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When Nature amorous becomes, she makes / Love then her Lord, the heart his dwelling-place.
—“Love is but one thing with the gentle heart,” ll. 5–6.
The Sonnets of Europe
A Volume of Translations
Selected and Arranged by Samuel Waddington
Some of the greatest modern poets translated these 225 selections from 95 authors from the major European poetic traditions.
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Italian Sonnets
Fra Guittone d’Arezzo.  
 c. 1235–1294.  
Love’s Bondman
Guido Guinicelli.  
 c. 1230–1276?  
Of His Lady
To Dante
Love and Lapo
Whatso Is Fair
Bonaggiunta Urbisani.  
 c. 1220–1290.  
Wounded of Love
Dante Alighieri.  
To Guido Cavalcanti
To Brunetto Latini
On the 9th June 1290
Love’s Messenger
Beauty and Duty
Riding some days agone in piteous mood
Love hath his throne within my lady’s eyes
Art thou the man, who hast so often sung
So gentle seems my lady and so pure
That which opposes in my mind doth die
Love is but one thing with the gentle heart
To every heart that feels the gentle flame
Ah, pilgrims! ye that, haply musing, go
Beyond the sphere that hath the widest gyre
Cino da Pistoia.  
Why Sighest Thou?
Folgóre da San Gemignano.  
 c. 1270–c. 1332.  
On Knighthood (I.)
On Knighthood (II.)
Francesco Petrarca.  
Love’s Fidelity
Love’s Inconsistency
She Ruled in Beauty
Doth Any Maiden Seek
Those Eyes, ’neath Which
Dreams Bore My Fancy
Oft by My Faithful Mirror
Gentle Severity
The Buried Heart
Love’s Pilgrimage
Visions of Laura
A Stolen Glove
Two Roses
The Heart on the Hill
Signs of Love
Quitting Vaucluse
On the Projected Crusade, 1333
Lonely and Pensive
Giovanni Boccaccio.  
On Dante Alighieri
Lorenzo de’ Medici.  
Seek He Who Will
In Tears
Leonardo da Vinci.  
Of Will, Power, and Duty
Jacopo Sannazzaro.  
Mors et Vita
The Transfiguration of Beauty
Thanks for a Gift
The Garland and the Girdle
The Doom of Beauty
Celestial Love
Love, the Light-Giver
Love’s Entreaty
On the Brink of Death
A Prayer for Purification
Love’s Justification
To the Supreme Being
Lodovico Ariosto.  
In Will’s Despite
Pietro Bembo.  
Ye Haunts Recluse
The Dream
Vittoria Colonna.  
The Massacre of the Innocents
Ye are the Branches
Francesco Coppetta.  In Dreamland
Claudio Tolomei.  
The Evening Star
Bernardo Tasso.  
The Fountain
Giovanni della Casa.  
To Sleep
Erasmo di Valvasone.  
Mormoranti Famosi
Torquato Tasso.  
To Ferrante
Love Unloved
To a Mature Beauty
Oft Have We Heard
Giambattista Marino.  
Lux Umbra Dei
In Memoriam
Gabriello Chiabrera.  
The Italian People
Giordano Bruno.  
The Philosophic Flight
Tommaso Campanella.  
The World’s a Stage
The Human Comedy
The People
To Ridolfo di Bina
The Book of Nature
The Modern Cupid
The True Kings
The Resurrection
Salvator Rosa.  
Therefore, because Salvator is my name
Petrocchi.  I Call on Time
Giulio Bussi.  Of Glory
Lodovico Paterno.  Ye Airs! Sweet Airs
Francesco Redi.  
The Garden of Earthly Love
The Creation of My Lady
Love, the Musician
The End of Earthly Love
Vincenzo da Filicaja.  
Of Providence
Where, Italy, ’s Thine Arm?
Buried Cities
No, Not to Thee
To Italy
Giovanni Crescimbeni.  
I Ask the Sky
Giovanni Cotta.  
Love’s Canticle
Gaetana Passerini.  
Genova Mia
Giambattista Felice Zappi.  
As toward the Ascrean Mount
The Statue of Moses
Pietro Metastasio.  
O Fair Unsullied Rose
Faustina Maratti.  
 c. 1679–1745.  
The Rival
Clemente Bondi.  
A Husband’s Homily
Giovanni Battista Casti.  
The Debt of the “Giuli Tre” (I.)
The Debt of the “Giuli Tre” (II.)
Pastorini.  To Genoa
Vittorelli.  On a Nun
Saverio Bettinelli.  
Gabriele Rossetti.  
Status Quo
French Sonnets
Mellin de Saint-Gelais.  
 c. 1491–1558.  
The Sonnet of the Mountain
Pierre de Ronsard.  
