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Is it not strange, the darkest hour / That ever dawn’d on sinful earth / Should touch the heart with softer power / For comfort, than an Angel’s mirth?
—“Christ on the Cross,” ll. 1–4.
John Keble
The Poets’ Bible
New Testament Section
Selected and Edited by W. Garrett Horder
This unique anthology of 328 selections maps Gospel verses to their inspiration in verse.
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Part I. Introductory
 The Fulness of the Times by Walter Chalmers Smith
 The Four Evangelists by Adam of St. Victor
 The Pathways of the Holy Land by Elizabeth Charles
Part II. Events connected with the Birth and Childhood of our Lord
 Zacharias Incredulous by Richard Crashaw
 The Virgin Mary Visiting Elizabeth from the Parisian Breviary
 Nativity of John the Baptist by Gerard Moultrie
 Bethlehem from the Roman Breviary
 There was no Room for them in the Inn” by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 A Christmas Carol by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
 The Birthday of Jesus by Thomas Toke Lynch
 New Prince, New Pomp by Robert Southwell
 The Advent by Elizabeth Clementine Kinney
 On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity by John Milton
 A Hymn on the Nativity of My Saviour by Ben Jonson
 Christmas Morn by Noel Thomas Carrington
 Hymn for Advent by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
 The Angels, for the Nativitie of Our Lord by William Drummond of Hawthornden
 For the Nativitie of Our Lord by William Drummond of Hawthornden
 The Angel Song by John Keble
 Twas Midnight by R. S. Trend
 Upon the Circumcision by John Milton
 The Circumcision of Christ by John Keble
 John and the Infant Christ by Charles Lamb
 Simeon by Hartley Coleridge
 Epiphany from the Parisian Breviary
 Of the Epiphany by Sir John Beaumont
 The Magi by Richard Chenevix Trench
 The Shadow of the Star by Gerard Moultrie
 The Flight into Egypt by John Moultrie
 The Slaughter of the Innocents by William Shakespeare
 The Slaughter of the Innocents from the Roman Breviary
 The Slaughter of the Innocents by Reginald Heber
 The Child Jesus by Giles Fletcher
 The Child Jesus by Thomas Toke Lynch
 The Virgin Mary to the Child Jesus by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
 The Mother Mary by George MacDonald
 The Childhood of Christ by Anna H. Drury
 At Nazareth by George Alexander Chadwick
 Mary Seeking Her Son by George MacDonald
 The Passover in the Holy Family by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
 For the Holy Family by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Part III. Announcement and Introduction of Our Lord’s Public Ministry
 I am the Voice by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Saint John the Baptist by Earl Nelson
 John the Baptist by Frederick W. H. Myers
 Vox Clamantis by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
 For the Baptiste by William Drummond of Hawthornden
 On the Water of Our Lord’s Baptisme by Richard Crashaw
 John Baptizing Christ from the Parisian Breviary
 Now had the great Proclaimer” by John Milton
 The Baptism of Christ by Nathaniel Parker Willis
 The healing graft and natural vine” by Walter Chalmers Smith
 How didst thou start, Thou Holy Baptist” by John Henry Newman
 Comest Thou to Me? by Lady Georgiana Fullerton
 The Glorious Eremite by John Milton
 Led up by the Spirit by Samuel Greg
 The Temptation by Richard Chenevix Trench
 The Temptation of Christ by William Croswell
 Command that this Stone by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Then the Devil taketh Him by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 If Thou be the Son of God by Richard Crashaw (B.)
  The First Disciples
     St. Andrew by Henry Alford
     To St. Andrew, Fisherman by Richard Crashaw (G.)
     James and John by John Henry Newman
     St. John by Reginald Heber
     St. James, the Apostle by J. S. B. Monsell
     St. Bartholomew, the Apostle by J. S. B. Monsell
 The Marriage in Cana by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
 Mary at the Wedding Feast by George MacDonald
 Water turned into Wine by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 To our Lord on the Water-made Wine by Richard Crashaw
Part IV. Our Lord’s First Passover, and the subsequent Transactions until the Second
 Nicodemus by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 The Night by Henry Vaughan
 Jacob’s Well by James Freeman Clarke
 The Woman of Samaria by George MacDonald
 Christ the Healer by John Greenleaf Whittier
 The Lord despised and rejected by Richard Crashaw (B.)
