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William McCarty, comp.  The American National Song Book.  1842.
Vol. I: Patriotic
A Song: ‘Come, join hand in hand, brave Americans all
Liberty-Tree—A New Song by Thomas Paine (1737–1809)
Destruction of the Tea, 1774
Free America by Joseph Warren (1741–1775)
American Independence by Francis Hopkinson (1737–1791)
The Land of Love and Liberty
The Goddess of Liberty
Columbia by Timothy Dwight (1752–1817)
National Gratitude
American Freedom by Edward Rushton (1756–1814)
Hail America
Land of Liberty
The Praise of Columbia
Liberty Hall
New Columbia by H. Bliss
The Irish Emigrant
Sons of Hibernia
The Scotch Emigrant by Thomas Muir (1765–1798)
The Temple of Liberty
The Genius of Ireland
Universal Freedom
Hail, Liberty
Washington’s Birth-day
The Federal Constitution
The Raising
Independence by James H. Price
Royal Sport
For the Fourth of July
For the Fourth of July
Hail Columbia by Joseph Hopkinson (1770–1842)
New Hail Columbia
Hail, Independence
Rise, Columbia by Robert Treat Paine, Jr. (1773–1811)
American Happiness
The Federal Constitution by Mr. Milns
The Green-Mountain Farmer by Robert Treat Paine, Jr. (1773–1811)
For the Fourth of July
For the Fourth of July by Joseph Story (1779–1845)
Sacred Independence by E. D. Bangs
Freedom and Peace by Alexander Wilson (1766–1813)
The Genius of Freedom
Union and Liberty
Independence and Union by Samuel G. Snelling (1787?–1815)
National Maturity
Embargo and Peace
Washington’s Monument
Light of Glory
Franklin’s Tomb
For the Fourth of July by Samuel Brazer (1785–1823)
Patience Exhausted
Freedom’s Star
Freemen of Columbia by Henry Stanley
The Fourth of July
Jefferson’s Election
Conquer or Die
The Fourth of July by Robert Treat Paine, Jr. (1773–1811)
Gunpowder Tea
Reparation or War
Freedom’s Call by Colonel David Humphreys (1752–1818)
The Times—1812
The Patriot
A Free People
Yankee Chronology
Come, Ye Lads, Who Wish to Shine
Let Feds, Quids, and Demos—1812
Spirits of the Mighty Dead—1812
An Ode: ‘See in the east refulgent rise’ by Henry Bickly
Ode for the Fourth of July—1812
The Chief Who Fights—1812 by J. H. Pratt
The Day to Freedom
Columbia Triumphant
Shout, America!
An Ode: ‘Ye sons of Freedom! to the field repair
Awake, Awake! to Glory Wake
Farewell, Peace—1812
An Ode for the Brave—1812
A War Song—1797 by William Cliffton (1772–1799)
The Tocsin Has Sounded—1812
An Ode: ‘While around the festive board’ by Samuel Woodworth (1784–1842)
Elegy: ‘Strew, virgins, the cypress o’er Washington’s bier
A Dirge: ‘Hush’d be every joyful sound!’
All Hail! to the Country
The American Star
Independence by William Ray (1771–1827)
Once More, Fellow-Freemen
When Our Great Sires
Battle of the Kegs by Francis Hopkinson (1737–1791)
Ode: ‘Behold! behold! with generous hand
Ode: ‘Not two ages yet have fled
New Song: ‘Brave sons of Columbia, your triumph behold!’ by William C. Foster
The Fourth of July—1803
Ode: ‘Once more has the morn oped the portals of light’ by Walter Townsend
Jefferson and Liberty—1801
Happy Columbia
The Gift of the Gods
The Settlement and Progress of the American Colonies
Columbia’s Past and Present State
The Republican Legion—1802
Jefferson and Liberty—1801
The Fourth of July—1803
Election Song
Bleak Wintry Blasts
The Death of the Brave
Let the Drum Beat to Arms!
Droop Not, Columbia
Columbia Relieved
Columbian Independence
Columbia’s Great Glory
The Fourth of July—1803
An Historic Song, in the Duitch Style
The Fourth of July
The Pilgrim Fathers
New Orleans, or the Sons of the West
Welcome, La Fayette
La Fayette’s Welcome to Maryland by W. P. Farquhar
La Fayette
The Banks of Champlain—1812
The Terrestrial Paradise—1800
The American Constitution
Old England, Forty Years Ago—1815
The Old Soldier’s Prayer
The Tea Tax
For the Fourth of July—1815 by Susanna Haswell Rowson (1762–1824)
Day of Glory
For the Fourth of July—1812
The Patriot Club
The Patriotic Diggers—1814
Solomon of the West
Lady Washington’s Lament—1799
French Claim
Capture of Little York
The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key (1779–1843)
Freedom’s Sons
Freedom, Home, and Beauty
Soldiers of Columbia
The American Volunteer
The Relics of Washington by Silas Sexton Steele (b. 1812)
The Yankee Volunteer
Great National Whig Song
Plough, Loom, and Chisel
Ode for the Fourth of July by Robert Treat Paine, Jr. (1773–1811)
Rise, Sons of Freedom
Harrison and Liberty
Old Fort Meigs
Old Tippecanoe
Immortal Washington
The Grand Constitution; or, the Palladium of Columbia
The Constitution—1787
The Harrison Banner
January—an Ode, for 1787
Ode to Charlestown
Evacuation of New York by the British, 1783
Ode on the Anniversary of American Independence—1787
My Native Land by Hugh Peters
Death of General Richard Montgomery
The Ghost of Continental Money
Tis True That the Harp by William Wallace
On General Arnold—1780
On Sir Henry Clinton’s Recall
Ode for the Fourth of July
Original Ode—New England by George Denison Prentice (1802–1870)
The Gathering Song—1840
The Old Revolutionist
The American Flag
The Wyoming Monument
Last Wish of Pocahontas by Miss Baker
Our Country—a Lyric by Thomas Ward (Flaccus) (1807–1873)
The Star in the West—1840
Pocahontas by George Pope Morris (1802–1864)
Death of General Wolfe
An American Parody
An Ode: ‘Hark! the goddess of Fame
Departed Patriots
The Sweets of Liberty
The Heads; or, the Year 1776
To the Memory of Major Fleming and Lieutenant Yates
On the Death of General Wolfe
To the Memory of Lieutenant Peter Mercier, Esq.
