
Threw, throve
Throly, strenuously, doggedly
Tift, puff
Tow, rope
Town, stead        205
Toyes, trifles, vanities
Tree, wood, woods
Trew, trust
Twin’d, deprived, parted
Uncouth, unknown        210
Undershrieve, under-sheriff
Unreproved, unreprovable, innocent
Unrooted, uprooted
Wame, womb
Wane, crowd        215
Wanton, playful
Wardle’s make, life-mate
Warisone, reward
Weal, wing
Weed, garment        220
Weeds, garments, now confined to garment of widows
Welt, to have power over, commanded
Wex, wax, grow
Whist, hushed
White-thorn, hawthorn        225
Wighty, nimble
Win, make
Wouche, injury
Wons, dwells
Wrocken, wroken: revenged        230
Wud, mad
Wyld, deer
Yate, gate
Yclept, called
Your lane, alone        235
Zade, went
Zare, ready
Zatis, yates
Ze, yea
Zemen, yeomen        240

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