 In the Synagogue at Nazareth by Arthur Middlemore Morgan
 The Fishermen of Bethsaida by John Keble
 Depart from Me” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 He Commandeth the Unclean Spirits, and They Come out” by Alfred Norris
 The Leper by Nathaniel Parker Willis
 The Paralytic healed by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 The Call of Matthew by Henry Alford
 St. Matthew by J. S. B. Monsell
Part V. Our Lord’s Second Passover, and the subsequent Transactions until the Third
 The Pool of Bethesda by Bernard Barton
 The Man with the Withered Hand by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Jesus Praying by Hartley Coleridge
 The Ordaining of the Twelve Apostles by Arthur Middlemore Morgan
 I am not worthy that Thou shouldest come under my Roof” by Richard Crashaw
 The Centurion’s Faith by Alan Brodrick
 The Widow of Nain by Nathaniel Parker Willis
 The Message of the Baptist to Christ (I.) by Richard Crashaw (W.)
 The Message of the Baptist to Christ (II.) by Richard Crashaw (C.)
 The Woman That Was a Sinner by George MacDonald
 She loved much by Hartley Coleridge
 Mary Magdalen by Bartolomé Leonardo de Argensola
 Mary Magdalen by Jeremiah Joseph Callanan
 Mary Magdalen by Jean Ingelow
 Were Not the Sinful Mary’s Tears by Thomas Moore
 Mary Magdalen by George Herbert
 The Women Who Ministered unto Him by George MacDonald
 The Mother Mary Desiring to See Christ by George MacDonald
 The Woman That Lifted up Her Voice by George MacDonald
 I will open My Mouth in a Parable by Arthur Middlemore Morgan
 What Went Ye out for to See? by Arthur Hugh Clough
 Besought to depart by John Keble
 She Is Not Dead, but Sleepeth’ by William Henry Furness
 The Healing of the Daughter of Jairus by Nathaniel Parker Willis
 And They laughed at Him’ by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 The Woman Who Came Behind Him in the Crowd by George MacDonald
 The Woman Who Came Behind Him in the Crowd by Arthur Middlemore Morgan
 St. John the Baptist Beheaded in Prison (I.) from the Parisian Breviary
 St. John the Baptist Beheaded in Prison (II.) from the Parisian Breviary
 St. John the Baptist Beheaded in Prison (III.) from the Parisian Breviary
 St. John the Baptist Beheaded in Prison (IV.) from the Parisian Breviary
 The Daughter of Herodias by Lucy Hooper
 A Burial at Machærus by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 Christ departing to pray by Joseph Anstice
 On the Miracle of Loaves by Richard Crashaw
 The Boy with the Five Loaves by John Keble
 Whence Shall We Buy Bread?” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 St. Andrew by George Thomas Coster
 To the Sea of Galilee by Benjamin Waugh
 Peace! It Is I”—Anonymous
 It Is I: Be Not Afraid” by John Henry Newman
 O Thou of Little Faith’ by Arthur Hugh Clough
 The Walking on the Sea by Thomas Toke Lynch
 When he saw the wind boisterous’ by Richard Crashaw (G.)
Part VI. From the Third Passover during Our Lord’s Ministry until His final Departure from Galilee at the Festival of Tabernacles
 The Silence of Christ to the Woman of Canaan’ by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Have Mercy on Me, O Lord, Thou Son of David by Alan Brodrick
 The Syrophenician Woman by George MacDonald
 Christ opening the Eyes of the Blind by John Keble
 Ephphatha” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 It is good to be Here by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Of the Transfiguration of Our Lord by Sir John Beaumont
 Of the Transfiguration of Our Lord by Samuel Greg
 Hymn on the Transfiguration by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
 Jesus Took Him by the Hand by Thomas Toke Lynch
 The Stater giving Fish by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 A Little Child in the midst by Arthur Middlemore Morgan
 On James and John Wishinge Fire on Ye Samaritans by Thomas Fuller
 The Unthankful Lepers by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 The Ten Lepers by John Keble
 The Missing Nine by George Thomas Coster
 Were There Not Ten Cleansed?” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
Part VII. The Festival of Tabernacles, and the subsequent Transactions until our Lord’s Arrival at Bethany Six Days before the Fourth Passover
 The Woman in the Temple by George MacDonald
 Then took They up Stones’ by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 The Good Samaritan by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 When I Come again I Will Repay Thee” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 Mary to Jesus in the House by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
 Mary at Jesus’ Feet by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 The Blind Man by John Hay
 Lazarus and Mary by Nathaniel Parker Willis
 Lazarus by Gerard Moultrie
 Jesus Wept” by William Michael Rossetti
 An Epistle Containing the Strange Medical Experience of Karshish, the Arab Physician by Robert Browning
 The Raising of Lazarus by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
 Martha by George MacDonald
 Mary by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
 Mary by George MacDonald
 Lo, Christ Hath Gone to Bethany” from the Parisian Breviary
 The Woman Whom Satan Had Bound by George MacDonald
 I have bought Five Yoke of Oxen’ by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 The Lost Piece by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 For the Prodigall by William Drummond of Hawthornden
 On the Prodigall by Richard Crashaw
 A Prodigal Son by Christina Georgina Rossetti
 I will arise and go to my Father’ by Walter Chalmers Smith
 Lazarus by William Shakespeare
 Fared Sumptuously Every Day” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 Two went up into the Temple to pray by Richard Crashaw
 This Man went down to His House justified” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 Children Brought to Christ by Stephen Greenleaf Bulfinch
 The Young Ruler” by George Alexander Chadwick
 The Mother of Zebedee’s Children by George MacDonald
 The Prayer of the Sons of Zebedee by Richard Crashaw (C.)