Repeal of the Stamp Act
The Death of Hale by William R. Lindsay
An Essay: ‘Here rests from toil, in narrow bounds confined
Stanzas: ‘His triumphs of a moment done
On the Death of His Excellency, General Montgomery
The Pilot of Hatteras by Philip Freneau (1752–1832)
Lines Occasioned by the Detection of Dr. Church’s Traitorous Correspondence with General Gage
Verses from the Other World
Stanzas Occasioned by the Death of Dr. Franklin
Freemen, If You Pant for Glory
Columbia’s Triumph
Columbia’s Favourite Son
A Sonata: ‘Welcome, mighty chief! once more
Ode to the President
A Song: ‘Come, cheer up, my lads, like a true British band
On the Liberties of the Nation
On the Proceedings against America
Return of Peace
Home Manufactures
Washington’s Arrival in Philadelphia
Returning Peace
The Gamester
Cessation of War by Charles Smith
Blush! Albion, Blush!
Ode to the Inhabitants of Pennsylvania
Lord North’s Recantation
Columbia, the Home of the World by W. Grigg
The Freedom of the Press
Lines Addressed to Governor Parr
The Birthday of Freedom
To a Quidnunc
The Birth-Night Fireside
Joel Barlow by Helen Maria Williams (1762–1827)
The Farmer’s Letters
On the Death of Washington
Honour and Glory with Plenty and Peace—1815
Jamestown, an Elegy by John Davis
The Heroes of the West by Richard Dabney (1787?–1825)
Lexington Ode by John Pierpont (1785–1866)
Washington’s Remains by George Lunt (1803–1885)
The Revolution by Thomas Gray, Jr.
On the Death of General Joseph Reed by Philip Freneau (1752–1832)
Stanzas: ‘Beneath these banks, along this shore’ by Philip Freneau (1752–1832)
Pocahontas by Moses Y. Scott
Manhattan City, (New York) by Philip Freneau (1752–1832)
Columbia and Liberty by Robert Treat Paine, Jr. (1773–1811)
Country Ode for the Fourth of July by Royall Tyler (1757–1826)
Ode for Independence Day by William Davis Gallagher (1808–1894)
On the Death of Washington by Timothy Dwight (1752–1817)
West Point by Margaretta V. Faugeres (1771–1801)
Song, in the Scotch Dialect—1815
On a Hessian Debarkation—1776 by Philip Freneau (1752–1832)
National Song: ‘Swell the proud pæan! the day-star advances’ by Edwin Clifford Holland (1794–1824)
Song: ‘Columbia! while the sons of Fame’ by William Ray (1771–1827)
The Day That Washington Was Born by William Ray (1771–1827)
Independence—an Ode—1816 by William Ray (1771–1827)
The Vision of Liberty by Henry Ware, Jr. (1794–1843)
The Triumphs of Liberty by Ebenezer Baily (1795–1839)
The Jersey Prison-Ship by John W. Whitman
Conflagration of Washington by Philip Freneau (1752–1832)
To the Memory of Edward Rutledge, Esq. by Philip Freneau (1752–1832)
Stanzas to the Memory of General Washington by Philip Freneau (1752–1832)
On Seeking the Grave of Baron De Kalb
To General Kosciusko by John Wolcot (Peter Pindar) (1738–1819)
For the Fourth of July
To Captain David Porter
The Revolutioners by George B. Wallis
The Birth-day of Washington by George Denison Prentice (1802–1870)
An Elegy on the Burning of Fairfield by Colonel David Humphreys (1752–1818)
The Genius of America by Colonel David Humphreys (1752–1818)
Song: ‘Now the war-blast is blown, and the thunders are still’ by John Shaw (1778–1809)
The Barbary Captive Released
Inscription Proposed for the Monument of Washington
New England by James Gates Percival (1795–1856)
The Pilgrim Fathers by John Pierpont (1785–1866)
Sonnet on the Revolutionary War in America by Colonel David Humphreys (1752–1818)
Sonnet on the Death of Washington by Colonel David Humphreys (1752–1818)
American Union
Address to Washington by William Livingston (1723–1790)
Ode: ‘God of our fathers! need we trace
Invitation to America
The Vice-President
On General Washington
An American Song: ‘O’er fair Columbia’s awful brow
Federal Song: ‘It comes! it comes! high raise the song!’
Sonnet to General La Fayette
To La Fayette
The Washington Coin
Epitaph in General Greene by William Pierce
Verses: ‘The sage, whom rival nations join to praise
The Fabric of Freedom by Jonathan Williams
Address to Britain and America
Peace—1815 by John M’Creary
Death of Du Coudray
To the Memory of Harrison
On the Death of Harrison
Harrison’s Return by J. W. Matthews
The American Hero by Nathaniel Niles (1741–1828)
The American Boy by John Hill Hewitt (1801–1890)



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