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So through the night rode Paul Revere; / And so through the night went his cry of alarm / To every Middlesex village and farm,— / A cry of defiance and not of fear.
Paul Revere’s Ride, ll. 119–22.
Henry Wadsworth
Complete Poetical Works
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The more than 600 selections in the one-volume Cambridge edition contain all the verse and dramas of the quintessential nineteenth-century American poet.
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Voices of the Night
  Hymn to the Night
  A Psalm of Life
  The Reaper and the Flowers
  The Light of Stars
  Footsteps of Angels
  The Beleaguered City
  Midnight Mass for the Dying Year
Earlier Poems
  An April Day
  Woods in Winter
  Hymn of the Moravian Nuns of Bethlehem
  Sunrise on the Hills
  The Spirit of Poetry
  Burial of the Minnisink
Ballads and Other Poems
  The Skeleton in Armor
  The Wreck of the Hesperus
  The Village Blacksmith
  It is not always May
  The Rainy Day
  To the River Charles
  Blind Bartimeus
  The Goblet of Life
Poems on Slavery
  To William E. Channing
  The Slave’s Dream
  The Good Part, that shall not be taken away
  The Slave in the Dismal Swamp
  The Slave Singing at Midnight
  The Witnesses
  The Quadroon Girl
  The Warning
The Spanish Student
The Belfry of Bruges and Other Poems
  Introductory Note
      The Belfry of Bruges
  A Gleam of Sunshine
  The Arsenal at Springfield
  The Norman Baron
  Rain in Summer
  To a Child
  The Occultation of Orion
  The Bridge
  To the Driving Cloud
      The Day is done
      Afternoon in February
      To an Old Danish Song Book
      Walter von der Vogelweid
      Drinking Song
      The Old Clock on the Stairs
      The Arrow and the Song
      Mezzo Cammin
      The Evening Star
Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie
  Introductory Note
The Seaside and the Fireside
  Introductory Note
  By the Seaside
      The Building of the Ship
      The Secret of the Sea
      Sir Humphrey Gilbert
      The Lighthouse
      The Fire of Drift-Wood
  By the Fireside
      The Builders
      Sand of the Desert in an Hour-Glass
      The Open Window
      King Witlaf’s Drinking-Horn
      Gaspar Becerra
      Pegasus in Pound
      Tegnér’s Drapa
      Sonnet, on Mrs. Kemble’s Readings from Shakespeare
      The Singers
      Hymn for my Brother’s Ordination
The Song of Hiawatha
  Introductory Note
I. The Peace-Pipe
II. The Four Winds
III. Hiawatha’s Childhood
IV. Hiawatha and Mudjekeewis
V. Hiawatha’s Fasting
VI. Hiawatha’s Friends
VII. Hiawatha’s Sailing
VIII. Hiawatha’s Fishing
IX. Hiawatha and the Pearl-Feather
X. Hiawatha’s Wooing
XI. Hiawatha’s Wedding-Feast
XII. The Son of the Evening Star
XIII. Blessing the Cornfields
XIV. Picture-Writing
XV. Hiawatha’s Lamentation
XVI. Pau-Puk-Keewis
XVII. The Hunting of Pau-Puk-Keewis
XVIII. The Death of Kwasind
XIX. The Ghosts
XX. The Famine
XXI. The White Man’s Foot
XXII. Hiawatha’s Departure
The Courtship of Miles Standish
  Introductory Note
I. Miles Standish
II. Love and Friendship
III. The Lover’s Errand
IV. John Alden
V. The Sailing of the Mayflower
VI. Priscilla
VII. The March of Miles Standish
VIII. The Spinning-Wheel
IX. The Wedding-Day
Birds of Passage
    Flight the First
  Birds of Passage
  Prometheus, or the Poet’s Forethought
  Epimetheus, or the Poet’s Afterthought
  The Ladder of St. Augustine
  The Phantom Ship
  The Warden of the Cinque Ports
  Haunted Houses
  In the Churchyard at Cambridge
  The Emperor’s Bird’s-Nest
  The Two Angels
  Daylight and Moonlight
  The Jewish Cemetery at Newport