Voici Le Bois
Page, Suy Moy
Two Flowers I Love
Avant qu’ Amour
Of His Lady’s Old Age (I.)
Of His Lady’s Old Age (II.)
On His Lady’s Waking
His Lady’s Death
His Lady’s Tomb
The Apparition
On His Astræa’s Arising
Joachim du Bellay.  
It Was the Time, When Rest
On High Hill’s Top I Saw
Happy the Man
Alas! where now doth scorn of fortune hide?”
A Sonnet to Heavenly Beauty
To His Friend in Elysium
Jacques Tahureau.  
Shadows of His Lady
Louise Labé.  
 c. 1520–1566.  
Long as I Still
Éstienne Jodelle.  
The Ivy, Holly, and Green Bay
Amadis Jamyn.  
A Game at Football
Philippe Desportes.  
An Invitation
The Fugitive
Théophile de Viau.  
Paul Scarron.  
The Black Doublet
To Monsieur De la Mothe le Vayer, upon the Death of His Son
Felix Arvers.  
The Secret (I.)
The Secret (II.)
Albert Glatigny.  
Before the Snow
J. Truffier.  The Burial of Molière
Charles Baudelaire.  
The Day’s End
The Rebel
Sully Prudhomme.  
The Shadow
The Struggle
The Appointment
German Sonnets
Gottfried August Bürger.  
The Heart without a Home
Johann Wofgang von Goethe.  
The Maiden Speaks
To a Golden Heart, Worn round His Neck
Christoph August Tiedge.  
In Memoriam (Theodor Körner) (I.)
In Memoriam (Theodor Körner) (II.)
In Memoriam (Theodor Körner) (III.)
In Memoriam (Theodor Körner) (IV.)
Theodor Körner.  
Rauch’s Bust of Queen Louisa
Adelbert von Chamisso.  
Last Sonnet
Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim.  
Cynthia Bathing
August Graf von Platen-Hallermünde.  
Fair as the Day
Ludwig Uhland.  
The Death-Angel
The Two Maidens
The Critic’s Conversion to the Sonnet
Heinrich Heine.  
Fresco-Sonnets to Christian S——. (I.)
Fresco-Sonnets to Christian S——. (II.)
To My Mother (I.)
To My Mother (II.)
Fain Would I Weep
Spanish Sonnets
From the Romancero.  Had I a Thousand Souls
Tome Burguillos.  To-morrow and To-morrow
Mateo Vázquez de Leca.  
To Leander
Francisco de Figueroa.  
 c. 1530–1588.  
On the Death of Garcilaso de la Vega, Slain in Battle
Santa Teresa de Ávila.  
Tis Not Thy Terrors, Lord
Francisco de Quevedo.  
Juan de Tarsis.  
Thou, Who Hast Fled
Miguel de Cervantes.  
The Author to His Pen
In the dead silence of the peaceful night
Believe me, nymph, I feel th’ impending blow
Last Sonnet
Lopez Maldonado.  The Brook
Francisco de Aldana.  
The Native Land
The Image of God
Lope de Vega.  
The Good Shepherd
La Vida es Sueno
Not Winter Crystal
Sonnet on the Sonnet
Lupercio Leonardo de Argensola.  
Truth and Beauty
Pedro Calderón de la Barca.  
These Flowers, Whose Pomp
Portuguese Sonnets
Luís de Camões.  
 c. 1524–1580.  
An Adieu to Tagus
On the Death of King Sebastian
To a Fillet
If Thou Indifference
Corydon and Tityrus
The Fisher Ionio Calls on the Waves to Restore to Him His Drowned Love
The Shepherdess Nise
Audaces Fortuna Juvat
On Seeing Catharina de Athaide in Church and Losing His Heart
The Death of Donna Catharina de Athaide
The Eyes Where Love
Beholding Her
His Insufficiency of Praise
Joaõ Xavier de Matos.  Night-fall
Rodriguez Lobo.  Past Joys
Curvo Semedo.  
It Is a Fearful Night
Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage.  
On Nelson
Swedish Sonnets
Gustaf Rosenhane.  
Deep in a Vale
And Then I Sat Me down
Olof Wexionius.  
On the Death of a Pious Lady
Erik Johan Stagnelius.  
Hope Repulsed
Polish Sonnets
Adam Mickiewicz.  
The Rock of Aiudah
Eastward, the Sun
Modern Greek Sonnets
Aristomenês Provilegios.  Ah! Now, at Last
Alexandros R. Rhangabe.  
Dutch Sonnets
Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft.  
To Hugo Grotius
Jan van Broekhuizen.  Beyond the Rhine
Latin Sonnet
Hugo Hollandius.  To Thomas Farnabie

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