 Receive Thy Sight” by William Cullen Bryant
 Blind Bartimeus by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
 Blind Bartimeus by George MacDonald
 Zacchæus in the Sycamore Tree by Richard Crashaw (W.)
 Zacchæus by George MacDonald
 On Zacheus by Thomas Fuller
Part VIII. Our Lord’s Public Entry into Jerusalem, and the subsequent Transactions before the Fourth Passover
 Upon the Asse That Bore Our Saviour by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Christ’s Entrance into Jerusalem by Nathaniel Parker Willis
 Christ’s Coming to Jerusalem in Triumph by Jeremy Taylor
 Christ Weeping over Jerusalem by John Keble
 When He beheld the City by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 Jerusalem by Thomas Toke Lynch
 The Children crying in the Temple by John Keble
 The Barren Fig-Tree by Stephen Greenleaf Bulfinch
 The Withered Fig-Tree by George Thomas Coster
 Is it lawful to give Tribute to Cæsar? by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Give to Cæsar … and to God by Richard Crashaw
 Christ retiring to Bethany by Arthur Middlemore Morgan
 The Widow’s Mites by Richard Crashaw
 The Widow with the Two Mites by George MacDonald
 We Would See Jesus by Charles Laurence Ford
 But though He had done so many Miracles by Richard Crashaw
 A Vision of Virgins by E. Robert Bulwer, Lord Lytton (Owen Meredith)
 The Ten Virgins” by Gerard Moultrie
 Mary by George MacDonald
 Mary’s Gift by George Thomas Coster
Part IX. The Fourth Passover. Our Lord’s Passion; and the accompanying Events, until the end of the Jewish Sabbath
 Christ Washing the Disciples’ Feet by George Washington Bethune
 The Sifting of Peter by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
 This Do in Remembrance of Me by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
 Hymn of the Last Supper by John Pierpont
 I have yet many Things to say unto You” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 I have yet many Things to say unto You” by Samuel Greg
 But now They have seen and hated” by Richard Crashaw
 Christ Departing by John Keble
 Gethsemane by Nathaniel Parker Willis
 Gethsemane by Joseph Anstice
 Gethsemane by W. B. Flower
 Christ Betrayed by Anne C. Lynch Botta
 The Betrayal by Matthew Bridges
 The Kiss of Judas by Robert Stephen Hawker
 Judas by William Shakespeare
 The Betrayer by George Herbert
 On St. Peter Cutting off Malchus His Eare by Richard Crashaw
 The Trial by George Alexander Chadwick
 Caiaphas Angry That Christ Confesses He Is the Christ by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Before Pilate by Richard Crashaw
 On Christ Lookinge on Peter by Thomas Fuller
 The Two Sayings by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
 The Look by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
 The Meaning of the Look by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
 The Tears of Peter by Thomas Toke Lynch
 The Dream of Pilate’s Wife by Matthew Bridges
 Pilate’s Wife by George MacDonald
 Christ to the Daughters of Jerusalem by William A. Newman
 Pilate washing his Hands by William Shakespeare
 To Pontius washing His Hands by Richard Crashaw
 The Crucifixion by John Greenleaf Whittier
 Good Friday by Joseph Anstice
 Christ on the Cross by John Keble
 The Two Thieves by Dora Greenwell
 The Myrrh by John Keble
 My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” by Cecilia Mary Caddell
 Father! forgive Them” by George Daniel
 They know not what They do” by Thomas Toke Lynch
 Stabat Mater by Jacobus de Benedictis
 Mary at the Cross by George MacDonald
 The Cross by Elizabeth Charles
 With a Prayer by Alexander Smith
 The Descent from the Cross by Herbert Kynaston
 The Descent from the Cross by Christina Georgina Rossetti
 The Tomb of Joseph by Archer Gurney
 Christ in the Sepulchre by John Keble
 The Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea by W. A. Newman
 Upon the Sepulchre of Our Lord by William Drummond of Hawthornden