  Oliver Basselin
  Victor Galbraith
  My Lost Youth
  The Ropewalk
  The Golden Mile-Stone
  Catawba Wine
  Santa Filomena
  The Discoverer of the North Cape
  The Fiftieth Birthday of Agassiz
    Flight the Second
  The Children’s Hour
  The Cumberland
  A Day of Sunshine
  Something Left Undone
Tales of a Wayside Inn
  Introductory Note
    Part First
  The Landlord’s Tale: Paul Revere’s Ride
  The Student’s Tale: The Falcon of Ser Federigo
  The Spanish Jew’s Tale: The Legend of Rabbi Ben Levi
  The Sicilian’s Tale: King Robert of Sicily
    The Musician’s Tale: The Saga of King Olaf
I. The Challenge of Thor
II. King Olaf’s Return
III. Thora of Rimol
IV. Queen Sigrid the Haughty
V. The Skerry of Shrieks
VI. The Wraith of Odin
VII. Iron-Beard
VIII. Gudrun
IX. Thangbrand the Priest
X. Raud the Strong
XI. Bishop Sigurd of Salten Fiord
XII. King Olaf’s Christmas
XIII. The Building of the Long Serpent
XIV. The Crew of the Long Serpent
XV. A Little Bird in the Air
XVI. Queen Thyri and the Angelica Stalks
XVII. King Svend of the Forked Beard
XVIII. King Olaf and Earl Sigvald
XIX. King Olaf’s War-Horns
XX. Einar Tamberskelver
XXI. King Olaf’s Death-Drink
XXII. The Nun of Nidaros
  The Theologian’s Tale: Torquemada
  The Poet’s Tale: The Birds of Killingworth
    Part Second
  The Sicilian’s Tale: The Bell of Atri
  The Spanish Jew’s Tale: Kambalu
  The Student’s Tale: The Cobbler of Hagenau
  The Musician’s Tale: The Ballad of Carmilhan
  The Poet’s Tale: Lady Wentworth
  The Theologian’s Tale: The Legend Beautiful
  The Student’s Second Tale: The Baron of St. Castine
    Part Third
  The Spanish Jew’s Tale: Azrael
  The Poet’s Tale: Charlemagne
  The Student’s Tale: Emma and Eginhard
  The Theologian’s Tale: Elizabeth
  The Sicilian’s Tale: The Monk of Casal-Maggiore
  The Spanish Jew’s Second Tale: Scanderbeg
  The Musician’s Tale: The Mother’s Ghost
  The Landlord’s Tale: The Rhyme of Sir Christopher
  The Bridge of Cloud
  Christmas Bells
  The Wind over the Chimney
  The Bells of Lynn
  Killed at the Ford
  Giotto’s Tower
  Divina Commedia
Birds of Passage
    Flight the Third
  Fata Morgana
  The Haunted Chamber
  The Meeting
  Vox Populi
  The Castle-Builder
  The Challenge
  The Brook and the Wave
The Masque of Pandora
I. The Workshop of Hephæstus
II. Olympus
III. Tower of Prometheus on Mount Caucasus
IV. The Air
V. The House of Epimetheus
VI. In the Garden
VII. The House of Epimetheus
VIII. In the Garden
The Hanging of the Crane
Morituri Salutamus
A Book of Sonnets
  Three Friends of Mine
  The Galaxy
  The Sound of the Sea
  A Summer Day by the Sea
  The Tides
  A Shadow
  A Nameless Grave
  The Old Bridge at Florence
  Il Ponte Vecchio di Firenze
  In the Churchyard at Tarrytown
  Eliot’s Oak
  The Descent of the Muses
  The Poets
  Parker Cleaveland
  The Harvest Moon
  To the River Rhone
  The Three Silences of Molinos
  The Two Rivers
  St. John’s, Cambridge
  Woodstock Park
  The Four Princesses at Wilna
  The Broken Oar
  The Cross of Snow
Birds of Passage
    Flight the Fourth
  Charles Sumner
  Travels by the Fireside
  Monte Cassino
  The Sermon of St. Francis
  Songo River
Birds of Passage
    Flight the Fifth
  The Herons of Elmwood
  A Dutch Picture
  Castles in Spain
  Vittoria Colonna
  The Revenge of Rain-in-the-Face
  To the River Yvette
  The Emperor’s Glove
  A Ballad of the French Flee
  The Leap of Roushan Beg
  Haroun al Raschid
  King Trisanku
  A Wraith in the Mist
  The Three Kings
  Song: “Stay, stay at home my heart, and rest
  The White Czar
Ultima Thule
  Bayard Taylor
  The Chamber over the Gate
  From my Arm-Chair
  The Iron Pen
  Robert Burns
  Helen of Tyre
  Old St. David’s at Radnor
  The Sifting of Peter
  Maiden and Weathercock
  The Windmill
  The Tide rises, the Tide falls
  My Cathedral
  The Burial of the Poet
  The Poet and his Songs
In the Harbor
  The Poet’s Calendar
  Autumn Within
  The Four Lakes of Madison
  Victor and Vanquished
  The Children’s Crusade
  Four by the Clock
  Auf Wiedersehen
  Elegiac Verse
  The City and the Sea
  Hermes Trismegistus
  To the Avon
  President Garfield
  My Books
  Mad River
  Decoration Day
  A Fragment
  Loss and Gain
  Inscription on the Shanklin Fountain
  The Bells of San Blas
  Neglected Record of a Mind Neglected
  O Faithful, Indefatigable Tides
  Soft Through the Silent Air
  So from the Bosom of Darkness
Christus: A Mystery
  Introductory Note
    Part I. The Divine Tragedy
      The First Passover
I. Vox Clamantis
II. Mount Quarantania
III. The Marriage in Cana
IV. In the Cornfields
V. Nazareth
VI. The Sea of Galilee
VII. The Demoniac of Gadara
VIII. Talitha Cumi
IX. The Tower of Magdala
X. The House of Simon the Pharisee
      The Second Passover
I. Before the Gates of Machærus
II. Herod’s Banquet-Hall
III.  Under the Walls of Machærus
IV. Nicodemus at Night
V. Blind Bartimeus
VI. Jacob’s Well
VII. The Coasts of Cæsarea Philippi
VIII. The Young Ruler
IX. At Bethany
X. Born Blind
XI. Simon Magus and Helen of Tyre
      The Third Passover
I. The Entry into Jerusalem
II. Solomon’s Porch
III. Lord, is it I?
IV. The Garden of Gethsemane
V. The Palace of Caiaphas
VI. Pontius Pilate
VII. Barabbas in Prison
VIII. Ecce Homo
IX. Aceldama
X. The Three Crosses
XI. The Two Maries
XII. The Sea of Galilee
  Epilogue: Symbolum Apostolorum
  First Interlude: The Abbot Joachim
Part II. The Golden Legend
  Prologue: The Spire of Strasburg Cathedral
I. The Castle of Vautsberg on the Rhine
 Court-Yard of the Castle
II. A Farm in the Odenwald
 A Room in the Farm-House
 Elsie’s Chamber
 The Chamber of Gottlieb and Ursula
 A Village Church
 A Room in the Farm-House
 In the Garden
III. A Street in Strasburg
 Square in Front of the Cathedral
 In the Cathedral
    The Nativity: A Miracle-Play. Introitus
I. Heaven
II. Mary at the Well
III. The Angels of the Seven Planets Bearing the Star of Bethlehem
IV. The Wise Men of the East
V. The Flight into Egypt
VI. The Slaughter of the Innocents
VII. Jesus at Play with His Schoolmates
VIII. The Village School
IX. Crowned with Flowers
IV. The Road to Hirschau
 The Convent of Hirschau in the Black Forest
 The Scriptorium
 The Cloisters
 The Chapel
 The Refectory
 The Neighboring Nunnery
V. A Covered Bridge at Lucerne
 The Devil’s Bridge
 The St. Gothard Pass
 At the Foot of the Alps
 The Inn at Genoa
 At Sea
VI. The School of Salerno
 The Farm-House in the Odenwald
 The Castle of Vautsberg on the Rhine
  Epilogue: The Two Recording Angels Ascending
  Second Interlude: Martin Luther
Part III. The New England Tragedies
    John Endicott
  Act I
  Act II
  Act III
  Act IV
  Act V
    Giles Corey of the Salem Farms
  Act I
  Act II
  Act III
  Act IV
  Act V
  Finale: St. John
Judas Maccabæus
  Act I. The Citadel of Antiochus at Jerusalem
  Act II. The Dungeons in the Citadel
  Act III. The Battle-Field of Beth-Horon
  Act IV. The Outer Courts of the Temple at Jerusalem
  Act V. The Mountains of Ecbatana
Michael Angelo: A Fragment
    Part First
I. Prologue at Ischia
 Monologue: The Last Judgment
II. San Silvestro
III. Cardinal Ippolito
IV. Borgo delle Vergine at Naples
V. Vittoria Colonna
    Part Second
I. Monologue
II. Viterbo
III. Michael Angelo and Benvenuto Cellini
IV. Fra Sebastiano del Piombo