 On the Sepulchre of Christ by Tommaso Campanella
 The Tomb of Rock by Thomas Toke Lynch
 A Hymn for Easter Eve by John Moultrie
 Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus by Richard Watson Dixon
Part X. Our Lord’s Resurrection, His subsequent Appearances, and His Ascension
 Upon the Sepulchre of Our Lord by Richard Crashaw
 Myrrh-Bearers by Margaret Junkin Preston
 Easter Day by John Keble
 An Easter Ode by Henry Alford
 Christ Coming Forth from the Tomb by Thomas Toke Lynch
 Easter by Geneviéve M. J. Irons
 Easter Hymn by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
 The Resurrection by Tommaso Campanella
 The Angels at the Sepulchre by Thomas Toke Lynch
 Who Will Roll away the Stone? by Thomas Toke Lynch
 Mary seeth Two Angels sitting by Walter Chalmers Smith
 Rabboni! by Hardwick Shute
 They gave large Money to the Soldiers by Richard Crashaw (W.)
 Christ at Emmaus by William Cowper
 Thomas Not with the Ten by Herbert Kynaston
 The Scars of the Wounds shown to the Disciples by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Christ to Thomas by Richard Crashaw (C.)
 Thomas with the Ten by Herbert Kynaston
 Except I shall put my Finger by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 I go a Fishing by Walter Chalmers Smith
 St. John by John Keble
 The Fire by the Sea by Alice Cary
 It Is the Lord! by Charles Edward Mudie
 But some doubted by Richard Crashaw (W.)
 Last Touches, Last Steps, Last Words by Elizabeth Charles
 The Ascension of Christ by Philip Stanhope Worsley
 Mount of Olives by St. Joseph of the Studium
 The Ascension by Arthur Middlemore Morgan
 The Choruses of the Ascension by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
 Hymn of the Ascension by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
 The Unchanging Christ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Part XI. The Apostolic Age
 St. Luke by Henry Alford
 St. Luke by J. S. B. Monsell
 The Election of Matthias by George Wither
 Pentecost by Arthur Middlemore Morgan
 When the Day of Pentecost Was Fully Come” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 Whit-Sunday from the Parisian Breviary
 Pentecost by John Keble
 The Gift of Tongues by John Henry Newman
 He shall bring all Things to your Remembrance” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 Whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 Peter and Cornelius by John Keble
 St. Peter by John Keble
 St. Peter in Prison by J. S. B. Monsell
 On St. Peter loosed by the Angel by Richard Crashaw (W.)
 Peter’s Chains fall off by Richard Crashaw
 Herod devoured of Worms by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Dorcas by George MacDonald
 Dorcas by Thomas Toke Lynch
 St. Barnabas by Earl Nelson
 St. Barnabas the Apostle” from the Parisian Breviary
 The Lost Sapphire by George Thomas Coster
 St. Stephen by Dante Alighieri
 St. Stephen by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
 St. Stephen by John Keble
 The Martyrdom of Stephen by Adam of St. Victor
 Simon Magus by Richard Crashaw
 St. Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch by John Keble
 Conversion of St. Paul by Henry Alford
 Paul by Samuel Johnson
 Saul the Persecutor Journeying to Damascus by Thomas Roscoe
 The Conversion of St. Paul by John Keble
 Paul’s Conversion and Blindness by Richard Crashaw (C.)
 St. Paul and the Viper by Richard Crashaw (G.)
 Of Paul’s Danger by Thomas Fuller
 St. Paul at Melita by John Henry Newman
 I am ready not to be bound only but to dye’ by Richard Crashaw
 The Witness of St. Paul by Thomas Toke Lynch
 I Bear in My Body the Marks of the Lord Jesus” by Edward Hayes Plumptre
 Waiting for Departure from the Parisian Breviary
 St. John from the Parisian Breviary
 St. John in Patmos by Elizabeth Surr
 St. John by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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