V. Palazzo Belvedere
VI. Palazzo Cesarini
    Part Third
I. Monologue
II. Vigna di Papa Giulio
III. Bindo Altoviti
IV. In the Coliseum
V. Macello de’ Corvi
VI. Michael Angelo’s Studio
VII. The Oaks of Monte Luca
VIII. The Dead Christ
  Introductory Note
    From the Spanish
  Coplas de Manrique
I. The Good Shepherd
II. To-morrow
III. The Native Land
IV. The Image of God
V. The Brook
      Ancient Spanish Ballads
I. Rio Verde, Rio Verde
II. Don Nuno, Count of Lara
III. The peasant leaves his plough afield
  Vida de San Millan
  San Miguel, the Convent
  Song: She is a maid of artless grace
  Santa Teresa’s Book-Mark
      From the Cancioneros
I. Eyes so tristful, eyes so tristful
II. Some day, some day
III. Come, O Death, so silent flying
IV. Glove of black in white hand bare
    From the Swedish and Danish
  Introductory Note
      Passages from Frithiof’s Saga
I. Frithiof’s Homestead
II. A Sledge-ride on the Ice
III. Frithiof’s Temptation
IV. Frithiof’s Farewell
  The Children of the Lord’s Supper
  King Christian
  The Elected Knight
    From the German
  The Happiest Land
  The Wave
  The Dead
  The Bird and the Ship
  Song of the Bell
  The Castle by the Sea
  The Black Knight
  Song of the Silent Land
  The Luck of Edenhall
  The Two Locks of Hair
  The Hemlock Tree
  Annie of Tharaw
  The Statue over the Cathedral Door
  The Legend of the Crossbill
  The Sea hath its Pearls
  Poetic Aphorisms
  Silent Love
  Blessed are the Dead
  Wanderer’s Night-Songs
    From the Anglo-Saxon
  The Grave
  Beowulf’s Expedition to Heort
  The Soul’s Complaint against the Body
    From the French
  Song: Hark! Hark!
  Song: And whither goest thou, gentle sigh
  The Return of Spring
  The Child Asleep
  Death of Archbishop Turpin
  The Blind Girl of Castèl Cuillè
  A Christmas Carol
  To Cardinal Richelieu
  The Angel and the Child
  On the Terrace of the Aigalades
  To my Brooklet
  Will ever the dear days come back again?
  At La Chaudeau
  A Quiet Life
  The Wine of Jurançon
  Friar Lubin
  My Secret
    From the Italian
  The Celestial Pilot
  The Terrestrial Paradise
  To Italy
      Seven Sonnets and a Canzone
I. The Artist
II. Fire
III. Youth and Age
IV. Old Age
V. To Vittoria Colonna
VI. To Vittoria Colonna
VII. Dante
VIII. Canzone
  The Nature of Love
    From the Portuguese
  Song: If thou art sleeping, maiden
    From the Eastern Sources
  The Fugitive
  The Siege of Kazan
  The Boy and the Brook
  To the Stork
    From the Latin
  Virgil’s First Eclogue
  Ovid in Exile
    I. Juvenile Poems
  The Battle of Lovell’s Pond
  To Ianthe
  Autumnal Nightfall
  Italian Scenery
  The Lunatic Girl
  The Venetian Gondolier
  The Angler’s Song
  Lover’s Rock
  Dirge over a Nameless Grave
  A Song of Savoy
  The Indian Hunter
  Ode written for the Commemoration at Fryeburg, Maine, of Lovewell’s Fight
  The Sea-Diver
  Song of the Birds
    II. Unacknowledged and Uncollected Translations
  Let me go warm
  The Nativity of Christ
  The Assumption of the Virgin
  The Disembodied Spirit
  Ideal Beauty
  The Lover’s Complaint
  Art and Nature
  The Two Harvests
  Clear Honor of the Liquid Element
  Praise of Little Women
  Milagros de Nuestra Señora
  Song of the Rhine
  Elegy written in the Ruins of an Old Castle
  The Stars
  The Banks of the Cher
  To the Forest of Gastine
  Pray for Me
  A Florentine Song
  A Neapolitan Canzonet
  Christmas Carol
  A Soldier’s Song
  Tell me, tell me, thou pretty bee
  Sicilian Canzonet
  The Gleaner of Sapri
    III. Notes and Illustrations
    IV. A Chronological List of Mr. Longfellow’s Poems

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